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od26 @_Od26 18+ minors be gone

Just a Random Guy on the internet | Coach on | Join my discord and dm me for questions about coaching :)

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@Dasnerth Honestly a great response. @Jollztv Sounds like all might @westjett1 Naw I agree they acting like he’s as old as @FatalGlytch @ScrewFaceVAL In your opinion is calling a girl mommy acceptable 🤔
@FLOWSHIZZLETV @TryMetafy Vouch very good coach @yungcalc @presidentdove @meow42069xd @jellyfish_val Very true! @presidentdove @meow42069xd As a submissive male I agreehindsight is only helpful if it's self reflection stop pushing it onto your teammates! @PinkCBJ So basically I’m in @haeunnieee But if the heights of the wallet are the same then the height of the man will matter D: @_DanielMC_ I forgot the rest of the world uses CM honestly @malditaVLR Damn I’m lucky to be 2 on a good day @zmaxiie That’s on some real shitI’m 5’11 IRL and 6’1 on tinderWhat height is short for guys and what height is short for girls? @Aspirelle @sash4s I guess she’s pretty cool + vouch @Saulsrevenge Niceuuuuu @zmaxiie I agree so many people are convinced they need a “perfect physique” at such a young age but so much of it is lighting and angles. @kxtieoh Let’s go Katie!!! @Jollztv Ahh yes this is where I start barking @Jamies22463823 @jellyfish_val She would if I asked her to. But that’s not why I gave her the money jamies22463823 @tupperwareplays Yea and Don’t forget to snarl as well! @jenvalorant @ShahZaMk @seouI__ @shenFPS Omg Jennifer!!! @oo0Dante Naw that was like 5 months ago. @tupperwareplays Tower over them and assert dominance @IUC43 @threeFPS @scrollval @Dasnerth Holy shit @aloeson Quitting is against the rules!Especially those who were here during my down bad era or my sad subtweet era. Those were some dark times. 💀I’m not a perfect person and I never will be. But I will always strive for growth and try to become a better person… @FpsEthereal That’s basically smurfing @asiandaddiee 😳😳 @jellyfish_val Oh hi that’s me! @hw_NFT If the trip is "outside" of B main by the time the person is peeking they will have already killed your tea… @yongwoon_chris I kind of see itHe didn’t spawn, my dad took care of him for a friend without telling me but he left the house so I just woke up to a dog barking at methank you @Anylove030 for raid :3Decided to do a random coaching stream late at night. it was a lot of fun. averaged 150 viewers. got a raid to peak… @christlii_ I hope they don’t see my kayo stats then 💀 @presidentdove @SanGoHomee She looks like a pretty heavy casual gamer
@jettdaddy69 How… how do you… how does this… I don’t get it @_routers That one in the top right is mine @PestVAL Pogo @kingizz521 Hey that’s like an Od tweet it has a spelling error!! @taNyFPS @Robinso64810859 Answer these nuts 😎 @Shanks_TTV It wouldn’t be an od26 tweet without a spelling error @Robinso64810859 On Buddha, Ra, Zeus, Jesus, the list can go on. @Shanks_TTV Have you ever meow’s for a woman?I do have proof and shit, if they do it again I’m dropping the @ hahah @ARIANARCHIST I wonder who told you that 😳Remember kids, faking coaching results isn’t very good if it gets out be careful :) @yungcalc I 100 percent agreeI understand why you guys are stuck silver now @ObeyCast NoLike this isn’t a jokeBro I woke up and a random dog spawned in my house? Wtf do I do cuz I have no clue how he got here @Fixitfe11xx @webbslie At least she’s trying 💀😂 @Fixitfe11xx @webbslie If someone’s late that’s fine. But now showing up is just ew @xfoxthy Idk man it’s just common courtesy. Like if you’re not going to show up for whatever reason no hard feelings. Just let me knowThis is why I basically no longer try to be friends with new people. Shit is exhausting.If you setup a date and time to do something you should probably show up or dm the person about not showing up. @cozyjozie I like the pc @t9ler Meow @ARIANARCHIST Once you’ve been coached by me all roasts become acceptable. @ARIANARCHIST Can’t take away something you never had 😎 @endrynaphobia I used to lie a lot it’s too much effort to lie.But I’ll always click bait it as if I’m a “radiant player” gotta keep that marketing value high 😎 @jussmonster But someone just coming to check on you makes you feel like people care a little. It’s just niceI’m an immortal player who touches radiant not a radiant player. Don’t get it twisted. @sagemommy_69 Never @sagemommy_69 Same @ion2x_VAL Not about anyone, it’s about reminding people to check on their friends. I struggle a lot with mental he… @vinsconcubine I don’t know how to spell @xirenaa_ Poggers @annettaaval I Love you too ❤️On a real note please check on your friends. Mental health issues come in all shapes and sizes. You never know what… @FaNbF41 I care about you lil homie, take care of your mental health it’s important. @Jollztv Me heckin tooI heckin love anime
Retweeted by od26 @Guiiimond How do you expect something that isn’t expected @silvia I've coached a lot of women and Honestly if you don't want to talk I completely understand but I always phr… @ilystocky Probably but I'm too lazy to go get it checked. I was put in the "Disabled reading" class when I was in elementary school.When someone truly has perfect comms it's like a fucking art form. ALSO if any of you hoes screenshotted my spellin… able to communicate properly is probably the most underrated skill in valorant. From the tone of your voice t… @BlingCakess @jellyfish_val I had to mute him too, hes quite annoying @jellyfish_val god that guys a fucking awful coach with horrible takes. @jellyfish_val awe ♥ thank you :) much love! @maple_edits @jellyfish_val Why? @jellyfish_val How nervous you are is adorable @Jollztv You looking for a new boyfriend too? @ChefHunar I still don’t know how I got here @elyxnn It actually is in your room @nrbil 😳 poggers @elyxnn Buy it 😳 @elyxnn 4’11 type of things. @westjett1 Bro what? @ValCoach_co Hahaha I can’t wait for reply reviews so I don’t have to have everyone upload fucking unlisted YouTube videos.Brimstone, kayo, and breach really sound like a whole ass freight train while running around the map.
@flexinja @will1us We love flex ninja @taozi_nai @Sabby hey that's me @Hxmstr Majority “like legit almost all except 2” pro players use toggle instead of hold while oping. I just think…