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@brooklynrwhite @theestallion she is so pretty. ugh! @youdoingtoomuch @iiddiil I really wanted to let you watch before commenting 😭
@_Zeets Happy birthday loser 🎊🎊 @iiddiil @evilrashida 😭😭😭😭Native SE Asians have been talking about foreign expats for YEARS and the only reason why folks haven’t seen the di…
Retweeted by Comorienne 🇰🇲 @ThatBKGurl Girl I had to leave. It was so bad @TrulyTafakari Agreed but I’ll save my comments for a little later 🙃 @obaa_boni I am so tired man @TrulyTafakari I knew it was gonna happenI really can’t y’all.They said « i don’t belong to this land so how could I colonize anywhere » lol the way people have misappropriated… the women talk on CH...yeah this is clownery lmao @writerbxtch Bby 😭This story was dragged on here as well and by plenty of y’all right here on my TL. White were sharing their ‘digita… the record guys. We have been dragging white ppl for this all pandemic as a TL. I don’t know how short your me… are plenty of immigrants who are actually classed and we can’t ignore that. But let’s not flatten these stories to win a point.I don’t really know how to address the implication that settling in an Global South country directly affected by We… asylum comes with this disposal of ties to one’s nation of origin. She is still generating income and particip… can’t classify this as asylum. The sanctuary being offered is specifically constructed to attract a class of pp… @WhyVeeES Those cheekbones! @nashwalina @estradiol420 i am honestly dumbfounded by those comments but I am trying to give space or whatever. @writerbxtch a majority Muslim country like... @obaa_boni PLSCan you imagine being queer Indigenous and seeing expats tell their friends that their country was "queer-friendly"… @NetflixFunny I think she locked her profile down because of all of the engagement. I am sure someone has screensho… problem here, methinks, is love politics. So many of us think that loving our people means never holding them a…
Retweeted by Comorienne 🇰🇲We can discuss what ethical participation in the global south should look like. But that is a *discussion* with ack… is hard to uphold the Black asylee argument when you are still utilizing American resources to maintain a classe… *that* is what her thread was encouraging. It is not a passive behavior. It *is* active exploitation of meager… encourage your friends to join . You show how you are able to leverage a combination of American passport privi… the Bali story No matter what your position may be, you need to be clear on the stakes and the circumstances…“Everything is great, everything is amazing, of course things could be better - what place couldn’t be - but we’re… countries in the Global south with huge inequality issues and inflated currency ratios with the dollar and eur…, I think you should embrace the possibility that they were lying to you. are a professor who makes $185,000. You run a *justice* lab. And you teach economics...and you’re telling every…
Retweeted by Comorienne 🇰🇲 @BeeBabs Oh yeah he is a WHOLE scammer @TheCourtKim @RapsByTuck Happy belated love!!!Looking at you sideways if you’re at all resisting the need for an increased wage floor after 2020. $15, Medicare… @jeanuh_ @ReginaKing @GQMagazine BookmarkedIt was a Democratic administration - the one that Biden was part of, as VP - that denied MF Doom the ability to ret… @miss_talie 🎊🎊🎊
@afrosypaella You won’t regret it! @BeeBabs Yes I’m glad you are onboard! @BeeBabs If Kelis and Missy moved to England and magically had a Ghanaian childBree Runway is the past, present, and future. @PalIahAbdul Fam I SCREAMED @notnashwa I applaud you for still perusing hinge @THISisLULE will not regret this! I take my reality tv recommendations seriously 🤧 Empire. Get into it. @wowiwrite NY Twitter going to HELL @Damouah
Retweeted by Comorienne 🇰🇲 @wowiwrite Excuse me????? @AhniyahGold Whenever I hear about that it really blows me 😭 @BeeBabs Cloud paint changed my life??? @dylanali_ I am so sick of you 💀Please stop saying DC has become Baghdad. Shows how much you don’t know about how US military occupation abroad actually works.
Retweeted by Comorienne 🇰🇲 @queerpoetics @melissafebos Mannnnnn I think I'm going to go ahead and do the sameI don't think the West is comfortable with Bobi Wine, in the same way they are comfortable with say, Alasaine Ouata…
Retweeted by Comorienne 🇰🇲That final lake scene in the last episode of this is us was just so beautiful.Africans, especially Nigerians who supported the #EndSARS movement, please put aside the armchair analysis for a wh…
Retweeted by Comorienne 🇰🇲when will y'all actually understand the purpose of the boondocks
Retweeted by Comorienne 🇰🇲why do y'all want the people who handle YOUR FOOD to be underpaid?!!!
Retweeted by Comorienne 🇰🇲A visionary
they need to cancel this season but they're probably going to wait until someone suffers serious complications or d…
Retweeted by Comorienne 🇰🇲His family has been through so much. I just truly cannot imagine.That last paragraph. Oh my God man. @estradiol420 Spare yourself labor is skilled labor. Making it through a retail or food service shift, on your feet for 8+ hours, being ha…
Retweeted by Comorienne 🇰🇲 @RVAReid @FunkyJazzCat Pumas 🔥If someone tells you that they don’t drink alcohol ... please just leave it at that. No “cmon just one drink please”
Retweeted by Comorienne 🇰🇲 @girlsoextra Out of control! @TheHonorableAT Flagrant fam @si_seaniorita How did that all make the radio edit LMFAOOOOOOOI had *no business* bopping along to that song, my neighbors would be blasting it outside on the boombox 151st and…"I wonder if she could tell I'm hard right now"🎶🎶 whole performance is getting quite tired to me. There hasn't been a mayor this century who was accessible. Debl…, seriously fuck Andrew Yang but pay attention to who is doing the pile on and why and what kind of catharsis t…"did you read what he wrote about not being able to live in NY? How out of touch???" Is that before or after your… will never forgive Andrew Yang for bringing the most insufferable corners of NY media back from out of the shadowsthe debate should not even be between 1400 and 2k like who tf are we kidding but politicians are very very adept at…
Retweeted by Comorienne 🇰🇲 @MikeishaDache Omari is Miguel's height everyone needs to be free from him🤤 @ThatBKGurl @ThatBKGurl You can’t quit me 😤You can flag someone for misinformation - it’s absolutely a trust & safety violation. They don’t know wtf they’re t…
@WhyVeeES I’m really crying why your people doing her like this 😭 I just think y’all wanted to remind a Lucian not to get too comfortable 😭The spirit of Aimé Césaire jumped out of everybody in the quote tweets my God 😭😭😭😭 I working at my regular capacity? no. but am I prioritizing and taking care of the most important tasks? no. but…
Retweeted by Comorienne 🇰🇲 @ashleyjamesart 🎊🎊🎊🎊 @whataboutismto1 Mention what? Please DM me, my filters aren’t letting me see your messages. I’m genuinely trying t… @whataboutismto1 I haven’t mentioned her name once. @fifi_johnston I understand. I didn’t plan on mentioning her name. ❤️ @clubhouselurker Hi - can you follow back so I can DM you? Working on a CH story. 💜Wait Riz Ahmed's wife and I go to the same boxing gym lmaoooooooThe fact that I hear him yelling this lmaoooo that man is just bored from being on medical leave from lipo 😭