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🧼 @_nikvii_ *laminated paper wobble*

hey im soap and i draw. they/them. i like men with glasses and labcoats. read my carrd

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in this case more traditional drawings will definitely be produced and/or scanned to be a digital one and all just… im gonna be more offline for a good while. Need to focus on my grades and everything. Sorry for the inconvenience
The impulse to put "lol" at the end of everything is truly strong nowadaysFinally lol misty 2day :)Mist tastes goodgetting possessed by an angel is a valid way of nonbinary transition
Retweeted by 🧼HEAD PROFEN @TwitCloudBot #cloudme😺✏ — Outback steakhouse fr though he's so cute...... I wish i got his priest outfit (if it was an option???)Maybe i have a crush on cinnamon cookie. Shut upI never realized how fun it is to make playlists. I like doing it other than the fact that my music taste is really… not funny everkofi seems so cool i just dont know what it is or how it works ;_;WHAT IS KO-FI HOW DOES IT WORK @ORANGEJUlCY oh my god idk how ko fi works but I gotta HURRY FOR THIS skfnksfnon*s*on / HOW DOES HE HAVE WIFI IN THE WOODS LMAOOOOOOOO HE JUST KEEPS CLOWNING HIMSELF ITS SO UNREAL. HE WROTE A…'s someone i've been looking for a reading from specifically BUT.......... There r no slots rn :(i've been looking into tarot stuff recently and. i kinda want a reading but like a Genuine Readingi want cinnamon cookie's priest outfit so fucking bad....Lrt. Lrt
Retweeted by 🧼AHHH PIC OF ANTS ON MY TL...i dont know what a promare is but um gay rights i guess @ashie_baby_ is it basically like. Christmas art trades. cuz im willing to do that lolBlank is beginning to feel like the dog's lost the lead
Retweeted by 🧼Pain to come up with my own take on Artist Stats! Would love to see how you work
Retweeted by 🧼 offense but getting after effects actually sucks
Lrt thats so cute AHHHAllister and his Mimikyu #PokemonSwordShield
Retweeted by 🧼 @clowncore_ bagel onlyI saw this tree on a walk and felt compelled to draw it immediately
Retweeted by 🧼 @NexatG denied @NexatG bagelidk russian so i dont think i'll be able to translate those but also. The PV is so cool holy shit. Ferry has outdone themself once againferry why do you do this to meI saved a blank canvas by accident but let's just assume that this is somehow deep or abstract. Pink-headed Fruit Dove from Indonesia (Photo: Jasper)
Retweeted by 🧼bleasesend my dumbass maybe u should post more then but go off igi want to have an active follower base while not being "Too Famous" or whatever because thats nerve wrackingoh im gonna try to post more on tumblr. My follower base is kinda dead there but i just. Like how the site works an… to compromise with two ugly underscores. its fine tho i guess it can add more flavor if u dont notice it the first time lolnikvii was taken already :/ got my mineral back. Its just as pretty as i remembered it 😭😭#TwitterMomentOfTheDecade
Retweeted by 🧼idk what a rock is sorryNefarious: the key is simple!!! Take some time for a self care routine! ❤ *eats a bucket of living snails*Nefarious to his host: just stop being depressed and think positive! It's that simple :) ❤💞✨ The host: The host,… @Odoroki_Que HMMMMMM 👀👀👀😺✏ — Tim Burton probably. Cool dude😺✏ — Tim Burton probably. Cool dude CHRISTMAS ART TRADES? 👀👀👀Yes this tweet is cringe. Give me a moment*to the tune of that one country boy vine* dark choco, iii love YOu...... eugh 🥕🐡I REACHED OVER 600 AFFECTION WITH DARK CHOCO AND HIS IDLE SPRITE CHANGED AND HE'S GIVING ME 60 CRYSTALS AS A GIFT I… choco in ovenbreak: ¬_¬ dark choco in comics: ^_^He's so cute oh my god. I will marry you @eggboypriestman perhaps thats why u tweet in all caps a lot. its just all that mustard @eggboypriestman OH YEAH that Can happen its just. In my experience tweening has been easy (might be because the on… THE LINK ON THE ??? BUTTON DOESN'T WORK 😭😭😭oh i should put that on my dni lolnsfw accounts please stop interacting or following me i am. literally a junior in high school.
@eggboypriestman I have a constant fear that any hand-drawn animation of mine with just a lil bit of 'tweening' wil… this year i focused on my art more interesting to look at. i still cant wrap my head around weird angles…
Retweeted by 🧼I have never colored in my life. color isnt real. Doesnt exist to me. live in the moment's more that didnt quite fit in there. The inconsistency is real pic is fanart of an oc that belongs to @Odoroki_Que#Artof2019 i dont got much to bring to the table this year lol will i ever open commissions. I could be getting my bread rn. damn.Speaking about commissions... if there’s a specific pose you have in mind, but can’t find a ref photo for it, it’s…
Retweeted by 🧼where do you think you're going ?
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@beezlbxb dont care if its cringe actually its just a fact. Tell me one movie that does not have the newspaper boy as british.Chestnut cookie is definitely british i can guarantee it.
bug😶 he is
Retweeted by 🧼LRT AHHHH【CUTE BIRD NEWS】 Toripon 鳥ポン is out now! Download it for free, only on @itchio, at:
Retweeted by 🧼Little Yume Nikki beings
Retweeted by 🧼I know i should stay positive™ about this but I don't think I can. I've been wanting this for years. I can always w… it turns out i cant get after effects. Its not compatible with my computer. sighHE JUDT DUPLICATED AGAIN STOP SCREAMSHE JUDT? nevermind i really dont knowwhat is he thinking about.... just so sorry kingYeah im calling myself out. I also had (have) a crush on shinra kishitani. I never watched durarara up til the end… OF THEM JUST JUMPED ACROSS THE SCREEN HELPSTOP DUPLICATING
Hi added group chats on tumblr i think