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@triplexy It’s cuteeeee @neinzer I didn’t know they started acting like serato! @neinzer but why do you own it? :)This is a great review of a great idea poorly executed. it demonstrated how disconnected and shallow celebrity cult… @TheVinylFactory for including new bits from @jr_colleran, @_morelian and Karenn in this week's HQ playlist!…
Retweeted by Mor Eliangenius @neinzer both great innitThis week's Vinyl Factory HQ Spotify playlist, With new tunes from Joy Orbison, PJ Harvey, Tawiah, Kano, Floating…
Retweeted by Mor Elianfound my photo blog from 2012: very happy to see this! one of my fav's: @reni_ldn
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I love Amsterdam 🤩
new anunaku when 👀
Retweeted by Mor Elian @_noncompliant_ I think they assume the lists are big...
@carowhiteley Scooter hyper hyper @TortugaMinor @SAOIRSE_MUSIC @aerielist 👍🏼👍🏼💞
@fysicaltherapy Thanks for the support 🤧 @fysicaltherapy But what if you have legit sinus issues that are debilitating 😢😢 hard relateUp next at 3PM it's @_morelian B2B @danielle__dj on & 106.8FM #RinseFM
Retweeted by Mor ElianToday! B2b live cut from me and @danielle__dj ‘s set last Friday at the love inn, Bristol !
I like my phone allot
@mikeservito @MARTYN3024 @Darwin_REEF @alextheomusic Sorry you had a bad day, it was nice seeing you earlier 💞TONIGHT IN BRISTOL ! @_morelian is joining me for my Palette residency at @TheLoveInn ! COME THROUGH 😁😁😁
Retweeted by Mor ElianTwo hours of electronic delights tonight @BBC6Music via @_morelian’s ace #residentDJ #set & #HNNY’s deliciously lai…
Retweeted by Mor Elian @franklindecosta 🤣👏🏼This was the moment history was made in Iran. 🙌 ⚽ 🇮🇷 🎉 For the first time in decades, football tickets to a men's…
Retweeted by Mor Elian @noanunoparty There’s a soho house in DTLA? Crazy @chrisduncanOF @unsound 🤣My heart is crying. I’ve actually held back from using social media to express views or take part in social/politic…
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I haven’t been really giving to much attention to decades changing since Y2K. 🤷🏻‍♀️ @SunsiareHK @bergsonist Indeed. Just thinking of alternate ways to go around the regulation. @bergsonist That’s really interesting. Do you think bitcoin would work?
Our featured playlist's just been updated with new releases from @caribouband, @_morelian, @midlandsound,…
Retweeted by Mor Elian @MATRiXXMAN Same! The amounts of fresh juices and kombucha bottles I used to consume.. 😶 @MATRiXXMAN I mean it’s a dream situation but the amount of packaging makes me cringe coz the consumer world we live in @jameelajamil Lol did you just watch “Vice” or something ? 🤪🤦🏻‍♀️ @deadlift_b @BwanaBeats I can see this coming based on the last few days events 🙃 @simocellmusic Same 🥴 - new @RinseFM show up / thx everyone for the music 🎶
Retweeted by Mor Elian @Stennyyy @FACTmag 🤣👏🏼
Shamefully, the Trump Administration will argue at the Supreme Court today that employers should be allowed to fire…
Retweeted by Mor Elian @ambivalent JTT! JTT is God? best electro tracks of the month are here, featuring @AnimisticBelief, @Alavux, Umwelt (@mnshift), @_morelian,…
Retweeted by Mor ElianExcited to announce that the first EP with my new alias Anunaku is coming out on @Whities_ next week October 18!!!…
Retweeted by Mor Elian'Deep Inside: October 2019’s must-hear house and techno' S/O to the @FACTmag crew for including both #AQXDM and…
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nyoooooom 🚀
Retweeted by Mor Elian @filmbeatzzz @residentadvisor Haha 💋Radical Spectacular review on @residentadvisor <3 thank you :)
Has anyone tried Reason 11 / Reason rack plugin ??
@solid_blake Melodic queer ska @jujujordash Defo, I feel like releasing something you really like can be stressful @midlandsound I once helped a guy in a K hole with sour strips so i do encourage this allot! @alextheomusic @SAOIRSE_MUSIC The sax player !!!! @section09_ @modeselektor thats not true!! yum yum is superior to kimchi princess!
@Chri5B_ @SweatEquityNYC @OstgutTon @a_falk_ @fysicaltherapy @joeArmonJones @brownswood @JAHJAHMULDROW @Chri5B_ @SweatEquityNYC @OstgutTon @a_falk_ @fysicaltherapy @joeArmonJones @brownswood @JAHJAHMULDROW @emmamidorii Ewwww @emmamidorii This place can be very frustrating 😤Review: Mor Elian - Radical Spectacular
Retweeted by Mor Elian.@ondofudd, @parris_dj, Ronan and @_morelian all insiiiiiide! ✅✅✅✅
Retweeted by Mor ElianYesyes @ContactTokyo / @boilerroomtv tonight. Excited
Retweeted by Mor ElianKarenn’s “crush the mushrooms” (banger) really reminds me of French Touch (French house) but I mean this in a very positive way 🥰#TOTD Fever AM boss @_morelian on the remix of SCB
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@Tsvisions 100/5 @Tsvisions moRA Elian @Tsvisions Didn’t i already accidentally announced it ?? @glorbis This is so disturbing really Mengele vibes : @tezilyas Wowza very happy this exists in the world now, thank you to @ntoin_a and @Truants letting me exp…
Retweeted by Mor ElianTruancy Volume 251: @kiernanlaveaux The Pittsburgh-based DJ delivers an otherworldly and hypnotic mix to usher in…
Retweeted by Mor Elian @alextheomusic @katiusha_lives She lives 💞 @ilanabryne 19 years? FML @UMFANG Thanks for reminding me ! @glorbis It’s awful and it’s real
@ShawnReynaldo Did someone say hitler ? 🗣 @esp_institute @lovefingers @_PatrickConway @bleep Very good guy this Patrick dude 🤗 @_greggreid memories <3
@residentadvisor Ahahahaha @HollowThoughts3 He might be dead already sadlyMy friend just told me that her friend named her dog D.O.G pronounced “Deoohgee” and I’m dead now 😭 @fysicaltherapy Shana Tovah , it’s prolly because you look like a real shiksah these days @chinchillaah Can’t wait to give you a massive hug! @_FirstFloor @_morelian @xAirMax97x @Rroxymore @elmocrumb @parris_dj @blindoldfreak @Ose_Ose_Ose_ @DenisSulta
Retweeted by Mor ElianMor Elian - Radical Spectacular EP out now on Fever AM
Retweeted by Mor Elian @rxdazn <3333 thank you!!!!!Shanti you stay!!! <3 release day 😇 Radical Spectacular is now available on our bandcamp! @crystallmess Hey, not disagreeing with your general point at all, but just wanted to point out that 33EMYBW and SØ…
@_noncompliant_ @PhotonzZz <333 @alextheomusic Whatever, oh boy, tequila !!! @alextheomusic Oh my god , I failed you 👐🏽ittenaufave decade @sean__od 💯 @chanelkadir :( look on ASOS ! @PederMannerfelt @renslink @lackuk @NKCproductions @borderlandstate @DJ_J_M @lakehaze_ @OssiaOssia @sietecatorce <433 @PhotonzZz Maybe one day we can have a real life chat about it! 🤗 @PhotonzZz I have studied the Dharma teachings but this was more of a reminder to myself in times of suffering <3 i… @Eavsounds thanks! :)Living has no purpose other then being a service to others.