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OD26 @_Od26 Juna ❤️

Private Valorant coach // Twitch streamer // Contact Manager @GenerallyEric // just a random guy honestly // @Junafour ❤️

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@yushaVAL He said it in an insulting context. Not sure what it means in French but yeah… @keaIani This level of English is worse then one of my tweets @GREMLINvalorant I will never understand how this man isn’t banned but it’s impressive none the lessAlso the cypher on my team said the N-Word and the Reyna on my team said the F-Slur... This was a weird ranked game… coach aces in ranked game and then he gets typed at by salty bottom fragging Reyna. @maymayVAL Omg omg happy birthdayI love you guys though ❤️ as much as I call you guys dumb dumbs you’re my dumb dumbsWait I just realized I use Twitter to like vent what frustrates me via generic advice… why the heck do I even have a small following 💀 @jellyfish_val This is not the move I’ve been down this path @daimyofps @ReReianaa Nope he lost on our team cuz we had some weirdos. Than he queued against us and we took his elo 💀 @TrickAIM @anlmeprofilepic Uhhhh @zandaddyy I do complain a lot this is true. I’ll work on it 🫡 @h2nnyu Naw his mmr looked good from the start. Might not even be an alt account @GREMLINvalorant @Bobbert_VAL I can respect that honestly @PatTrixTweets It can basically all be learned but doubling down is where people are dumb @Rytu5872 Fuck me zaddy @Stixlerval I talked to my team about it and they insisted it was the correct play. after I talk to them about it a… @TroIIman_ @CoachJoe__ I agree to thisThan again this was on pearl and 3 different players started B so like... everything was fucked from the start @CoachJoe__ Duelist players truly need to be studied in a museum @daimyofps LMFAO no. He was chillI just got told to solo push A main as smokes while anchoring cuz "we didn't have space" when we only knew the loca… @Junafour Idk man that sage was reasonable @CoachJoe__ Meow :3 @zorbiqq69 full game play break @RashanIg1 1-3 days depending on how you're feeling. 1 day is typical though 3 is if you REALLY NEED a breakDon't forget to take breaks. I took one and came back and this was the result of my first 3 games :P
@Acsnds_ @HaanzeR You sir are delusional you can blame your team for a lot of things but going 1-14 isn’t one of them @Bobbert_VAL I’ve been asking for this kid to get banned for the last month. No matter how much proof people post o… @westjett1 @SoaRGaming Man ratio’d his org @westjett1 @wyyandere @Catalin67349041 I have arrived after the ratio has completed. And that’s okay @CurryshotTV Curryshot is becoming my next news source 😎 I’m down for this @firebirdd_ She be too young it’s my older sister @jiyuval_ No @yungcalc Time has to be given for someone to grow. I fully agree we need to give more people second chances but al… @SalamanderSage That’s a different situation though. You’re not hoping on an alt cuz they’re bad you’re hoping on a… @will1us @Marved6 @WARDELL416 @Xeppaaa Asian power 😎 @xcodebread @kizuna_fps @chetsingh Although yes I do lack in depth theory/proper reactions to every situation. My a… @christlii_ It’s funny word @jakeeVAL @careertwitch @Junafour The trials of e-Dating @keyfragz This has typically been my opinion. I usually stay out of this convo though 14-15 ~ stay within 2 years… @keyfragz I wonder what everyone’s opinions are on ages/relationships I’ve held the same opinion for a while @NukeProphet Omg nukey boi finally figured it out. Proud of you son 🫡 @dawnmoer @MRFluffer_Nut Yee it’s been +600rr @MRFluffer_Nut I have an alt account where I play Reyna only 💀 @Bicklol Live serverIs this in the New patch incoming? Or what the heck is this? understand if you’re 1k rr radiant and they’re imm1… but if you’re like ass2 - D3 that’s just weird @tupperwareplays Good answer good answer you can queue with someone on your main and choose to hop on an alt that’s not very poggers of you. @ExciteMVP @RealStrongLegs @Guiiimond @Ange_AMIL @andersin_val @ScrewFaceVAL @TorontoVALORANT Nice try good sir @aftrrx @1EDEN_ @uhhzeem @kxtieoh Ayo why’d you steal my clip @kxtieoh The percentage of girls I coach with massive confidence issues/queue anxiety makes me sad. 99% of them are… @tupperwareplays Your* i know the difference I promise @tupperwareplays Do you like cheese? If so what’s you’re favorite kind? Finally how frequently do you eat cheese? @christlii_ Is your tag balls yet? @sye_shirsho @shazzy815 Yeee always have @osama3096 @shazzy815 Sir yes sir 🫡 @BottomFragVAL @ukyesports T bag their bodies @shazzy815 I like the taste and have an addictive personality so I choose to stay away from itI don’t drink alcohol and my sister knew this. So for her wedding she bought imported root beer “my favorite soda”… @Acsnds_ @fairyfps @zeldrisval im next
@will1us @sevvn Unlucky tbh.. I think that’s what you’d say @sevvn @will1us @hailewhy Happy birthdayI wanna do one of those 100 day transformation things so ima do it after this wedding. Going back to my roots lul @ExciteMVP Pretty open space. Should be a nice Molly lineup to deny the wedding stand @Junafour You’re so hot and sexy @NineQueue Cuz I forgot @KesloVAL I could do so much damage. I’d win the round with a single ultMy sisters wedding is today and all I can think about is val. @yungcalc You’re silly calc @floxayyy Honestly I like it @christlii_ Balls @will1us Hi my name is Toronto 🤝 @aspironVAL @Junafour The fact you couldn’t figure out there was a mute button kinda hurt my brain @Junafour you’re cute @Ban_Val It’s only because the rabbit has negative IQ @westjett1 @ikjoshh Real @spookyaddison Interesting take to say the least… @aspironVAL @Junafour Degrade me more please @kxtieoh No “Valorant” or “anime” this is good I like this @Orb_Of_Meat A kit changeShe’s good in-rankedReyna will still be a bad agent. Nothing changed… but you will be able to pub stomp harder with her so there’s that @wreckerVAL This one won’t get a lot of impressions. When I want impressions I make impression tweets. This is me just being dumbIf you don’t want to be hardstuck just win… forehead
@ValorLeaks I’m always right @nosyy_tv @GeorgeCGed Hmmmm permission granted for you specifically @Benzival We know your issue @KingFPS__ Looking good king! See what I did there :p @chetsingh Sup @PlayVALORANT A Reyna buff? I bet it’ll be unlimited range on eye + lingering effect of the leer. @YoSammyboi I do none of those things @RiotEvrMoar There’s actually a secret to your system. You need to do X and your encounter will go up. I’m hardstuc… I go up RR and have a positive winrate. What I’m asking is how people have massive swingsHow do people go up and down 500rr at a time? Like I just sit at a consistent rr and don’t move