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Retweeted by nicsi love black women
Retweeted by nicsi will never understand why advocating for human lives is deemed unprofessional.
Retweeted by nicsa private life with love and luxury >
Retweeted by nics @notjordaniel Happy Birthday🥳🥳
@therealedadz Goooooyall-
Retweeted by nicsWe happy over here x
Retweeted by nics @susuajoke LOOOOOOOOLShow me some love, kisses and hugs
Retweeted by nics @susuajoke His chin💀 @estherdadaxoxo Me deyaaaa @matta28x Sureeeee🌚screenshots from videos > normal pictures
Retweeted by nicsIf I win I’ll give 3 people that retweet & like this tweet £100 each 🤝
Retweeted by nicsshall we all start clapping again, to lift the mood?
Retweeted by nics @nnenna_ozzie What are your optionsMe when they point the temperature gun at me to take my temperature
Retweeted by nicsthe face behind the anime avi 😳
Retweeted by nics @amarireigns Sensational🤩😍Quavo comment got me weak 😂
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Retweeted by nicsIt’s like.. it just dawned on me 😂🥰
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Hi mcm, take notes🥺🥺 birthday ever 🤍
Retweeted by nics @FairyGangstaa Happy Birthday babe🥳💕itty bitty baby
Retweeted by nicsMood board: Pink Panther.
Retweeted by nicsLet’s talk moods
Retweeted by nics @raniaovo Omg yay🥺🙊Because saggy boobs are sexy.
Retweeted by nicsI have a theory that some (key word: some) teachers get African names wrong on purpose as a form of disrespect
Retweeted by nicsSunkissed have 20% student discount Tuesday-Thursday. Go buy your skincare and makeup products that you don’t need xxx
Retweeted by nicsthis part was so SICK like sfhdjd
Retweeted by nicsKeep it🤢 drivers that drive fast >>>>>>>
Retweeted by nicsThis is giving me “GET OUT OF ME COUNTRY!” Vibes’s gooo“if this what you want, baby ok “ ✨
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Wet remix out now 💦 @YFNLUCCI ft. BIG LATTO
Retweeted by nicsI think about this often
Retweeted by nicsI’m so bored, it’s disgustingThe queen In her element🎉👑
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Retweeted by nicsWE OUTSIDE 09.26.20 Lost Kids x @PINKFLAMINGOUSA
Retweeted by nicsKeep your eyes peeled for the next one is all I’m sayinnn🤪🤪
Retweeted by nicsI’m done now🙏🏾
Retweeted by nicsWhat waist?
Retweeted by nicsMe in my capelliamore bundles
Retweeted by nicsI only wear sandals and walk barefoot please let these be my first trainers, like and retweet the ting 😔
Retweeted by nicsMe begging for you guys to like and rt, please
Retweeted by nicsHomebody🤠
Retweeted by nics @capelliamore__ @fauz_titilayo @KamaKosmetics @ybfrom16_A black woman won the Molly Mae giveaway.
Retweeted by nicsNot3s put a baby in her, I respect it. Have you seen her??!
Retweeted by nicsPutting on lashes with acrylics is acc an extreme sportany lash techs in leicester? X
Retweeted by nics“Let’s normalise” like pls no but Molly Mae, pick me, chose me, love me 💘💗💖💕💓
Retweeted by nicsA black girl won molly mae giveaway? EVERYONE SAY YEAHHHHVV
Retweeted by nics @ofunmix_ Whateverwhite ppl can breathe in this but not that ???
Retweeted by nicsomfg he wasnt ghosting me he just got arrested
Retweeted by nicslate night at 1:30 am and this come on , YOU KNOW A BOMB ASS MOVIE finna come on . period
Retweeted by nicsIon even wanna go back homeee...
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Retweeted by nics @eventuaryy LOOOOOOLItty Bitty Committee 🥰
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Retweeted by nicsWe’ve pre-ordered a PS5 for one of our followers who retweets this tweet! You MUST be following us for a chance to…
Retweeted by nics @eventuaryy IM CRYING FFS @eventuaryy LOOOOOOOOOOL @gracedabrat Beautiful babe😍I just landed on Mars and Idk what to do☄️
Retweeted by nics“A free weed” you the police?🤣
Retweeted by nicsIf yall don’t interact I stg hi HELLO FOLLOWERS!! @aphx_ Happy to hear that babe🥺🥺 @_BCapo Give us more! you spare 3 seconds of your time?
Retweeted by nics @eventuaryy PAHAHAHAHAHImma need arrogant tae to do this “0 likes and 0 rts” thing 👀👀👀👀
Retweeted by nics @http2jxson girls are so sweet. Shout out to them for always taking the ugly black men off our hands 🥰😩
Retweeted by nics @therealedadz Esther Esther Esther how many times do I have to call your name?💀 @nenethedancer_ Congratulations love🥺🥳💕 @fauz_titilayo Like I won’t beat you back smh🥱🥱😂
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@L4NRE_ Happy Birthday🥳💕
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