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osqueer @_oskie_ El Paso, TX

only Godney can judge me ————————snapchat: oscar_i

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@CarlyGayPREPsen Take me with you!!! 😩 @eww_David_ 🙋🏻‍♂️Amy Coney Barrett
Retweeted by osqueerWith this supreme court confirmation and if trump wins next week... it really is over for us @fellxthecatt @pussypearI I can’t stop listening to it!confirming a woman against affordable healthcare for the supreme court during a global pandemic just days before an…
Retweeted by osqueer @fellxthecatt Yo también!! @felopezm_ 😧It’s all your fault I’m obsessed with this song lol @MoheetoeWeki Meki did not have to snap so hard on COOL
@ulymoli Nov 3rd 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼Dear straight guys with fat asses @robynkonichiwa Release the Girls version of honey please!!!
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Soy un toxico
Retweeted by osqueer @TheGlamJesus Omg I loooove it 😍how i wanna be how i really be
Retweeted by osqueer @ulymoli I took this pic of you
@Diddycakess A mood. Lol“so are you a top or a bottom?”
Retweeted by osqueerrent free
Retweeted by osqueer @Chantel12758834 @AOC Yes please!!! @Sean00Dolan Me too!!! 🤩 @HolyFaguette 🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️We are the lovesick f@gs @Al3jandroLA Me too. She makes me so happy.The way I am in actual love with this woman! 😍 @alexm0195 She’s precious 🥺 @demoralesm 😛ghostin in my head needy
Retweeted by osqueer😍
Retweeted by osqueer @yourbestjoshua Ok this is actually horrifying 😳Not gonna lie, I was hoping she did something more pop but after hearing it I FUCKING love it! #PositionsOmg 😍 SO PRETTY
Retweeted by osqueergeorge washington at his dollar bill photoshoot
Retweeted by osqueer @superboy8500 Gracias guapo 😍🥰🙈i’ve never met a man who had an abortion so im tryna figure out why yall got so much to say
Retweeted by osqueer“I’m the least racist person in the room”?!?!? How about you not be racist at all you FUCKING dumbass. #Debates2020 @curly_toez I do 3 or 5. Lol @ANDAAAAAAAAAY I think it’s like a super mild case of ocd for me. 3 or 5 on each side. 😂😂 @Jetta_Jameson I honestly don’t know why I’ve never watched it. lol @_Mischievousone Lemme sniff 😤 @andyyvillatoro Cuuuute 😍 @ANDAAAAAAAAAY 20!!!!!!?? On each side!!?? I do 3 if I’m gonna just be home and 5 if I’m gonna be out of the house lol @demoralesm 😞 @psilopsyren @alexmescobedo y’all swipe the deodorant a specific number of times every time on yalls armpit or are y’all normal? @gavanity I’ve always heard that. I can’t wait to watch it.Replay, replay and replay @badwolfboyy I don’t know why I never did but I will now that it’ll be on NetflixI can’t believe I’ve never seen this movie @scotty_13_ We will definitely deserve it. @alexmescobedo Vandross
Retweeted by osqueer @nathanw0nd3r 🙋🏻‍♂️🤤 @SebastianKing_ Aww cutie 😍🥺 @itseloeden 😘😍🥺Get outta my way - Kylie Minogue @elunicopabIo I have to wait at least an hour after I eat to work out. @JoeyC_Radio Joeybaby 🥰
@moreno00309 Thanks handsome 😘 @D_Radiance How does she look so beautiful even with a mask 😍So damn cute 😍💕🍌
Retweeted by osqueerPoison @thiccolas_ All the positions 😍 @ELECTRIC_PAPI I be telling myself this all the time @pussypearI Omg the push ups 😂Just some Thursday selfies’s exactly the icon she think she is.
Retweeted by osqueer @jenniessavage These are amazing!! 😍I can’t believe men like this really exist 😍 @alor3nzo Omfg I laughed so hard 😂 @_Rodolfooo Holy shit!Queens of being untouchable @Tan_Tan06 Omg 😂I mean, I’m not a slut, but who knows? @Moheetoe Stop it!! No you’re not!! @heyjaeee This is exactly how i stretch!! 😅The talent! I’m obsessed 😍 no one: gemini, cancer, virgo:
Retweeted by osqueer @thatsobishen So sad @thewheble Omg yes!!! She is it!! @pussypearI Made me lover her even more 🥺Lisa is so fucking cute. I can’t believe how much of a bad bitch she turns into on stage. @thatsobishen lmao how dramatic 😂😂 @SebastianKing_ 🥰🥰🥰🥰Tryna have a Scream movie marathon with a spooky booDoes this look like an appropriate interaction to you?
@FitBoyu 😏😏working from home has its perks wanna sleep on me? Overnight?
Retweeted by osqueer @JazzulEscada I... omg 😍 @alexm0195 It’s your 5th senseMe when someone asks why I’m single: time I’m unsure of what way to go I always trust Beyoncé and go to the left @gabespears