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#TheBoys I Greatest Battlefield Player Ever l 21 l Dynamic Duo: @_A113N

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This is why I don't take you seriously when you say something about a player being good in 2k @_A113N @Leopard100T @Nadeshot @100Thieves @gandhu_ @NotAirid @_A113N @SteadyCam_ I haven't even really played a lot since 4. Didn't finish it. Played some of 5 and didn't like it so I just stopped @ActualHeadass That pulled in thousands of viewers to her twitch Everytime she goes live so who really cares @YourEmbracee LMAOOO @YourEmbracee You got other things to focus on today @SteadyCam_ Idk man something bout the games I just don't like. And I don't really know what it is. I've only ever finsiehd far cry 3 @SteadyCam_ That's fair. Dude in 4 I didn't like. But the villains I think are fine. I just never really like the games idk @SteadyCam_ They will @Reamey Asbestos @Reamey Nope @Reamey No @Reamey Sittin @dxukkaj Tbh I ain't even like 4. I'm really thinking I just don't like far cry games @Reamey Hola @dxukkaj Who's people @Reamey Mmmmm no @dxukkaj Yeah but they might be bringing Vass back. So there's more hope. Also I never thought far cry 5 or new dawn was gonna be good @AubieAnderson I didn'tFar Cry 6 might be the only good far cry game since 3 @Haunterx7 1936Is being an elder scrolls historian an actual job I can apply and make money from. Cuz I swear I know way more abou… team @Willb3250 Play siege wif me n TrentThere will be multiple Juice WRLD posthumous albums released in the future, according to his girlfriend Ally.
Retweeted by 🔥Rob❄️ @YourEmbracee YOOOO FINALLY THE TL RETURNING TO NORMAL @iRhezd Frrr @iRhezd Pain @YourEmbracee Kk @YourEmbracee We can go to boys call if you want @YourEmbracee I'll be in disc 🥺👉👈 @_A113N How the games goin @BassCamTV Mine was only like an hour and I feel this way @_A113N Eh yeah to an extent. It takes processing to make chicken into a lot of different things so I think ik what you meanI'm not sad. I'm just disappointed I woke up. @imcjol @Klondikebar Yeah
@CartmanCG Ong bro @imcjol Idk why you question marking I ain't stutter @TheSamsman MANNNNN @LazasBautista This light work deadass. Speed ain't even an issue cuz you seeing the speed at the high school level @TheSamsman THIS IS HOW WE MAKE IT @TheSamsman THIS'LL WORK @TheSamsman WHAT MAN @TheSamsman We can be the 2nd iteration of Rob & Big @TheSamsman I need you to gain like 100 poundsDUDE @TheSamsman @imcjol You wild if you think I'm drinking Nut from a strawberry @imcjol @Klondikebar They good but I ain't goin outta my way to get one. But I ain't really a huge ice cream guy either @imcjol Then I wouldn't get one @imcjol Prolly just drive down the road n get one? Dumb questionMiss basketball so much I'm watching Serge Ibaka cook. He handle this meat like he handling mfs in the paint.Takin a nap till the new juice album is outNew Juice sooooooooon really think it's easier to score in the NBA today cuz people don't play defense lol @SteadyCam_ 48 hoursSome mfs really be clowning him for wearing this. This man tryna play basketball this year he goin the extra mile t… @_A113N Yea @_A113N I ain't payin for shit @_A113N Moving to onlyfans. At least there's some good content over there @_A113N Wtf @ltsCamo Followed by Unity imo but a lot of people hate Unity so I'm in the minority @ltsCamo 3 is the best one you haven't played yet @TristanGHill Fr @ltsCamo Really only 1 game in their I didn't fw and that was syndicate @ltsCamo Yeah but odds are if you already like Assassin's Creed you would have played all of if not most of these already @gandhu_ You acting like Wentz getting injured isn't a normal thing for them 😭😭😭 @SPOOKYCHRXST Congrats on the birf @aabbsent Some rich or famous mfs probably talk down to some dude working his ass off while they just got money and… @gandhu_ FrrrEagles fans goin through it seeing the teams biggest fan be a pedophileWhy do mfs that have everything go right for them. Just to turn out to be a pedo or a rapist or whatever. Like y'al…'s crazy how I despise Overwatch but it's literally the only game I can bring myself to play everyday @aabbsent Can't waitGm team. New Juice tonight. 😌 @ImMashed_Potato YeGn Twitter. Not really enjoying playing games anymore idk
How come literally Everytime I solo q Val I always get ascent bro @imcjol TatumWanna play valorant but I'm taking a nap instead @_A113N @dxukkaj @reppinzzz I see the vision of what you were goin forOur Influence 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @BassCamTV Nah I think LeBron is gonna be the goat by the time he retires if not now. But AD is still the person that pushes the Lakers @gilbert7274_ Morning gilbert @Numbzeh Supp NickGm bird app @sonicx161 @_A113N He's getting punted at least 40 yards @ImMashed_Potato Ok @ImMashed_Potato Wtf @ImMashed_Potato Although you really ain't super far away tbh so come over @ImMashed_Potato That's tough @ImMashed_Potato What the hell LMAOOO @ImMashed_Potato Oklahomie @ImMashed_Potato Mexico @ImMashed_Potato Delaware @ImMashed_Potato Florida @ImMashed_Potato Man idek where you live @Willb3250 Yeah ok @ImMashed_Potato Illinois 4Head @Willb3250 I just play better on split than I do bind @ImMashed_Potato Just come over