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🧼 @ ?????? @_nikvii_ *laminated paper wobble*

hey im soap and i draw. they/them. 16. i like men with glasses and labcoats. blm. read my carrd. i:…

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ごめんno wait i need to talk to someone about. something . im not doing good if any mutuals wanna talk im gonna be on priv and. dying i guessno ok im not doing good i . gnim so fucking sad its a little unreal. like why am i this sad. a bitch is sad for stupid reasons and i wanna punch myself for it @catboyvenomous IM GENUINELY KIDNA SAD WHY IS THIS HPAPENING ITS NOT EVEN THAT DEEP HELPPPPPPP im just mad that the… @catboyvenomous NO BUT ONE PART OF ME IS LOWKEY KINDA SAD IM LIKE DAMN.....THEY MOVED ON FROM BEING A DOCTOR KINNIE NSIODUBDJHDHBJDSJDSBHDSwhy am i sad @catboyvenomous is being kinnie with another purple themed lab coat character. i thought we were frie… gonna knock out now gn @catboyvenomous we are noticing a pattern 👁️👁️ @catboyvenomous so now the purple themed lab coat wearing character kinnie is gonna talk huh /j @catboyvenomous ur so kinnie its unreal .me directly @ ing my mutuals who kin my ocs KJSDKJDJK /j /lh @_ryan_huxley have a worm in my brain it is stuck in therei just ate cereal with sour milk @catboyvenomous holy shit hatching dayhi wish i could stream my drawing process omg. i draw on my phone with my finger tho so *sobs*ITS OK IF U CANT BTW omg .......dont force urself if ur in a situation! i know the pandemic has made people run int… u commission me if i reopened commissions after this eye emojisWorking on commissions rn....when im done with these 3 then i'll open up commissions again and yeayeayea @_ryan_huxley isnt ur account the ryan ebooks account /jsend asks abt ocs i dk........ if i made a ryan ebooks account -a certain kinnie 😼 — i would cry actually feel bad if u think this or have said it before btw its not that deep it rlly isntthe one thing i dont really like rn is people just saying that ryan is baby or something. like i cant stop u and i… you annoyed by doctor/ryan kinnies? — not really know u didnt ask for professor but i wanted to include him..........Lex: Hex: Elle: Professor: there any songs that make you think of the robot kids? — I'll link em below this tweet! anon just for this i wanna draw more professor content he's so goodis it OK to have professor as a comfort character — of course! i dont see why not =) drama for today: what — YEAH? yeah things years on this hellsite ......Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! Help me.
@TANGO_THE_TANG i will crykin drama between the nefarious kinnies *i look in the mirror and hold up my fists* — NSNKDSJDSJKSDJSDKJSDKJSDKJSDJ… like this one doe ♥ bump i hate how this looks now but sjfjsjkasddf going to cause problems on purpose — me 1 hr ago’s the drama this time — in relation to kin drama? nothing . yet.'m going to start doctor/ryan kin drama 😼 — @_ryan_huxley YOU!!! how are you? 😊 — IM DOING GOOD working on commissions wehh im done with these tho i'll open up my commissions again and get it runningARE THERE any commissioners on da line or am i forgetting abt some. I know there's one that im waiting for confirma… i guess i will cause problems on purposesay hi @catboyvenomous im printing this out and putting it on my wall @_nikvii_
Retweeted by 🧼 @ ??????thinking of trying it again soon tho cuz my anxiety has been absolutely awful n i heard some tea can help with that so u like tea — i dont often drink tea unfortunately so i cant say much abt it!!! i think i drank tea like once whe… you like to plan things out or be spontaneous? — i pretend like i plan things out but in reality i just do shit… i did smthn wrong pls let me knowdoctor kinnies come get ur juice!!!!!!!!! not doing a ryan one cuz i refuse to make him look cutesy but doctor fans can have the doctor one. as a treat.Ok i'll take a bite dont rt) ok i'm biting in because i can me
Retweeted by 🧼 @ ?????? @catboyvenomous MEbrain's been acting FUNKYgood morning @kitifulnines IM SO SORRY WJWEWEWBKHWEEKWJKE i would say now that ur more jayden. tinyanyway im tired as hell im gonna. knock out now . gnWoooww other anon!! Welcome to the squad!! :) — i cannot take this anymore /j @kitifulnines DID I? oh my god @catboyvenomous i hate it here <3 /jlrt nefarious kinnies come get ur food @_nikvii_ when is somebody gonna fight me for the nefarious kinnie slot i’m getting lonely over here😔😔
Retweeted by 🧼 @ ?????? @catboyvenomous ?????????????????????????????????/“ryan has killed people” bitch me too he ain’t special 😤 — HELLO? don't have anything to ask I just want you to know that I love your characters and character designs and I'm ha…… @_ryan_huxley 👁👁 @_ryan_huxley WAS IT U because if so i already know.........kinnie /jI’m not like a moot or anything buutt... I’m kinsidering Doctor/Ryan?? Help. — JSDJSKJSD SO MANY...i cannot stop yo…'re amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! — tysm u too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @catboyvenomous JDSDSKNLDUHNOEWINUEW once a doctor kinnie always a doctor kinnie GET WITH THE PROGRAM!!!!!!! @catboyvenomous im so fucking sad doctor isnt on ur kinlist anymore JSDJNDSNJDSKDSNHeeeeyyy soap!! Just so you know you’re sooo rad!! — thank u! u too! MY HUMOR HAS LITERALLY COME DOWN TO THIS
Retweeted by 🧼 @ ??????, on 3 cups of pure caffeine, talking really fast: i am so cute and i cannot diehi soap :] — hi =) lives in doctors head rent free!! — LITERALLY LITERALLY LITERALLY HE IS JUST IN THERE LIKE....OPEN UR WALLET S… would your ocs react to caffeine? (doctor, jayden, gary, etc) do they go absolutely bonkers or...? — doctor jus… be killing people rent free — LITERALLY? literally added at least one or more characters to each folder on toyhouse. now i rest *collapses and dies*put up some of the characters from nmct. some stuff do you like about my art @Maccination @_ryan_huxley not really, eyeball ryan doesnt do anything other than cling and StareHi @_nikvii_ stick bug but dull and undead
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