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Illustrator | Freelance | My character's are from a comic I'm working on called Orbis Terra! [Email] ✉

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@slugbox Sorry to hear about your loss. Take all the time you need!
@halphelt b r u h @p_enporo a QUEEN @Bunnynaut Ty for the heads up! Wishing you luck in your future endeavors dude!Landlord said I was gonna move out on the 8th, but I didn't so all my shit was in boxes for a long time ahhhhKicks my leggy in the air After three weeks of living in boxes I'm finally moving to my new place this Friday 🥳 @Helixel Oh god why....😎 #callillust should be illegal how pretty much every vocal song is a bangercleaning up these sketches while i blast Macross music Frontier songs just hit different
ahh sorry for the spontaneous opening (i deleted the tweet saying they were fully open) my slots are full now, but… @slugbox These figs look so good what the hell @queenchikkibug 👀 @Zanamaoria Your OC Hand then overFeeling spicy might open commissions @RyanARMoberly Ahh I don't have a screen tablet, so I guess I'm in luck there @hexedwithluck Anytime korone say small small ____ I EXPLODE SHES SO CUTENot sure if I want a live2d for when I do art streams or just a small pic of me hovering over my tablet in the corner 🤔 @lemyawn LEM @samipekoe next time it happens im blocking everyone in the reply. reply guy funny man are getting on my nerves asdjasd @ThiccWithaQ Curious if if this the comic I liked a few days ago with young Raihan and Sonia ? This site is so insufferable sometimes
@Layeyez oh lame someone must have hopped in when you were loading @Layeyez just left and didnt even say goodbye 😔Nothing is more embarrassing then retweet something and having people post cringe replies without untagging you looolたつのこ、みんな、最高の朝になれたかな! ずっとまたせちゃったの! Sorry for kept u guys waiting! This bitch loves you and she is back!!!🐉
Retweeted by Saane"If you hated it Fuck u and never come back" lmao @Margikrap Ya! She's streaming right now!God I love Coco she does not give a fuck lmao @halphelt Time to flush my ear out with water @wintonkidd I really love your art! You draw intimate scenes so wellHololive EN Minecraft streams are very comfy @woofycakes let me in @samipekoe i hate you @samipekoe SHUTUP you actually sounded sad I was worried!!!!!!!!!!learned this about myself today
@temixart wait i can do that *hug*sorry i forgot to check Twitter when i was at the store i didn't get yalls ordersgoing to 7/11 what yall want @AdmiralBahroo get to it @samipekoe let me in @hexedwithluck glad im not the only one who things this LOL @MrBeezul i appreciate it LOL and yeah tonight my brain was fried mic would have been preferred
@1128nesecret I put this poll up just last night on patreon. No reupload @1128nesecret Eh?Our next poll on Patreon is which Hololive EN member we're gonna draw first! 😎 ✨Vote here✨ @BlueBirdHay CUTE @samipekoe wha- @woofycakes were you youtube LOL @woofycakes woof you were playing??The results from our first NSFW Kinktober poll on my patreon! Was more fun to draw then I though lmao
Retweeted by Saane @Gunbusted here we GOOOOOOOOOO @p_enporo a!!
@NERINES00 She's so cute!! @ueko_t #1 ankle biter comin inLink to the post here! 2nd Kinktober poll gonna be posted in a few days 🍃 results from our first NSFW Kinktober poll on my patreon! Was more fun to draw then I though lmao gotta redo that post I hate the cropping ahhhhput miku in smash @p_enporo anytime they do miku with translucent hair its just *french kiss* @queenchikkibug you're perfection!! @Ktullanyx please stop time traveling and let me out!!Patreon request from last month! Your mom and your aunt who's always drunk 🍷
Retweeted by Saane @_N0R0 yEAH!!! !
I've been in moving limbo for about a month now. All my stuff is in boxes ready to go. Waiting for my landlord to g… @HeadofNights Ghost pogPatreon request from last month! Your mom and your aunt who's always drunk 🍷 @CainDraka @HeadofNights I SUCK AT GRAMMER @SkylarkTeeth SHUTUP @MerriBerry_ Take all the time you need, Merri!
@Catcoconutart This is odd to read???two moms enter the building
Retweeted by Saanewait i should have said your mom and your drunk aunt @Sapphberry cant believe you would question this of course!!!!!two moms enter the building "oh you have 500+ songs in your playlist? well im only going to play 6 of the same songs over and over" @1128nesecret LOL
@thisishannako @SupergiantGames LMAOLast day to vote on the first poll before I draw up these badonkers packin some dobonhonkeros, massive dohoonkabhan… @halphelt gonna fight you hal @Sapphberry one day we will be the ultimate imposter duo ill then vent infront of everyone and youll have to kill everyone else lmao @samipekoe I HATE YOUone of the fun things about among us is I've been able to talk to so many more mutuals who join the room/rooms i join. its fun! @Helixel let me innnnnn @toorurii He is amazing I love him already @samipekoe how dare you say that my lawyer will be in contact with you soon @samipekoe this is so cute @samipekoe pogggg @lemyawn @samipekoe lem do you wanna join sami, hal and i in a call? @lemyawn @samipekoe ITS OPEN NOW! @lemyawn @samipekoe ahhh, one sec sorry :( I THOUGH THE GAME WAS OVER, BUT I GUESS WRONG LMAO @lemyawn @samipekoe LEMMMM! join us! @lemyawn @samipekoe after this game we're gonna kick someone so you can join us!
@ArtBought lmao we though you rage quit or something @RSSLiam Aw! Thank you! 😭 @samipekoe bro i was crying and yelling so hard trying to catch you LMAO @iseenudepeople Happy birthday~Tonight's among us games were simply wild @redrabbu IM SO READY @zelot177 some ppl left join us