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I am also everyoneEveryone wants a bite of @Corpse_Husband tumblr post made me laugh for an hour straight please enjoy
Retweeted by ghoulissa skullman ☠ 🅨 @alexisparade Advanced Cutie™️ @BallBots Oh this is rad!! @GameDev_Cam @AOC 4 years!! I've never counted down a woman's age in my life until now lol @ElsaSketch He's PERFECT @SalemKittie 🥺🖤🖤 oh kittie!!! You know that means the world coming from youit's trending!!! ; - ; that's REALLY NEAT whaaaaa
@nicolas_najm Happy birthday dude!!!Great interview with #MilesMoralesPS5 Creative Director, @BrianHortonArt
Retweeted by ghoulissa skullman ☠ 🅨 @three_delite I was reading they just changed that today. It's SUPER annoyingI painted goth mum~ Thank you @SupergiantGames for her stunning design ^_^ #HadesGame #HadesFanArt
Retweeted by ghoulissa skullman ☠ 🅨Witches, get your pumpkins ready
Retweeted by ghoulissa skullman ☠ 🅨📜Frenchie - The Boys Made this quick #TheBoys #fanart sculpt of #Frenchie ! He's for SURE my favourite character…
Retweeted by ghoulissa skullman ☠ 🅨 @DaveRapoza Series N°14
Retweeted by ghoulissa skullman ☠ 🅨 @HannahTempler I feel this pain version of #PrincessJasmine from #Aladdin. Hope you like it, cheers ;)
Retweeted by ghoulissa skullman ☠ 🅨 @chrean thanks man! @gaymoonyall The bad thing about only posting stuff on twitter is how awful it is being able to find it again lol👁‍🗨💜🖤 Made this last year but as we've all learned, time is a human construct design of water goddess 😇
Retweeted by ghoulissa skullman ☠ 🅨 @OhaiJens hnNNNNNG @erikaishii ; u ; I'm so proud of you dude!! <3 Your talent speaks for itself, you absolutely earned it!! @OhaiJens omg filled with cheese??? @beverlylove taking this quiz gave me spork ptsd @ElsaSketch omg this is so beautiful!! ; - ; @maryknews YOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @aaroncarnes @RobDenBleyker Rob you're messing with ska-twitter now. Big mistake, buddy @lostthenumbers it's cruel that vons is the one grocery store i havent checked. target, walmart, smart & final, jons, NADA @itsgunnabemee @maxfolkmax Omg that would be amazing 🥺🖤 @maxfolkmax @itsgunnabemee LAUREN PLEASE. @gaymoonyall Every Target within like 20 miles of me doesn't have them!!Why the actual HECK can I not find these in any stores????? I feel like I'm being gaslit. These are in your face SO… @notsoseriouss I love this!! ; u ; strong mai tai energy 🍹
@ohdearlordie We are KILLIN it @Burrito_Tim @gszargot @sabtherobot christ almighty lol what a FUN project!! @Qwilfish i'm sorry. @zonchzone @vicehii with enough money and lack of shame, you can @xavierck3d pretty sure this is on mcdonald's menu @vicehii i'm sad but i understand @Notoriously_BIG I'm sorry, I couldn't stop thinking about it. I had to draw it @Notoriously_BIG BECAUSE IT IS.the ketchup resembles the endless cycle of birth and death. we enter this world just as we leave it: as pureed toma… @vicehii cole you should not do this @iron_swan NO.My therapist: Do not worry, ham dog does not exist. Hot burger cannot hurt you. Me: -looks in corner- night I had a nightmare that I was looking at a really zoomed in view of a hot dog, but then it slowly pulled… @EricUjfalussy sounds dreamy~~~ @EricUjfalussy I love how thin it is!! :U how is it on your neck after using it for long periods? @YBourykina I hope so, too!! luckily we know where the water's coming from so it's not getting worse lol. plumber's on their way @gszargot @sabtherobot i'm glad i'm in such good company @CinnamonPossum we're going for that "exposed ceiling" look. it's very modern @chrean you can buy me a European house then :) @JennyJackieTee yea lol @SEchouafni WATER @Celestalon that's probably for the best, if we suddenly had a cat coming out of the ceiling idk who i'd even call to help fix that @JennyJackieTee how's your Monday going? @SEchouafni My looking at pictures of my own dog @Notoriously_BIG BECAUSE HE IS @gaymoonyall The time stamps check out, your honor @sholanng she's my friend 🥺🖤
@ZeronisART @Sirhaian i live within walking distance of one and it was still cold by the time i got it home ; - ;… @thunderdom3 @TaylorRMarshall Wanna play World of Warcraft for an hour? Learn some actual spells and face the lich… @ZeronisART @Sirhaian how was it to-go versus dining in?? din tai fung just wasn't the same, i've been too scared to try sugarfish 😭 @thepjskittles Thank you!!! 🖤🖤🖤 @danipanteez Q - Q THANK YOU DANI <3 @ItsJensie 👀💦💦💦i just think WIPs are neat @TheGreatJug He knows his audience well @Ebonscale PERFECT DOG @Intervain He's so fancy 😭😭 @Neleimour little chest hairs hanging out look at this little ringleader costume we got for Pickles. Amazing. He tolerates the hat but I don't think… @charliecarucci YEAH CONGRATS!!!! @gaymoonyall Oh thank you Ashley 🥺🖤🖤
@charliecarucci Thank you Charlie 🥺🖤🖤 @Mushety Shit. My only weakness @qorquiq HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Will have to ponder... @Mushety Haha you like dnd @DavidTheStrange Thank you!! 🥺🖤🖤 @SalemKittie For you? Always. 😌 @rj_layton Thank you!!! @qorquiq I haven't played! I really need to just for the character creator alone lol. This is from my dnd campaignLady Reverence I wouldn't call my love of tieflings an /obsession/, just a severe interest @tokyo_bat i'm so sorry to hear about your break-up 😔 @TheBlackquill IT'S SO BAD. Especially when the statement is "you care about your pet dying because you're naïve."… favorite spookytober prompts so far ❤
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Retweeted by ghoulissa skullman ☠ 🅨 @danipanteez i love her ; - ; @AndreaaCW I'm sure a large section of the population has similar stories 😊 so fun!also as a mini rant. it really pisses me off that people get to have silly stories about bosses while mine are disg… second boss also got fired for "accidentally" falling out of his pants during a shift in front of a female empl… was when i had to put down my dog of 14 years. I was a bartender and gave my boss a weeks notice that I jus… a creeper boss when I was in my early 20s, always put his hand on my lower back and tried giving me shoulder ru… @Reinforce 👀👀👀 no matter what, tho. dropping the 10-key is 😚👌
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