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Ghana Psychology Council came out to bar him from speaking in the capacity of a counsellor on tv and radio because…
Retweeted by Cat MamaThis perpetuates victim blaming and trivialises what rape survivors go through. His comments are deplorable, espec…
Retweeted by Cat Mama @wldflwr_ Taurus. Never againnnnn. Sag life 💚Know your mis-‘leaders’... and this goes to ALL political factions by the way. F*ck them all.
Retweeted by Cat MamaWhy do media houses continue to entertain this buffoonery, at the point you are just as responsible for the foolish…
Retweeted by Cat MamaTomorrow. LEAVE ME ALONE. 12am GMT 💕🐍.
Retweeted by Cat Mama @yasmeenhelwani Queen!I said what I said.He’s telling you point blank he’s a rapist. These opinions didn’t just materialize out of thin air for him. He has… believe YOU
Retweeted by Cat MamaBut the breakout album gonna be mine. photoshopped the nails. I really have to stan for the dedication to this scene.
SOMEONE ONCE TOLD ME THE GRASS WAS MUCH GREENER, ON THE OTHERSIDE! (Shoutout to @MacyGraysLife) told by ginger was my shit
Retweeted by Cat Mama @MsBawoni When you watch the first two seasons you really get into her as an elite shit starter 😣1 minute in plank feels like 10 and I’ll never understand lmao. from home, day 118. We finally did something about it! @mmhmmapp
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@JoewackleGh Happy birthday Beautiful Boy 💚Red Hot Chili Peppers really got me through some times! What a band. @serwaahsika @DJMJGH @stonebwoyb @KiDiMusic @mrdrewofficial @eno_barony @kelvynboymusic_ @andydosty @AkwaboahMusic
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If you haven’t, take a moment to admire the moon. Radiant. @MsFu_ @greenranger_flo 💪🏾"It is more than fitting to have @DaymeArocena & @DewinPablo to usher some forthcoming reflection time for July La…
Retweeted by Cat MamaLmao 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹
Retweeted by Cat MamaYour words are really really powerful. I keep saying things, then seeing them happen
Retweeted by Cat Mama @LYZA_gh Smhh! Look at that!A shame she’s probably going to disappear or die under mysterious circumstances soon. We know the drill. Netflix go… what ways are you calling abundance into your life on this beautiful Monday morning? It is a new week + a new…
Retweeted by Cat MamaVISUALS FOR CONFIDENCE OUT‼️👽‼️ GO WATCH THAT‼️ RT THIS‼️🎬🕷🥶 #antiszn #premeire LINK IN BIO‼️🌍…
Retweeted by Cat MamaI am not in the business of going back and forth with anyone who chooses struggle as a standard.
Retweeted by Cat MamaCovid-19 has many small scale artisans in Accra almost losing their businesses due 2 lack of funds. Working on rais…
Retweeted by Cat MamaThe sleep meditation music have me sleep in 23 seconds 😭
Retweeted by Cat MamaThe Truman Show is filled with a crazy amount of little details so here's a thread of some of my favourites:
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@xTheBlueprint Perfect 💚it’s okay to wish people well and send them love — while accepting the reality that they don’t see you clearly or m…
Retweeted by Cat Mama @_simisa @_simisa Add it lmaooooo 😹😹😹😹😹 @_simisa @aaliyahh_m @phloshop OmggggGratitude to soul connections like what I have with my forever love @Candacehazard 💚So, so much.
“Because I don’t want to” is a reason why. Please start to understand that.
Retweeted by Cat Mama @TeddyTaylor_ Don’t mind this guy. Take give Chapo
Retweeted by Cat Mama @TeddyTaylor_ He vex lmao @JustDerby @JustDerby WHAT DID WATERMELON DO TO YOU! 😹😹I’ve never wanted to report a video this badly lmao how dare you. @swayekidd He makes me so happy lmaoPlies laugh makes me smile lol.😹😹😹😹😹😹 moon eclipse energy coming in thick. take care of yourself.
Retweeted by Cat MamaLikewise! Watched it barely 24h ago and I wanna watch it again 😢💛
Retweeted by Cat Mama @TrueCoaster I just might lmao @Ms_aDu Original trapstar @Ms_aDu When I heard the “codeine” I had to rewind lmaoThroughly enjoyed the #ThePerfectPictureOnNetflix. @EDWVN It is WILD.Stream Bordeaux by @SuperJazzClub ❤️❤️
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@JoewackleGh 🥰 play in three acts
Retweeted by Cat MamaReturn to your home frequency.
Retweeted by Cat MamaMama Monae got time today!i love “just because” gestures, thoughtfulness, the little things
Retweeted by Cat Mamaprotect the chalice
Retweeted by Cat MamaThe harmonies. This is the best thing you’ll listen to today and everyday. Thank you for this gift @SuperJazzClub 💚💚💚 @UreyLeonara @FathiaNkrumah 😹😹😹😹10 artists, 10 different voices, 100s of hours writing, arranging and mixing each piece, 1000s of people to share i…
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Never has there been a better time to experiment with new sounds than now. We plan to take this to the world. Our…
Retweeted by Cat MamaThe easiest and simplest way to ensure that your day ahead will be filled with magic is to fill your morning with gratitude.
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With this in mind, we share “The Waters,” a cinematic meditation on Black Freedom shot & directed by @iamelikem & n…
Retweeted by Cat Mamai want to live a simple life. i don’t really care about status or reaching a certain dollar amount. bob marley said…
Retweeted by Cat Mama @viiolllaaa 🥰🥰 @Nana_Poley 💪🏾💪🏾 @BlaketheGuy 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 @BarazaLavet A reflection of you goddess 💚Same Cat Mama. A year apart. Wild. Wednesday 💚 best schools you describe taught my brothers and sisters to oppress, steal from, and bully juniors... If you ca…
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Retweeted by Cat Mama @TiffanySoulbird Love that film. The cat in the header on my profile is from The Fifth Element.I’ve received some of the best news this week and it’s only Tuesday. you participated in @iofcusa events in 2019-2020? If so, we would love your feedback! This summer we are colla…
Retweeted by Cat Mama @selasie_afi @kinnareads @nini__rp @msNyantakyi @Kuukuwa_ @_Akotowaa @adomakoampofo @adomaa_music @_riaboss_
Retweeted by Cat MamaSome more radical Ghanaian 🇬🇭thinkers @JustDerby @obaa_boni @wunpini_fm @YaaAsantewaaBa @asantewawith1a
Retweeted by Cat MamaThis. your personal rhythm is important.I used to live in a mess and wonder why I was a mess. My space was a reflection of my mind state and many decisions… intentional time to take care of the space where you lay your head, where you spend most of your time, is I…, developing a morning ritual that involves tending to my plants, cleaning/cleansing my space, Kovu cuddl… Daily life of a monk (Thailand): Tuesday 💚
@theDZfa @theDZfa @theDZfa Ummm debut to @siriboee with his offering #Confidence featuring @Koblajnr. Already added to my library 👽💚“how you gon win when you ain’t right within.” — The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, 1998
Retweeted by Cat Mama.@colorsxstudios 💜 RDV demain à 17h00 en direct pour découvrir “Bon Acteur” tous ensemble
Retweeted by Cat MamaOur songwriting process may involve jamming for hours and combing through the recordings to find pieces to build on…
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