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“my shrink says it’s a feeling they’ll never know”; founder & editor of @PromisedLandMag

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And they let this go on. @nice_two I can’t even imagine where you’re putting it. @nice_two You totally don’t need it but I’m excited for you. @LilAioli Crobar!!!“No cigarette smoking in my room..” @urban_elegance this exact same thing.FORTY. SIX. MINUTES. THE FUCKING AIRPORTS!! @urban_elegance slid
Retweeted by EFF. EMM. @TheRossYork Underrated jewel of the collection.BIG LATTO
Retweeted by EFF. EMM. @shannon_sense @KP_Official_1 In every video* @_JustDenver I desperately wish they would do the same here.I won’t knock. Won’t ring no bell.y’all be loud, dumb, and wrong across multiple platforms. there’s actually some level of talent to it.
Retweeted by EFF. EMM.That Nicole record is a BIG bop. @SeauxScoot Hmmm..“Lead Me Into Love” or “Body & Soul” @LookAtDustin @YouTube Laid into her, and didn’t let up until all the boxes were checked.Ohh this is shade 😂😂😂😂 Dusse said stay at home and fuck True Kitchen and Kocktails
Retweeted by EFF. EMM.Simply Limeade & Tequila BlancoThe queen as spoken. 🎄
Retweeted by EFF. EMM.I pride myself on it, actually.“Cold December Nights” by Boyz II Men @kelly_bellevue OMG!!! the boys to men records are so good.Listennnn i copied @_mothers_ black ass Christmas playlist for tidal and played it on set today. MAJOR success
Retweeted by EFF. EMM. @kelly_bellevue I never got around to it. Im so sorry. You loved it tho?Black people really snapped when we created Christmas music. We took those dry, stale ass carols and gave them LIFE
Retweeted by EFF. EMM. @kelly_bellevue Is it a hand injury?Cause that’s what she is
Retweeted by EFF. EMM.Why does Mary insist on wearing these lace cut-off gloves? I would really like to know what thats about. #RHOSLC @KingAmiyahScott @YouTube That song is gonna GO for as long as humans roam this place call earth. Certified banger.Mary’s house wild tacky #RHOSLCOne thing about men, they gon plot.When I tell you this use to be my FAVORITE commercial! Beyonce - Pepsi Commercial (Carmen) via @YouTubeJadakiss - U Make Me Wanna ft. Mariah Carey via @YouTube
Retweeted by EFF. EMM.Craving an impossible burger.I can tell I’m getting older cause out of nowhere absolutely EVERYTHING is loud. Televisions, music, etc. @thetrillgent Yea. It was truly an experience.
Braunwyn is a Grade-A narcissist. @chulito_jotito Thanks for the correction, beautiful. Uhh, you keep me so young.ITS NOT ABOUT YEWW, BRAUNWYN. ITS NOT ABOUT YEWH! @trecrews @rxmsxy I’ll give you a headstart. @trecrews @rxmsxy youve gotta wrestle me first, Trigga.Ummm, ok. LOVE LOVE
Retweeted by EFF. EMM. @SirStrange_ the location being times square has me howling.i personally don’t mind the ‘defund the police’ slogan — but it’s been clear since day one the slogan requires know…
Retweeted by EFF. EMM.‘Let It Snow’ is Christmas GOLD do y’all hear me good!
Retweeted by EFF. EMM. @DuRagBeauty Second season is where I get lost in the rewatch.I’ve decided to revisit. to @VanityFair, Barack and Michelle are reportedly producing a comedy series for Netflix “based on the ch…🤦🏾‍♂️ present to you, @IAmCardiB. @Billboard Magazines ‘Woman Of The Year’.
Retweeted by EFF. EMM.“You will never know the convictions of a wife —EVER!” the mood to play Crash Bandicoot, randomly.I see why a lot of y’all have issue with expressing emotion based on the music you consume daily lmao
Retweeted by EFF. EMM.Not one.’s ok to remain silent.Twitter, in large part —has still not learned to NOT defend what you don’t have all the information on.My question is this. How you know if someone was assaulted or not, to feel confident enough to publicly and vehem… is a mindset, not a fate. That's why many narcissists are very happy in life. They don't perceive what they d…
Retweeted by EFF. EMM. @MelReneeStyles The skin! @BobbyBuenosdias I actually refuse to even drink out of them. I would sooner bring my own glass..@JSullivanMusic is readying her first full-length in 6 years
Retweeted by EFF. EMM. @omgiigii Which is literally what he’s always done. That man cannot be Huey Newton on the world stage like that. He… @tiaraj_h I can't deal. @omgiigii I agree! People really forget that man is a whole ass politician. Even still. @BobbyBuenosdias I just dont get the point.Stemless champagne glasses are truly an affront to everything I stand for and believe to be true."The key is deciding, do you want to actually get something done, or do you want to feel good among the people you… fact that the quotations are separate in this headline told me everything i needed to know before i read the a…
Retweeted by EFF. EMM.“defund” is already a compromise. it is already a reform. it is laughable that this is even a discussion.
Retweeted by EFF. EMM. @omgiigii I thought I was the same, but I really enjoyed Andre Talley, and Mariah’s book.. and now Im hooked. @omgiigii I got it on Audio. Waiting to finish Ronan Farrow’s book first.DJ is tryna vito my couch purchase.Did what she had to do. @rxmsxy I found one I really really like tho. @trecrews Dont yell at me, please. @brylafa Thanks for the support, daddy.Am I really gonna spend 2 grand on a sofa? @nice_two @omgiigii @SeauxScoot Im rewatching it just to refresh my memories of the brilliance.Coexisting with your partner while allowing each other to still be your full selves > making each other the center of your world
Retweeted by EFF. EMM. @omgiigii @SeauxScoot @nice_two @SeauxScoot @omgiigii PERIOD. @omgiigii Cause I was like, I hope they didn’t think that was the end of the story.So wait, are we getting a second season of “The Morning Show”?Bellisima! 💙
Retweeted by EFF. EMM.hometown: friend zone.@realDonaldTrump 49 days until trash pick up.
Retweeted by EFF. EMM. @niaws_t @MelReneeStyles a duo. 🤎Leonardo DiCaprio thinks of 'Django Unchained', 'The Great Gatsby' and 'The Wolf of Wall Street' as an unofficial t…
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Retweeted by EFF. EMM.LOOKS. Give us couture Cardi.!!
Retweeted by EFF. EMM. @KingBobbyDeal It’s what they deserve.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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