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@preactjs core team. Engineer @googlechrome working on nextjs. Previously @amphtml, @workboxjs, @flipkart. ❣️@_megsachdev

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Dear JS people put on your seatbelts. @marvinhagemeist @_developit @_reznord Fucking Cyclops @_reznord @ritz078 @kiran_abburi Ok @ritz078 wins @ritz078 @kiran_abburi Why r u in mumbai!?
@debug_mode why do u need a passport to go to ngIndia 🤔? @zachleat @Netlify Congratulations Zach @Godgeez Beaches 🌴 @heavenhackers Wo 500 Wala Apollo clinic hi best thaSeems like @Netlify will soon hire everyone I follow.
@siddharthkp @kuldeepkeshwar @preactjs @reactjs thats the secret for all the perf Sid. Its there for a reason 😂🔥 I'm pretty HYPED about this one @preactjs 💙 @expo web!!
Retweeted by Prateek Bhatnagar @_developit Did u seriously wrote this this afternoon after the discussion? 🤯🤯🤯
@PKodmad @marvinhagemeist @jviide Loads of such examples in the closed PRs section of the repo. @PKodmad @marvinhagemeist Lot of times contributors spot code which can be written in a different way to save bytes…’m so happy that this doc got added to preact project due to my video. @marvinhagemeist is spot on with the info.…
Retweeted by Prateek Bhatnagar @PKodmad @saha_varsha Great Vid! Cant wait for the rest of them 🙂 and yes plz keep the title format same @shortdiv @smashingmag Congrats Divya @ReactBangalore @_kamlesh_ FOMO
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@nitish24p @tanaypratap @kumarharsh @siddharthkp @ReactBangalore Gotcha. Yes @ReactBangalore is equivalent to any conf in itse… @kumarharsh @tanaypratap @siddharthkp I like to reherse my talk at meetups before giving them at confs. But dedicat…
I am looking for my next #tech gig as front-end/full-stack role starting March 2020. I have worked with React JS, N…
Retweeted by Prateek BhatnagarSaved soooo much of my time with "10 things that happened" kinda list with a "new page/ next button" for every thing have special place in hell reserved @zachleat @malchata been there(not linkedin specifically) done that 😬kitchen cabinets full of startup mugs and 12 different kinds of olive oil
Retweeted by Prateek Bhatnagar @kuldeepkeshwar @ritz078 @apheri0 @bogas04 Sbko vacation p Jane ki request bheji jayegi 😂😂 like a night shift in Bay area offices ⛈️⛈️🌩️🌩️🌩️..@atcastle and @shubhie did tons of research into achieving the most optimal chunking strategy for Next.js applicat…
Retweeted by Prateek BhatnagarStill super excited about collaborating and working with @stubbornella @shubhie @Janicklas @_developit @atcastle
Retweeted by Prateek BhatnagarWe landed quite a few pull-requests for gathering real-user metrics to your analytics service (for example Google A…
Retweeted by Prateek Bhatnagar @shidhincr 🙏Static site generators saving me js cost: I am working on my personal blog and I hardly have any 1P code, cuz npm…
An effort 9 years in the making, but we’ve finally made it. WebComponents are supported natively in every major br…
Retweeted by Prateek Bhatnagar.@timer150 landed CSS support and improved the constraints imposed on importing CSS based on his experience maintai…
Retweeted by Prateek BhatnagarReally proud of the work by both my team and the Google Chrome team that's working on Next.js 🤩 next-css was one o…
Retweeted by Prateek BhatnagarNext.js 9.2: ⬩ Built-In CSS Imports for Global Styles ⬩ Built-In CSS Modules for Component-Level Styles ⬩ Catch-Al…
Retweeted by Prateek Bhatnagar @sanketsahu It's a dish soap. TIL when I moved to Bay area @todoist No! The stats might be correct. But I didn't needed a reminder of them 🙂. What I meant to say was the ove…
As a light user of @todoist. I am not sure how to feel about their "year in review" mail. @_developit @typescript does this also work with classes? @atcastle Welcome back 😂 @kennethrohde @Justinwillis96 but in all seriousness. I'd love to understand the choice if anyone is willing to giv… @kennethrohde @Justinwillis96 exactly, exactly and exactlyyyyy 😂
The use-case to #HTMLElement Button is when execute an action in the App that doesn't change the URL, when the URL…
Retweeted by Prateek Bhatnagar @5achinJani 2021 goals. Celebrate Sakrant! @5achinJani I do not understand this. But i feel this is about sakrant and flying kites and it makes me sad and hom… @debug_mode 😂 @ScribblingOn Happy bday Shubheksha!
@_developit @seldo Given such option I would just wanna live in Seychelles forever. @sandygrains @rabiasquared I feel so seen by this
@_kamlesh_ Custom suspense usage! @freezydorito What? How? No.... 🙁
@dabit3 was quite common at my graduation time in India. @dabit3 I paid for my internship 😒 It Sucks. @nekrtemplar @slightlylate I am genuinely interested in the answer (if any except marketshare)Is there any such thing as utilities for inspecting ASTs based on acorn parser? utilities like find a class declar… on recording a @babeljs podcast ep (finally, it's been like half a year) with @_developit tomorrow on comp…
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Fantastic mobile web animations in React demos + talk by @alex_holachek. Lots of great tips about performance: Sli…
Retweeted by Prateek Bhatnagar @chrisoncode @TejasKumar_ I thank you for the gif. Also Happy bday @RizwanAkram07 Dono. 😬 (Both)I wrote an article about the myths of #GraphQL. Check it out here.
Retweeted by Prateek Bhatnagar @__apf__ Did u ended up eating any?
@DasSurma Disclaimer: Its old. I didnt know how to code then. I still dont. 😬 @DasSurma Does Preact/redux count? @satya164 @freezydorito @freiksenet I am with Satya on this one @chatsidhartha @gatsbyjs Add depreciation notice today. Remove support in a month or two.Super interesting (to me): A browser team dedicating resources to fixing/enhancing the ecosystem directly. Everybod…
Retweeted by Prateek BhatnagarReally amazing work by @Janicklas @_developit @atcastle @shubhie @_prateekbh @devknoll @stubbornella @hdjirdeh from…
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We've cut what we believe to be the last RC before stable of #PreactCLI V3. Everyone in core team is chasing the la…
Pehle framework ayega. Fir usme todo banaenge. Fir baad me Open source contributions. Uske baad uska market banaeng…
Retweeted by Prateek Bhatnagar @ScribblingOn Gosh we need more voting options 😢
@marvinhagemeist @timneutkens Wayyyyyy too much stress yes @react_india @mxstbr Ohhhhh I am looking forward to the venue 😍😍😍 @mxstbr We are looking for speakers for @react_india 2020 edition and would love to have you here :)
Retweeted by Prateek Bhatnagar @_reznord @sanketsahu @MaheshwariShuk4 @geekyants I am never going to get mine.. 😢 Stuck in customs 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
@netflix Ohhh btw does @NetflixIndia continues to have it?Okay bye bye @netflix. 2020 I wish I’ll use @preactjs more :)
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@siddharthkp @ritz078 Amsterdam m parso ka mahurat h
@VishwaMehta30 @nitish24p @ritz078 😂 @amandeepkochhar @flipkart_tech @_megsachdev @Google @AMPhtml @googlechrome IndeedMy last decade: 👨‍🎓 Graduated. 💲Had most fun job @flipkart_tech ❣️ Married my long time crush @_megsachdev 😍 Got a…
All @fitbit watch faces are primarily built on web tech like SVGs, which makes it quite simple to start and build a…
@threepointone Avoid long threads. Instead do a blog. Info is often lost in long threads @_kamlesh_ @Razorpay Congrats Kamlesh!
@TejasKumar_ Merry Christmas Tejas @_developit @rawrawrmonstar @marvinhagemeist @markdalgleish @pikapkg @JoviDeC Because one is not enough to hold all… @tlakomy Oh damnit auto correct @tlakomy ^ m sure US has insane marvel following too, just that I didn't know which theaters would be full of those lovely people @tlakomy What!!! No, I hated my #endgame experience because no one cheered I'm my theater. 10 years off waiting and…
Here’s a tip from a hiring manager: I will never revoke your offer because you ask for: - A higher base salary - Mo…
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@ankeetmaini @geekyants @sanketsahu Indeed! He is a really sweet/humble person to talk to.
@satvikpendem @export_mike @mjackson @preactjs The answer most times should be yes! If its not we everyone working… @rwieruch @export_mike @mjackson I guess @_developit knows something about it. I am not aware of this. Can you link the issue here? @chatsidhartha @gatsbyjs Congrats Sid 🎉🎉 🎉🎉 🎉 @export_mike @mjackson Core team is also actively discussing future directions and current problems so we're tightl… @export_mike @mjackson Preact caught up with a lot of things that were missing for quite sometime. Hooks /Suspense/…
Another @preactjs monthly meeting. An amazing group of people joining together to bring the best to the frontend wo…
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