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Pastel Goth Gamer ║ #VTuber ║ @veibae 🌸 ║ PFP: @yoclesh Live2D: @yoclesh Rig: @RotusLotus MMD: @CosmicJeIIy 🎨 ➜ #DoodleVale 🔞 ➜ #LewdleVale

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Two spooky waifus go ghost hunting :D Featuring @yoclesh There was definitely no sabotage!…
Want to come play? 😏 🎨➜ @Oyazuly #Doodlevale @_mamavale @LaynaLazar This looks so good!! Best mom ever. :3
No strim today! Just hanging with froot for her birthday! 😊🎂 @Merrydawg @kirero AAAH THESE ARE SO CUTE, Its so hard to pick!Happy birthday @LichVtuber! I love you so much! You're such a sweet, loving, talented and fantastic person, and it'… @ProjektMelody This is gorgeous! You're such a great artist melly! Terry is such a cutie and deserves so much fanart! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
TIME FOR SPOOKY GHOST HUNTING you realize boneless wings are really just fancy chicken nuggies for a spooky night in Japan with @robcdee_! @JessicaNigri Elyon just came out and is pretty fun if you like mindless grinding! The PvP is pretty fun too. Modde…
@yenkoes YOURE SO CUTE OMG AAAHPeace! 😊 🎨➜ @786kun #Doodlevale♡ Here's my schedule for this week! ♡ Find my content here! 🌸 🌸 🌸…
@Oyazuly This is so gorgeous! Thank you so much!! Your art is so beautiful, I love you!Skebリクエストで描かせていただきました桜の狼ちゃんです!何度も描かせていただいて嬉しい限りです。。ありがとうございます!!☺️
Retweeted by 🌸Silvervale🌸 VSHOJORyo x Xiao from #GenshinImpact 4k Wallpaper! As promised I colored it so they be homies now!
Retweeted by 🌸Silvervale🌸 VSHOJO @JohnSilvaArt AAAH IT LOOKS SO GORGEOUS. I love the colors and the lighting behind them so much. YOURE BOTH SO HOTGorgeous Daiya frolicking in the woods 🌸🐺 🎨➜ @FluttiArt #Doodlevale
Retweeted by 🌸Silvervale🌸 VSHOJO @Momotexx Omg you all look so adorable this is so precious omg. YOURE ALL SO CUTECongrats on the debut sweet Silvy 🌸 #DoodleVale
Retweeted by 🌸Silvervale🌸 VSHOJO @yenkoes AAAAAAH YEN THIS IS SO GORGEOUS!! I looove the soft colors, and the water, AAAH EVERYTHING ABOUT IT IS SO… @RainenLeaf AAAH THIS IS SO PRECIOUS. My hair and ears look so soft and fluffy! And my cute eyes aaah. I love it! Thank you!!Silvervale witch when i saw her witch design on her merch, I just want to draw Silvervale in the witch outfit.
Retweeted by 🌸Silvervale🌸 VSHOJO @YinSeiryu This is so hot omg my booba :D I love that the wand is in them lmao. This is awesome thank you!!I am really in love with @_Silvervale_ new model and i really enjoy watching her streams, so i had to draw her. And…
Retweeted by 🌸Silvervale🌸 VSHOJO @blibssnowflake 🥺💕 I'm honored that you love my new look so much! This is so gorgeous and serene, thank you!!#DoodleVale
Retweeted by 🌸Silvervale🌸 VSHOJO @3I3N3 THIS IS SO CUTE! I love this pose and I look so sassy!! @SeiULive This is so cute omg, I love the smirk!!Commissioned this last week for @_Silvervale_'s #HALLOWEENcostume. Doesn't match the "goth GF" colors revealed lat…
Retweeted by 🌸Silvervale🌸 VSHOJO @AkameOda AAAH I LOVE THIS DRESS SO MUCH! This is so adorable!! I love this so much. Thank you! ALL THE CANDY IS MINE >:( @Sami78454581 That's so pretty!Thank you again @cm_oekaki for the lovely illustrations of @_Silvervale_. I love how you do her expression, it’s so…
Retweeted by 🌸Silvervale🌸 VSHOJO @RandomMace1 @cm_oekaki THIS IS SO CUTE AAAH. I look so cozy, and my JJ shirt!! I love it! You look adorable as a p… @DragonLordRyu @VincentBee1 Awww this is so cute!! I love the mask and the outfit is awesome!Ghost hunter... Yakuza? I dunno, things got weird in my head at some point. #SilvArt #DoodleVale #akumillust
Retweeted by 🌸Silvervale🌸 VSHOJO @KocaKolotra OMG WE LOOK SO COOL AND DAPPER. Ghost hunting yakuza game pls!!Drawing of Silvervale 💗#DoodleVale
Retweeted by 🌸Silvervale🌸 VSHOJO @XMsKitKatX AAAH THIS IS SO CUTE! I look so adorable! I love the colors and my soft hair, aaaah thank you! @ArtTrasho This is so pretty! I love the background, my cute expression, and daiya looks so cute!Day 13: SilverVale. Her model’s so pretty man #Doodlevale #vtober
Retweeted by 🌸Silvervale🌸 VSHOJO @King_DavidMc 🥺 I'm honored that you like my new form so much! Thank you for this gorgeous art! I love the pose and the bright neon!Drawtoberfest #13: Silvervale #Drawtoberfest #DoodleVale
Retweeted by 🌸Silvervale🌸 VSHOJO @SunnySlash This is so hot!! I love this outfit and MY BOOOOBA. So gorgeous! @Shankie66348795 Awww cute! Thank you!!Day 14: Oct 13th Changed to Wolf so I can draw one of my favourite Vtubers: SILVERVALE! Dunno how she hears so wel…
Retweeted by 🌸Silvervale🌸 VSHOJO @lympish THIS IS SO CUTE! I love this style and me hugging my tail is so adorable!! 😊💕All members of Vshojo finished!! yay!~~ #VShojoArt #HimeSketch #nyanart #Lichcraft #projektmelodyfanart #veibae
Retweeted by 🌸Silvervale🌸 VSHOJO @Kurotsuki_Arts OMG WERE ALL SO HOT AAAHHH I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! @ngfreshh Aaaah it looks so cute!! Thank you so much for the support!! 😊💕 @ObsidianRat This is so cute!! I love the pose :DHello, here's a song i made with samples from @_Silvervale_ 's voice, hope you'll like it. #DoodleVale #VShojo
Retweeted by 🌸Silvervale🌸 VSHOJO @Doggodachi THIS IS SO CUTE AND CATCHY AAAHH I love it!! @kataweeb This is so cute!! I love the soft colors and the eyes are so pretty!Guess who's back? @_Silvervale_ #Doodlevale
Retweeted by 🌸Silvervale🌸 VSHOJO @swaggness225 This is so gorgeous! I love the colors so much 💕 @NikoDark20 🥺💕 @JacktheRat6 Awww this is so cute! :Dfanart of @_Silvervale_ #DoodleVale
Retweeted by 🌸Silvervale🌸 VSHOJO @YonPii_ AAAH THIS IS SO GORGEOUS! I love the colors and my flowy hair and I look so sassy. THANK YOU!!*scuffed blink* :D may have jinxed it :')
@zentreya We know :') @Silllyca The cutest baby in the whole world 🥺'm so in love 🥺💕
@himono_vtuber @ksononair @yamanta_15 This is insane!! You're so talented. I can't imagine how long this took, and… did my first Q&A session and it was a lot of fun! I loved all your questions! :D Should I do another one someti… @RandomMace1 Oh no D: I'm so glad you're okay! Get lots of rest, we love you!
When chat says they love you even though you ate all their snacks. 😊 (these definitely aren't the disembodied arms… @Vtuber_Moe This is so beautiful 🥺💕
@RotusLotus @yoclesh LMAO @yoclesh I got a new bra! :DThere's two kinds of VTubers :') #Vtubers #Vtuber Hands by @/syuli_ev spooky glow in the dark pins are out!
GHOST HUNTING WAIFU ADVENTURES with @yoclesh No cursing challenge?! may be an idiot sammich, but at least I'm a CUTE idiot sammich. 😊🥪 #Vtubers #Vtuber
Take a tour of my new room! :D (where I definitely don't keep all the things I stole from cute anime girls!)… Daiya frolicking in the woods 🌸🐺 🎨➜ @FluttiArt #Doodlevale @JohnSilvaArt THIS IS SO GORGEOUS AAAHHH. PLEASE I LOVE THIS SO MUCH PLS COLOREnjoy this wallpaper I drew! If this post gets 1k likes I'll color it🖌️◝(⁰▿⁰)◜🎨
Retweeted by 🌸Silvervale🌸 VSHOJO @YuikaiChan HAPPY BIRTHDAY YUI I LOVE YOU SO MUCH
SPOOKTOBER BEGINS! this game looks very trippy and spooky ;w; hold me chat @kureijiollie THIS IS SO CUTE OMMMGG. Happy birthday!! I hope today is full of lots of laughs and love and presents!When I think with my giant brain! :D #Vtuber #Vtubers♡ Here's my schedule for this week! ♡ Find my content here! 🌸 🌸 🌸… @NyanNyanners ITS SO GOOD @LichVtuber These are so cute omg @kureijiollie AAAAAH IM SO EXCITED I HOPE YOU HAVE THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER @PorcelainMaid AAAAAAAAAAH I CANT WAIT @LaynaLazar I hope you feel better soon! Time for cozy blankies and movie night! @EliraPendora there's cute little huggable babies to take on adventures with you! @JoCat105 😭 today i learned im not real @Alfyria AAAH SUCH PRETTY EYES @AkumiOni @wowo_oe_aiyiy_ This is so gorgeous! I love your dress so much 🥺💕
@_mamavale @jin_c_kkry Mine got ripped so I borrowed yours!! We look so adorable! Time to cast some spells! >:D @_mamavale @jin_c_kkry I love it so much!! You look so cute! I love the dress!She almost doomed us all. @_Silvervale_ Vod Link:
Retweeted by 🌸Silvervale🌸 VSHOJO @_mamavale @Vshojo_Friends I was thinking really hard!