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18 #blacklivesmatter he/him

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@longneckedbeck how are you grace ^.^ @longneckedbeck hi @gentlm4n who? @gentlm4n dude ?!?!? @chrisberriess i can make it a lot less than 4 @jacobis4PF ONG i can’t wait for another wacob moment @kurngb @AminManolo hope da feds don’t get you @kurngb @AminManolo good @chrisberriess just 6 more likes @jacobis4PF AND TECCA TOO AHAHAHAHAH @kurngb @AminManolo bro you get suspended every week @chenesefood bro stop pls @_vndy please help me bro please @jacobis4PF that shit was so funny she blocked everyone who interacted with it @kidfromindy it’s been 1 minute please bro please @_vndy dude @jacobis4PF ironic tweetratio @oFabz it’s okay bro @maggivellian i said get help idc if someone else said it !! @maggivellian GET HELP @maggivellian for you to wahr @maggivellian for what @h4ndcrushed you’ll get there soon
@lordshipp what class @neekolul yeah @PaintClown_ @kidfromindy uhh yeah @lordshipp chillin in break almost done wif work @PaintClown_ @kidfromindy me when i get home tonight @lordshipp gm @PaintClown_ @kidfromindy true i have a few games just get bored really quick @kidfromindy @PaintClown_ no ps5 @kidfromindy @PaintClown_ same but xbox one pc and my animal crossing switch @CrypticNotAlone no bc they use my money to use as tax write off and get to avoid paying taxes!! @PaintClown_ @kidfromindy what games do you recommend rob @6rendo @BladeeCity aired! @maggivellian @kidfromindy ahhh @maggivellian @kidfromindy what games are you playing @kidfromindy so sad man it’s an amazing console too portable and everything but god literally no good games @BakeHatesItHere i will learn a new trick in your honor @CashApp $terynberrys @CeelosCheerios @Ryan_Recon @jrxsv_ ight what she’s going to do? 🚶🏽‍♂️ @BakeHatesItHere happy birthday :D @CeelosCheerios @Ryan_Recon @jrxsv_ what are you going to do about it lil man @CeelosCheerios @Ryan_Recon @jrxsv_ @Ryan_Recon @jrxsv_ bro she does not care about your gamer score! she wants a skater @Ryan_Recon @jrxsv_ ironic @Ryan_Recon @jrxsv_ BACK OFF BRO @Ryan_Recon @jrxsv_ jen tell him ! @Ryan_Recon @jrxsv_ she’s been mine! @jrxsv_ i mean yes i did @Ryan_Recon @jrxsv_ BACK OFF @jrxsv_ no i didn’t
@oFabz @Nefertidddy no @oFabz dm!!! @wtfbails yeah @samikaroki @MyNameisFredo69 @sonicx161 @CrypticNotAlone @prakdip fuck they are multiplying6:02am first thing i did was watch the buss it challenge @CrypticNotAlone @CorinnaKopf what @KittenElise why? @yungricepatty joel’s impact burrr @yungricepatty what are you up to! @yungricepatty i’m hype :D i’m racing on my computer right now !5 @yungricepatty how are you pal @geknack sad @yungricepatty e man @yungricepatty hey sex @sebastianjii @vialxx GO SEB GO @vialxx mf u can’t see over the steering wheel
Retweeted by Teryn @vialxx no @wtfbails @22lexi_ ? @lNDlANPRINCESS @dzdndz gaming leave me alone @chancybabyy sorry @h4ndcrushed ok? @Yuhuuur i’m not quite sure @PaintClown_ i just need a shifter and i’m set these paddle shifters won’t do it @TristanGHill NO CAPP @Yuhuuur i’m going to fuck itanyone wanna take a drive? @oFabz waiting @Yuhuuur holy fuck @geknack lame asf @privful please get out of my mentions @geknack wbu @geknack just driving home from work listening to weezer wondering why
@decentbIack nowhere @reaIlysexy 13!I'm giving away free n word pass! like, rt and comment to join <3 #transracial ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
Retweeted by Teryn @reaIlysexy ? @reaIlysexy whatcongrats @Irgpriv @reaIlysexy what @reaIlysexy *chokes you against the wall* @reaIlysexy get a grip broi’m really listening to weezer some put me out of my missouri @reaIlysexy get a grip @reaIlysexy *startssuckingyourcock* @SamjaySJ samjay w @G00NGII yeah