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VALORANT Aim Coach - | Aim freak for @1RuleGG | @team_parallel | @VoltaicHQ | res @jor4c | @n0tandreaaa ♡

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the most fun i've had in a while, next is origins easter egg @1rulegg @SwaYK44 @ahamace ez easter egg run before scrimsIntroducing our new and improved Competitive VALORANT roster. 🎯 @_routers ⚔️ @Bingeru_ 💨 @JJosFPS 💳 @ahamace 🧠…
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@n0tandreaaa @1rulegg it was inspired by you @9onty @angelo0_o @TeamSynergy glad to see ur picking back up on things mr jontythan @9onty @angelo0_o @TeamSynergy i already did that for u 🥱 @bolt437 @1rulegg what @jadeywrld because im the best smm @seshiriaa_ @1rulegg @Bingeru_ @JJosFPS @ahamace @rathFPS @SwaYK44 @TheCoolAlex00 let me show u how da boss does itmy tweets boutta go crazy 😭 @1rulegg @Bingeru_ @JJosFPS @ahamace @rathFPS @SwaYK44 @TheCoolAlex00 🥵 @Junafour @_Od26 bean @_Od26 @Junafour she's racist that's all @Junafour shut up and get onsomeone play comp with me asc 2+ @HAS5AM i remember when he first hit imm he put it in his bio then LFT in name @HAS5AM 💀💀💀 @vinniehacker duo @westjett1 yes @darafps @team_parallel eyes emoji @ahad gotta be @brevax @Rewind1K they're so expensive nah 💀 @Rewind1K no u won'ti want a shure sm7b and go xlr so bad @OUTCA5T after this game with mason
@222GenTle @keaIani @SwaYK44 will @frostyZK breedable @DramaticYT_ ranked teammates are not AIs @madison_a51 @n0tandreaaa @ahamace we're the best couple duo ngl @m9dusa GOALS @ephrc love you brotha, im glad i got to work alongside you in synergy during my time in @aheartout @n0tandreaaa @rathFPS she wasn't asking she was just saying 😭 i just thought it was funny bc it was right after this thread @array1k @team_parallel @n0tandreaaa @rathFPS DUDE just now @rathFPS @applelul @ahamace apple was walling against us bruh 😭😭😭 @n0tandreaaa @rathFPS i don't make u eat nun! "babe can i get chic fil a im sad" headass @n0tandreaaa all mine 🥵 @n0tandreaaa i've fallen in love with you @will1us @Xeppaaa recreate w me irlyo @Xeppaaa rate my form
Retweeted by VT Router @TryMetafy valorant :) @ahamace @madison_a51 tell him to play ranked with me pls.. @ahamace wanna game @FitsTW @Bingeru_ @1rulegg not for as long as im on the team 💀 @bIeeder u should make ur @breeder @bIeeder sorry but according to the list i cannot interact with user @bieederwho's awakeI made a metafy so you can get coaching from me. Any vouches are appreciated 😀
Retweeted by VT Router @n0tandreaaa @alink0chan proud bf moment
@Bingeru_ @1rulegg Router x Bing in full effect ⚔️JOINED @1rulegg AS THEIR DUELIST :)
Retweeted by VT Router @Junafour @_Od26 he is @wlyrrr @Nighty10k @1EDEN_ @bIeeder @mangosmxxthie what y'all do 😭 @n0tandreaaa :333 @ethereal_fps @_Od26 😂😂 @aimlab @DVRRRK @CarmsCSGO W aim lab @Trinitylimit_ so clean @Governor_Val let me hate in peace @AmateurFPS @OUTCA5T i mained phoenix since ep 1... @WestProter @Jamessss2k this is more than true @super_sophia11 THATS BESTIE 1,2, AND 3 @seshiriaa_ @f5lly @ahamace some shitterso my coach FINALLY let me play phoenix... 8 ults btw coming along pretty poggies @WestProter just scrimmed das and l o l. ur not wrong im just heavily opinionated on the fact that aiming wrist only is super limiting
@favsfn @careertwitch u are pissed:,) this close off masters 🤏 @florscnt @ryswtf @parowastaken rys is not a twitter ai (close) @ryswtf @parowastaken @florscnt i like making twitter ai's mad for my own entertainment @Junafour cold @will1us (W)illius @TrippyN2L @careertwitch ram do be clickin @cle_fairy kayo next kayo next @jellyfish_val @frostyZK 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 @_dault why spend money on skins when someone else can 😪 act broke stay rich @jlum_ps IM SAYIN @phasttt i didn't get an answer from him either @phasttt u got me @snowiexo not diamond, i farm u, and u cant control a guardian @vinniehacker gm twizzy how are u @TrippyN2L this is fucked @ScrubLEL fitted @Torioyo_ twin @miraiq_ go watch my hysteria video @swerlworldy day @frostyZK gotta juice the metafy 🫡 @frostyZK ASS @Torioyo_ GO TO BEDif you use only your wrist to aim in valorant you are ASS @TheVilleFam @n0tandreaaa i taught her everything she knows @n0tandreaaa lil nuggie monster 🙄💜 @BottomFragVAL that was not me bro that was @rathFPS 😭
@jayskoov yesvisual representation of no hoes in valorant @Junafour why @Junafour why @NachoCustomz u wanna make a kayo one soooo badddd @Saulsrevenge everyone knows im useless on smokes @Saulsrevenge where was this when we played.