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@CheekyCrissy I know I know ;) glad you pay attention @AFlament92 @CheekyCrissy exactly!! @AFlament92 I LOVE making that nomnom @ynotWheelz I forgive you no harm done :) @TeknoMaeg Skunk look 🤣 @WellSerious I seem to be able to pull off any colour. Think I'm just lucky with my skin tone :) Not trying to go white though @CheekyCrissy The chocolate stars on top went out of date in 2017 but they taste fine and the eggs were a little ou… @_MelissaMoody_ This is the advice I needed before this happened 😉 @Catsonmylap We shall find out 😂😂So I decided to bleach my hair today and I only bought one packet. I got three quarters way through my hair and RAN OUT OF BLEACH FML @RufusHewitt99 got one in the oven ;-)Anyone else think cake batter is better than the cake? @KaykayLiquid I see sunlight and I'm still pale af ginger genes= dead look :( @ClutchGatorade Idk about us inflation BTW just commenting on UK as that's what I know 😊 but thanks for commenting this @Ramuell1 I guess he's never seen a girl with no make up before. Probably doesn't get many down in his basement🙃 @EllixFlowers Holy shit 😍😍 @moonoverpisces @Phil69815489 Same. But i appreciate medication can work for some people. It's just not for me personally. @TheBeefLord It won't surprise me I'm happy paying for dlcs in my game. Dbd was my main game for ages and I had no… @TheBeefLord Also the cost of living thing doesn't stand up. Talk to someone who was born in the 60s or 70s they can explain that 😂 @TheBeefLord I think most companies sell complete games. You don't need the dlcs and especially with pokemon?? That… @CodInABarrel Look around. Everything is a subscription. Not just game companies. Be mad at capitalism. Be mad at i… people that say "I already bought the game tho wahh" Go check how much video games cost in the 1980s then cal… @NVZN_FNBR It will change your whole outlook 10/10 would recommendAlso let's just check who likes these posts... Guys with no picture... So we can assume unattractive, insecure Gi… the only way you can get clout on Twitter is by insulting people's appearances maybe you need to delete your acc… @layerdballoon0 You're gonna love them! @ynotWheelz I'm a small time Cosplayer. 15 pounds for a wig I'm gonna use once is enough for me to be spending. Ot… @Zakkleburg Oh dude. I said that on my stream a month or so ago thinking it wasn't controversial. It was. I was to… @PristinePeach That's just a sign the person has no empathy. I don't know when other people having it worse ever me… @CaptainEvasion That makes me so mad 😑 @SnarkyUp That's why it's important to get a diagnoses first and foremost
@layerdballoon0 Yes that one I have planned for this month but I have atleast 4 other cosplays organised as well 😏Here's you reward for helping me reach my goal 😍 If we get 500 likes on this one and 100 RTs I will reveal one mor…
Retweeted by Piggotto @Crumb901 Sorry to hear that.its must be really hard. how are you? I'm amazing today thanks 😊 @Crumb901 But don't assume what works for you works for or applies to everyone. There are different severities like every illness. @Crumb901 But it's a hundred percent not just about changing your outlook. I have bipolar I'm very positive usuall… @Nrrdgirl805 @PlayOverwatch Whys he not playing with his girl though 😏 @Crumb901 Whatever works for you bud. Depression is very severe for some people and is caused by chemicals and horm… @DeadlyNaya That's why smart people listen to professionals. Like my sis. She's a psychologist 😎 @Uncle_Unicorn_ I'm just shook how many people liked this. The twitter psychologists out in full forceI realised I retweeted an edge lord Just looked at his other tweet. Desperately tryna get clout by putting down men… @Ayriath I love your cosplays you're such an inspo 😳Do this many people really misunderstand mental illness? It's not a choice. Open your eyes and educate yourself 🤓'm so shook I have some really exciting cosplays lined up over the next couple months. Also feeling organised af… @vickidoll90 You remind me of harley quinn birds of prey!! Cute ❤️**Rant 🚨 Alert** - Auto DMs are annoying AF! - No, I will not sub to your highlight fortnite channel. - Sorry…
Retweeted by Piggotto @hannahbr00ny That's kinda shitty he said that but I think parents don't get it? My dad just assumed it was for fun… @RezidentSpike sameee😫😂 @DIOBRANDOn6 hahha that would be awesome! He will be taking part in oe of my cosplays I have lined up! @HonestGaming3 I think you miss my point. I'm not talking changing peoples views. I'm talking about harassment, ass…'s you reward for helping me reach my goal 😍 If we get 500 likes on this one and 100 RTs I will reveal one mor… @RufusHewitt99 @CharlesMartinet very cute :) @Prymursuu no just made me laugh tbh so had to share xDBoop! We hit the target 😎 @MOHAAGamer I didn't see what was it? @RogueCmdr Thank you 😊 @crimsonember8 That's so cute but it's true if we don't enjoy ourselves now and be confident then when will we be??… @HonestGaming3 Idk I wouldn't go that far. It is a big deal. I have experienced homophobic abuse my whole life and… likes and 13 RTs to go LET'S DO THIIIIS @crimsonember8 Lol same always lived that hoe life 😎 It annoys me I legit have to wear more clothes than I wear ou…
400 likes and 70 RTs to see me do a spell where I turn around and show you the goods 😏 To see the full set head ov…
Retweeted by Piggotto @Raging_Italian doesnt he just entertainment for the evening 😂 @SargonnasBB DONT POST CLEAVAGE REEEEE @KastPlays #notallgroups There are a lot of super cool ones just this one in particular is trashwell that just about sums it up 🐷🐷🐷 the mods in these Twitch Streamers Fb groups may as well just say they hate female streamers :))) same group… @delpoi He chewed up my anal beads and played ball with them So not sure that would work 😂 @DrWhiteClaw Kylo has done a lot worse than those cats 😬 @JTFareeldoe @Oreocide you really read into what I said and called yourself dumb... nice one! Not everything in my…’t posted a picture like this in a while. If we get to 200 likes and 50 RTs I’ll post a photo from my OnlyFans…
Retweeted by Piggotto @CudaTyr also for cosplays I do different make up too! @CudaTyr its a wig :)I think dog toy manufacturers are secretly evil They make dog toys look like sex toys so everytime dog owners get… @AeroYbo @dollskill I made do but it would be impossible to fix because of the fabric 😢 @LaurenCr3 Thank you ❤️❤️ @ChyliWolf That's true 😂😂 @MetroidMasterX6 Fair I just don't think it matters what someone's sexuality is to watch their stream. Its good kno… @MetroidMasterX6 I am lgbt so does that mean my opinion doesn't matter? If I wanna know if someone is lgbt I just a… likes and 70 RTs to see me do a spell where I turn around and show you the goods 😏 To see the full set head ov… @David71311313 @dollskill Yesss @AHGL__ I'm only joking but yes I would wear stockings in public that's what I'm saying... I totally do I just don'… @RiseWasTaken Who da fuck knows @AHGL__ I would normally play games naked b b but..... 😂😂😂 @ItsMadaleine Same that's why I'd rather they just use the tag? If I see the tag I know I'm welcome there and I'm happy! @ItsMadaleine That's true its just so confusing I wish you could email them and ask but they don't reply @Taylorfaline @dollskill Deffo gonna do that thanks for the tip 😛 @Taylorfaline @dollskill Still sad tho because it's gonna make the twitter pics more difficult 😢I don't get this lgbt ally tag thing?? Just use the same tag Isn't the aim of lgbt to become more integrated into… one peaking nip What a lookI'm fucking raging I bought a Hermonie lingerie costume from @dollskill Nd it's ripped right on the nips 🙃🙃🙃🙃 I'm… @wake5UK Because its just what I feel comfortable in?? No one screamed why the feck do you have t I wear stockings… @keithstarr78 @Twitch They won't reply that's why 😂 @HonestGaming3 Reee I just wanna show the clips it's part of the look I'll post what I mean later because it's a LOOK @BigTruckinTurtl that was my thinking @HonestGaming3 yeah idk then because stockings show usually if you are wearing a skirt or dress just not the tops of them so its a thin line @Ellixflowerss This is too hot for my feed Where is the fire extinguisher when you need one??!! @CodInABarrel How original 😜 @AidanHalfTroll Congrats 😊 @Lyraedan You want a picture you sly fox 😉 I may just post one @ellakingg Do it babe make that coin