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@PierrePoilievre Hey thanks, what a valuable opinion to hear from a millionaire who has never done any real work in their life!
@DonMartinCTV if conservatives crying was news we would never have a slow news day. @BLABBERMOUTHNET @dvntownsend @NoahGray94 @pixelatedboat I really don't think it's "going out of your way" to sit through cut scenes the game ins…
@docvalentine is the feature drafting??? i would be way into that
@shaun_vids both games are buggy disasters but skyrim has no combat system, so gotta give it to cyberpunk. At least…
@_tetration_ @robisraelart @KyleKashuv neither of which require a public gym that goes against regulations during a pandemic.
@bentkneemusic CONFIRMED! @Clem_Fandingo @blxkstr @downbadpatrol @Clem_Fandingo @blxkstr @downbadpatrol Ok but only bc your name is Clem Fandango @avra_cadaver Garbage cat 😻
@mustachetoilet I never stopped to consider crunchy noodles @mustachetoilet this can't be an uncommon thing... garlic bread and spaghetti is classic @mustachetoilet but scooping spaghetti onto garlic bread and eating it like an open face sandwich is dope, so why would this be bad @9_2_5ESCAPE @coherentstates i found an amazing way to type "fuck off" and it's with capslock: FUCK OFF @KenJennings @GameShowNetwork ty 4 update jen kennings @merrittk i just look at my pfp and feel better @Theresa_Lussier @JaroGiesbrecht @JustinTrudeau No, they announced the same thing Trudeau is announcing here. 250k… @RealSheriffJoe @fakemikemulloy @frankiemuniz Frankie Muniz looks like an Aaron Paul that went bad in the fridge. @panandreoubass @AntonioDrumsX yeah i guessed 7/16 or something around there, it's a real hard one @atomly @TheEpicDept folie au milliards
@HenryRothwell teals and oranges/reds makes my eyes happy. @DOAfailure @WilliamPecota @hankgreen The workers they exploited earned that money probably. @hankgreen wow, the no coffee team is far stronger than I would have expected. Enjoy your hot bean water suckers, w… @PostinMonkey i get it, because they are both powered by scientologySometimes I impress myself.
@docvalentine I wonder what archeologists will think when they discover my remains, clutching a mysterious rectangl… power has been cut off for maintenance going on 9 hours. 10% battery on my phone. Using cellular data to tweet,… @VicBergerIV watching conservatives try to do comedy is pretty comedic though, gotta give it to him
@KylePlantEmoji but would you consider NOW??!?!? @KylePlantEmoji @Nichopsc @BillyOscar6 @blaireerskine not with that attitude. @ChillingCircuit @Shvartacus i bet there will be mirrors in the game @rudy_betrayed I got tired after like 5 but its the thought that counts I am told @rudy_betrayed I will unfollow and follow 300k times if it helps u feel complete @MitchInReelLife @walkingredflag @IlhanMN @Ilhan Its a dumpster, not a garbage can. You should be well aware. @MitchInReelLife @walkingredflag @IlhanMN @Ilhan Weird that we have the same profile picture @walkingredflag @MitchInReelLife @IlhanMN @Ilhan He thinks Trump has a real shot at winning reelection and that whi…
@icOnOLkS1 @KylePlantEmoji @ArielleScarcell she is getting mad about a lesbian transitioning. the only nonsense cla… @docvalentine @PepperoniDeluxe paranorman is definitely the word we were looking for, excellent @docvalentine @PepperoniDeluxe haha definitely! it's like a deep cut of relatability that makes their opinions on o… @nasiciliana @ArthurAtkinson0 @theJagmeetSingh We call this "bad faith", and it's how Conservatives argue. @nasiciliana @ArthurAtkinson0 @theJagmeetSingh Like, it's obvious. You can say "i don't think this is productive, N… @nasiciliana @ArthurAtkinson0 @theJagmeetSingh Your vitriol in approaching alternate opinions is the toxin you are… @docvalentine @PepperoniDeluxe but idk im not a brain scientist @docvalentine @PepperoniDeluxe i think parasocial relationships can also exist where someone just resonates with yo… @nasiciliana @ArthurAtkinson0 @theJagmeetSingh To be clear, I support Trudeau as PM, which made our pal there even… @nasiciliana @ArthurAtkinson0 @theJagmeetSingh If criticizing the liberals makes you call people "Con. boot lickers…
@AngerHelps @PenRockatansky @LauraBerrillPR @TheElliotPage @QueerlyRadio why did they make glue taste so good if th… @JosephNSanberg Reducing poverty is the single most effective way to reduce crime, reduces Healthcare costs as peop… @ArthurAtkinson0 @theJagmeetSingh As you are aware, I can't read your reply, so I will read the between the lines "… @ArthurAtkinson0 @theJagmeetSingh Aaah, the classic shitlord tactic of saying something condescending as though you… @ArthurAtkinson0 "taking down" =/= minority vote that couldn't overturn the result either way. 15 years ago. This i… @ArthurAtkinson0 @theJagmeetSingh the "solution" is money spent on research for a proposal. Get back to me when the… @docvalentine has VR gone too far???? @ArthurAtkinson0 @theJagmeetSingh NDP voting poorly 15 years ago (with a minority that couldn't overturn the vote e… @43Silencer @theJagmeetSingh It's pure political obstructionism and cynicism. Get the heck outta here with your BS. @43Silencer @theJagmeetSingh Nonsense. That was 2005. Do you think Jagmeet was a major player in NDP decision makin… @HG_Watson I went on a field trip like 20 years ago to a victorian style home, and jamming cloves in oranges was on… @juderich59 nationalism. it means nationalism. everyone else secretly hates canada for disagreeing with his dumb an…
@theJagmeetSingh Who would have figured a 1k+ monthly bill couldn't be solved with a marginal increase to the CCB??… @docvalentine if you look closely at the price tag, you can see it's also a puzzle, which explains things. or doesn…
@KevinEdge2 @PierrePoilievre I am absolutely certain you couldn't secure any single one of those degrees based on y… @CanadaKlr @TsawwassenCanuk @christoaivalis I'm a jilted caucasian man? WELL ALLOW ME TO PROVE THAT POINT EXACTLY RIGHT!
@ca34550415 @LabyrinthWeaver @briantylercohen @PostRoz probably funded by all those steaks he sold through Sharper Image magazine @ExiledMatthew @Ad_Inifinitum took all of 5 seconds. seems like a lot of effort to be a useless pedant on the internet though. @ExiledMatthew @Ad_Inifinitum I saved this screencap as "pedantry" for you lol. @ExiledMatthew @Ad_Inifinitum what do you think it means?? @Ad_Inifinitum even a broken clock is right twice a day (unless it's digital) @lykkebodenvest @JeffreyGuterman @locklar_ron @realDonaldTrump That image pinned in your feed was used in Fargo to… @adelaidemarie2 @KateyQuarantine @scientificrealm @realDonaldTrump Heaven also forbids the hoarding of wealth, lyin… @hunter_dorman_ @DantonHx @TheBronzeDrag0n @Stickballruss @cableknitjumper yes, people should choose from a narrow… @GroovesMeow @Djjasong @IlhanMN I appreciate the point you are making here, but if millions and millions can be all… @ACorollaries @fakegamerboy @animaldressing @Black24Boi @roun_sa_ville Slow down pal, you got any sources on that one??? @mtziongamer @atrupar Not even math, just looking at a number and registering what it means. Although, that would d… @KevinEdge2 @PierrePoilievre yeah, so do degrees in: anthropology, history, philosophy, the sciences, psychology, o… @garfpoop retirement must be really boring for poor billy @JeffreyGuterman what are you gonna do with that oregano Jeff? is it spaghetti night??
@bklynirish97 @rudy_betrayed the joke you made created a vacuum of comedy, which forced comedy to run in to the emp… @bklynirish97 @rudy_betrayed this is funny but not for the reason you thought it would be lol @EyesOnTheRight watching self described Christians shit on the pope because they think he's an SJW is a really grea… @KylePlantEmoji sure turkey is just a gravy delivery system but post-turkey soup and sandies are tiiiiiiight dawgThe Great Reset was probably poor branding. We know how reactionary outrage peddlers operate, and should probably h… being a highly paid political figure who is so dumb they don't know what a false dichotomy is, and thinks t… @PierrePoilievre It's a made up conspiracy when screeching conservatives talk about it, and it's a different thing… @Chazer0w0 @cringepolitik Extreme A: KILL ALL HUMANS Extreme B: KILL NO HUMANS Centrist: clearly we must kill half… @mat_schmaltz Quebec just being diet-france as per usual @Anthonymanna3 @FogBelter @JosephNSanberg you fail to understand anything. In the 60s, the min. wage WAS THE SAME a… @blondgoblin @OceanSprayInc follow this guy ya nerds, this quality content has more retweets than he has followers which seems criminal @LeftAccidental holy cow, I stop paying attention to twitter for 30 minutes and come back to see an economics lesso… @LeftAccidental Not even a debate. How much profit did Walmart rake in during the pandemic alone??? What point did…
@Ad_Inifinitum it's just everything else that is wrong and dumb @Ad_Inifinitum it's correct that this is an image, and a bell curve. @LackingSaint is that a... mac n' cheese pizza? american ingenuity wins again @BenjaminPDixon the battle between ketchup and mustard. mustard will prevail
I'm gonna give it 3-5 business days before I admit this didn't workso who do I talk to about converting twitter likes to cheeseburgers?? @DairyQueen mail me some flamethrower burgs plz @YNB lol, perfect 🤣 @YNB I think #2 sums it up. The internet is thirsty and these things are just twerking vids with more steps. Not th… @STEPAAANEK @cringepolitik it's impossible to tell!