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Peggy Li @_peggyli Brooklyn, NY

making code and myself run faster. 👩🏻‍💻🏃🏻‍♀️ coffee shop enthusiast. engineer @dropbox, prev @navapbc, @clever, @linkedin. ✨ she/her.

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I approve of this loading graphic.
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is it bad if I actually understood the headline 😳 anything happens to AOC, Ilhan, Rashida or Ayanna, I will hold this president responsible. This is serious. It’s…
Retweeted by Peggy Lii got to collab with the awesome @irvingruan on a piece for the new yorker!! check out “cognitive dissonances i’m c…
Retweeted by Peggy LiTIL there are ETFs on obesity, which really sounds like it has the potential to create some dangerous financial inc… you did not instagram this sunset tonight, are you even a millennial in nyc
I've been listening to more running podcasts recently, and it's remarkable how often people name individual America… @keithkurson that sounds scary, but I hope everything is okay and it's nothing too bad. take it easy tonight! 💚Con Ed is responding to outages affecting roughly 4,500 customers citywide. Largest outages are in Flushing and Ric…
Retweeted by Peggy LiEvery word of this feels like you're reading some darkly absurdist dystopian novel, but it's a real government agen…
Retweeted by Peggy Li @mariechatfield I wouldn't really go to myself for fashion advice though. 🤣 @mariechatfield I usually wear Birkenstocks (don't know your feelings on those but some colors may be cuter than ot… @AndyHaskell2013 this used to exist in Hayes Valley, San Francisco’s like they go out of their way to be dastardly
Retweeted by Peggy Liconsidering going to a pizza place called My Pie but can't get over the fact it's pronounced like mypy 😭🍕this has been my most active text thread over the past 6 weeks, minus an oncall week where pagerduty was having too… priest brutally attacked in NYC, attacker allegedly yelled things like “This is my neighborhood!” Authoriti…
Retweeted by Peggy LiI feel 10x sweatier than I look. Does that make me a 10x sweater? a big fan of this pro runner and her body positivity message that, until I learned that, when asked if she coul…
I want to thank @ewarren for listing her pronouns in her Twitter bio. A small gesture with major implications.
Retweeted by Peggy Lia chicken nugget got more rights than my pussy
Retweeted by Peggy Liwoman at the table next to me just asked the waiter for salt. that's cool, personal tastes and preferences and all,… @rakyll I don't think there's a good "global default" for this. Really depends a lot on personal wishes, budget, cu… killed in the last 10 years - Antifa: 0 Right wing terrorists: 313 ICE: 81 CBP: 98
Retweeted by Peggy LiTo all the non-tennis-playing men who think they can win a point against Serena, watch this... 🙃👸🏾🎾
Retweeted by Peggy LiHey New York City, it's so hot and the subway is hell, can I tell you about a miracle I saw in your city once upon a time?
Retweeted by Peggy Li @_tessr Tess.
who are some up-and-coming progressive candidates I should be supporting in 2020? I know about @AOC, @IlhanMN,… many cookies if you ask me
Retweeted by Peggy LiSoftware engineers: take your children to work with you. This is pure gold
Retweeted by Peggy LiI ran for over 1 hour without noticing my sports bra was inside out the whole time. 😶USA is amazing at solving intricate science and technology problems that no other country has solved but struggles…
Retweeted by Peggy Liare there more Kevins than women or people of color?
What a story from Justice Stevens’s obituary (written by Linda Greenhouse)
Retweeted by Peggy Li @TheAmyCode also yay, 📚! audiobooks while walking/commuting are great. @TheAmyCode once you run one mile, you just have to do it 26 times, safely and maintaining performance. so it's sor… @TheAmyCode Congrats! That's a great achievement. 🎉 My Gotham 2016 fun fact was that I had just run my first 10k.… white characters were written the way white authors describe POC in novels: Karen wrapped her mayonnaise-colore…
Retweeted by Peggy LiI don’t mind paying taxes if I see on what am I paying my taxes on.Its sad that we pay so much taxes yet we don’t h…
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Some late night news: both Google walkout leaders who said they faced retaliation are gone.
Retweeted by Peggy LiLooked into a private FB group of 18,000 Amazon workers to see how the folks at fulfillment centers are bracing for…
Retweeted by Peggy Li🚨 RCE Alert! 🚨 That @zoom_us daemon (hidden web server) is now known to have a Remote Code Execution Vulnerability…
Retweeted by Peggy LiReminder that Gabbard is the fave of Breitbart and the like. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has donated the maximum allowe…
Retweeted by Peggy Liit me
Happy #PrimeDay! Remember that Jeff Bezos has enough wealth to house every homeless family in America, but Amazon…
Retweeted by Peggy LiEvery Asian-American I know. Also, "where are you really from?"
Retweeted by Peggy Li🗣️ Friendly reminder that Amazon's workers are going on strike on Prime Day, July 15-16, so please don't cross the…
Retweeted by Peggy Li @jdan @stripe Whitespace, and make sure your reviewer has editor configured to autostrip whitespace @justkelly_ok I recently learned that my alma mater did something similar, at the time I was there. 😕
Like some of my Democratic colleagues, I’m young, from an immigrant family, also very critical of Trump. Funny thin…
Retweeted by Peggy LiWhy be a 10X developer when you can be an X11 developer?
Retweeted by Peggy Lithere's a small grain of truth – the Congresswomen are all from the United States of America, whose current preside… was delayed, so I took a ~$25 Lyft thinking the TSA Pre line would be as long as the general security line.… few weeks ago, ICE posted some propaganda photos about how great life in the camps are. One of women gardening ca…
Retweeted by Peggy Li @pati_gallardo Apparently I have almost no iCloud storage (and don't feel like paying), so I use Dropbox and Google Photos., you can only cancel a @WSJ subscription by calling a customer service human agent during business hours. no o…
When you open a Google doc and the only other person in the doc is... you from another tab.
Retweeted by Peggy Li10x Presidents are rare. Vote for Elizabeth Warren. That's all, thanks, bye. @seldo what if they need a queue 😨 @jacobbrody I think this also happens when you book through the hotel's own website (at least in some cases).
why do SF hotels have a ~$30/night mandatory amenities fee instead of just increasing the normal rate by that amountomg OF COURSE she proposed to him 😍 a comrade: "New York friends, ICE is checking IDs at the 1,2,3 train W 72 St station as of 10AM this morning.…
Retweeted by Peggy Li We have a million packages! joshhunt:
Retweeted by Peggy LiTracy Nuetzi, a white Trump voter in Florida, got caught up by ICE and was mislabeled an immigrant. She spent nearl…
Retweeted by Peggy Li @seldo I like it much more than Harris/Warren, at least.
You’re over 25 u can pick 2 of these things but not all: -full time job -fitness regimen -clean house -active social life
Retweeted by Peggy Listatus quo'm fine with Instagram ads for products related to brands I follow. But this… just no.
@HarleyKwyn @ohhoe why are you CCing me specifically 😭☠️don't forget to swap your database every 2-4 hours @laurensperber was the code, um, shitty?Does it bother anyone that our President violently raped a 13 year old?
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/me screams @HarleyKwyn I guess it's technically working as intended, but ☠️yesterday I added $10 to my Clipper Card, but apparently I still have auto-load when I tag on and the balance is be… BART didn't stop at Powell (went from Civic Center to Montgomery). just now, all Muni bus entrances at P… @keithkurson also, this was a real roller-coaster of emotions: - cool, a gene against alcoholism! - hmm, *I* am pro… @keithkurson gotcha. when you said food poisoning, I was thinking bad sushi or romaine or something though. 😂 @keithkurson how is this related to getting food poisoning?!those colors of the sky 😍 not pictured: @karlthefog is my #ZeroDay #PublicDisclosure of a security vulnerability impacting 4+ Million of @zoom_us's users who have…
Retweeted by Peggy Li @HarleyKwyn For starters, it could fall on my head while I'm asleep…
how am I supposed to fall asleep with this hanging over my head? lot has changed in the Bay Area since my last visit. For example, Eastbay is now one word. have been eight total Women's World Cups. Here's how @USWNT has performed in each of them: 1991: 🏆 1995: 🥉 1…
Retweeted by Peggy LiLately I've been waking up around 6:30 on most mornings, so here's *strongly* hoping I don't wake up at 3:30 every day in SF. 😴Overheard at Whole Foods, Silver Spring Husband: I didn’t know there was a women’s World Cup. Wife: say it loude…
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"Mulan" remains the most-viewed Disney movie of my life. By a wide margin. A big reason was that she was the only… of 5 stars to Finding My Voice by Valerie Jarrett
@dsully Oh no. Aren't there airport kiosks that sell (overpriced but functional) accessories like those?
A high school bookkeeper in Indonesia who recorded her boss harassing her in a lewd phone call must serve 6 months…
Retweeted by Peggy LiElizabeth Warren on #FourthofJuly celebration: "Donald Trump is handing out tickets to his big donors. That's a cam…
Retweeted by Peggy LiI'm going to SF next week. What are the (good) new coffee shops and bubble tea stores that have opened in the last ~year?
@TheAmyCode Is that $16 in addition to the cost of the class (which I assume you already paid)?! 😳tried my first Polar seltzer water. tastes the same as La Croix – that is, a carbonated water with a flavor I can o…
this is the first team I've been on where I felt I had to apologize for leaving an hour early the day before a comp…