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Human/Civil Rights Activist- Muslim, American by birth, Pakistani. Educated man of color - changing the world one friend at a time. ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 #Resist #BLM

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Thank you for getting this out. What’s shown doesn’t even do it justice what you two went through last night. What’…
Retweeted by StanceGroundedMuch love. I’d like to think most would step up in a situation like this. My younger brother Drew is the one who re…
Retweeted by StanceGroundedThis is the brother that stood up for us this morning. Him and his younger brother Drew. Please show him some love.…
yo shoutout to white folk who stand up against racist white people. yall some real ones
Retweeted by StanceGroundedThank you to those using their privilege for good!! Thank you to this young man representing the Spartan community…
Retweeted by StanceGroundedThe way Muslims are being treated is heart breaking💔😭
Retweeted by StanceGroundedI really commend the patience of ppl in these type of vids
Retweeted by StanceGroundedProps to that man right there for this
Retweeted by StanceGroundedIt's actually so sad that this is reality for some people. Why aren't people just kind???
Retweeted by StanceGroundedThis is what we mean when we say use your white privilege
Retweeted by StanceGroundedI thank God that I’m not put in situations like this....
Retweeted by StanceGroundedso typical of a white woman to scream “get out of my face” as she continues to follow him... make it make sense.
Retweeted by StanceGroundedWhy do bigoted people always assume Muslims hate Jesus? In Islam, Jesus is revered as a prophet. He even later come…
Retweeted by StanceGroundedDisgusting behaviour
Retweeted by StanceGroundedWhite people kill me when they tell you to “get away from them” or “get out of their face”, while continuing to app…
Retweeted by StanceGroundedWhen you see injustice step up! Love this Youngblood’s courage! Stop harassing people racist
Retweeted by StanceGroundedLove how she said *get the fuck away from me* but continue to keep walking towards the person. Such a sad ass women…
Retweeted by StanceGroundedGood on the folks who documented this ugly incident and called the cops on a racist slob. WE DON'T NEED THIS.…
Retweeted by StanceGrounded @apostrophe_t Appreciate the kind words ❤🙏🏽Fucked up when probably one of the nicest people on the internet gets harassed by a racist in public.
Retweeted by StanceGrounded“Get the f away from me” But she follows him 💀
Retweeted by StanceGroundedI love how these people say "get the f*** away" while advancing aggressively towards you. This chick needs to be un…
Retweeted by StanceGroundedWHY THEY DON’T EVER PICK ON THE RIGHT PPL LORD .. it’s me .. I’m the right person I promise they will think THRE…
Retweeted by StanceGroundedStance is right! We must stand up to people like her 👇
Retweeted by StanceGroundedDo you understand what we mean when we say 'youre privileged'. It means not having to worry about racist comments a…
Retweeted by StanceGroundedDear fellow white people, If you haven't thought about how you will react when you see someone of another race, ge…
Retweeted by StanceGroundedUnacceptable,.
Retweeted by StanceGroundedTrump created this energy
Retweeted by StanceGroundedWtf.
Retweeted by StanceGroundedwhite people be following poc through a WHOLE store while insulting them but have the guts to say that THEY feel th…
Retweeted by StanceGroundedI wonder what Jesus would think if he saw her?
Retweeted by StanceGroundedDisgusting behaviour
Retweeted by StanceGroundedAnd before anyone tries to use mental illness/drugs usage to justify this Mental illness does not make you a Raci… was Arrested As disgusting as this experience was, I'm just glad to see that people around us weren't bystand…
Retweeted by StanceGroundedThis is disgraceful! It makes me ashamed to be white when I see this
Retweeted by StanceGroundedThese people are vicious and disgusting!
Retweeted by StanceGroundedThis is so wrong! Why can’t people respect each other!
Retweeted by StanceGroundedThis White lady went on a racist, Anti Muslim tirade against my brother & I at Mejers. Followed us throughout the… is absolute gold
Retweeted by StanceGroundedI love these lmao
Retweeted by StanceGroundedThis is embarrasing
Retweeted by StanceGroundedThe last guy lmao
Retweeted by StanceGrounded😂😂
Retweeted by StanceGrounded
The last one 🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by StanceGroundedThis is hilarious 😂
Retweeted by StanceGroundedI lost it at the last guy 😂 WHEW.
Retweeted by StanceGroundedI'm still laughing at this "Read the transcripts" 😂🤣 also organized a teach-in protest at a border camp last year. she’s a real one
Retweeted by StanceGroundedGod came through!
Retweeted by StanceGroundedThis is SUCH good news!!
Retweeted by StanceGroundedThank you Jesus!
Retweeted by StanceGroundedKelly Holstine, 2018 Minnesota Teacher of the Year from Shakopee, MN!
Retweeted by StanceGroundedNever has rain been more welcome Down Under.
Retweeted by StanceGrounded2/2 Last year when a white Supremacist gun down muslims in Christchurch, Newzealand an Australian senator said Musl… responses to this... My point wasn't to undermine any other community's efforts to provide relief to people bu… DOESNT MEAN WE NEED TO STOP TALKING ABOUT THIS JUST SO EVERYBODY KNOWS WE STILL HAVE WORK TO DO.
Retweeted by StanceGroundedSome good news!!
Retweeted by StanceGroundedNonstop rain since yesterday❣️
Retweeted by StanceGroundedThank God
Retweeted by StanceGroundedThank you Lord❤️
Retweeted by StanceGroundedPeriodt it’s been raining all day and I’m HERE for it
Retweeted by StanceGroundedFucking goosebumps..
Retweeted by StanceGroundedI love her
Retweeted by StanceGrounded
I’M SO HAPPY OH MY GOD!!! 😭😭🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Retweeted by StanceGroundedThere is always some good news!
Retweeted by StanceGroundedI am so so happy for this thank you god ❤️
Retweeted by StanceGroundedSome good news! May the rains continue!
Retweeted by StanceGroundedWow thank you God!!!😭🙏
Retweeted by StanceGroundedFinally!
Retweeted by StanceGroundedStill praying for those down there 🙏🏾
Retweeted by StanceGrounded🙏🏾
Retweeted by StanceGroundedThanks God
Retweeted by StanceGroundedNever been so happy to see rain!!
Retweeted by StanceGroundedI love my country. Great news!
Retweeted by StanceGroundedGreat news 🌧👍
Retweeted by StanceGroundedFINALLY!🙌
Retweeted by StanceGroundedKeep praying for rain, y'all.
Retweeted by StanceGroundedalhamdulillah.
Retweeted by StanceGrounded❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by StanceGroundedYou guys are finally getting the much-needed rain
Retweeted by StanceGroundedYESSSSS, FINALLY!!! 😭
Retweeted by StanceGroundedthank the universe 🤍 please continue to rain all over Australia.
Retweeted by StanceGroundedMuslims were not only on the front lines of every relief effort against these bushfires but they also performed Sal…
It's finally raining in Australia 😭❤🙏🏽 "Downpours have already helped to extinguish 32 bushfires..number of blazes…😐😶😭
Retweeted by StanceGroundedOmgggg 😩😩
Retweeted by StanceGroundedMan I ain’t tryna cry rn
Retweeted by StanceGroundedI Just Wanna Save Them All 😭
Retweeted by StanceGroundedMy heart😭😭❤️
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Retweeted by StanceGroundedWe don't deserve this earth man 😭😭😭
Retweeted by StanceGrounded❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by StanceGroundedI cant believe how many beautiful animals we’ve lost 💔
Retweeted by StanceGroundedThis is so precious it’s heartbreaking 😭😭
Retweeted by StanceGroundedThey didn't deserve to suffer the way they did 😫😫
Retweeted by StanceGroundedwe don't deserve these beautiful loving animals 😭😭😭
Retweeted by StanceGroundedim sobbbing
Retweeted by StanceGrounded