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@MassiveDumps4U @Stewie How are you blocked @Stewie @MassiveDumps4U rich live @ristinHS PoE league in 10 hoursGoodnight @slamongfIobo can u send the brimstone wearing a durag picture @DekyFPS @SHEEBTS THATS NOT ME @SHEEBTS @supMitchh Me and Mitch would be a good duo @SHEEBTS He been playing a lot of Yoru @SHEEBTS This looks like Mitch @SHEEBTS He’s so annoying I hate him so much @MassiveDumps4U Imma block youI don’t deserve this shit @MassiveDumps4U Go fuckyourself fucking fat idiot @Schovee sorry @SHEEBTS @plooful At least they don’t say u have a horse name @milkyvitamin that game stinky
@iPurrple @AceThugV37
Retweeted by skag @MassiveDumps4U aint u in game bro @SHEEBTS Oh you talking about food? @SHEEBTS This 5 guys tearing me up right nowGood morning @Maineyxc i stream for my blind fans @DekyFPS where my top 500 gold gamers at @best4blood @k_shymko leave me alone @Schovee @best4blood @nmgreen57 fax fuck you alan. stove knows im his #1 fan/hater @best4blood @Schovee @nmgreen57 what do you want me to say @Pterodactylsftw I’m literally sitting in the dark @m0rawn Fuck you and your haircut @Wantmyar Ur not but that pussy is @best4blood You need to be executedSomething blew up outside and my power is out. @SHEEBTS @MassiveDumps4U Mainey said @MassiveDumps4U @SHEEBTS ye sorry @MassiveDumps4U @SHEEBTS Nice 2 pieceGoodnight you 🙏 @NitesTV thanks @hoajuu YourPrincess Twitter Block Speedrun Any% [-1.317] (WORLD RECORD)
@SHEEBTS We gonna run it up in gold 😈 @SHEEBTS cryin @anikauwu thanks... @anikauwu yestop liking this tweet assholes @MassiveDumps4U Stop man please we’re begging just stop @DekyFPS lol @aaaaaaa03904433 I liked moving my pieces back and forth cause I liked the noise it made miss dota auto chess @MassiveDumps4U @SHEEBTS Freak @Schovee That shit only happens with omen I’m pretty sure @MassiveDumps4U TomorrowI’m cryin man 90% of the people liking this don’t even know me they just laughing at me being gold @MassiveDumps4U @NatheKun @ilovemydoglol @virtusTV @NatheKun @ilovemydoglol @virtusTV do you even get 144fps? 😭😭😭😭😭😭 @best4blood maybe @SHEEBTS @milkyvitamin this some sort of sick joke
@MassiveDumps4U @jessicahkim announcing my retirement from Yoru @milkyvitamin I’m playing on smurf griefing with yoru today @milkyvitamin at least its tuesday this time morning. Radiant journey starts today @Schovee @Schovee R u gonna get rank 1 stoveCan’t sleep who up @slamongfIobo massive gonna post a clip soon @MassiveDumps4U @Mixable_ just playing unrated 😃 @Mixable_ i cooka da spaghetti @SHEEBTS taken sorry
@MassiveDumps4U @m0rawn shut up fat fuck @m0rawn grats dameImma be placed silver tomorrow @Schovee I’ll see what I can do @Scafelol galeFOURce @SkreetMan thank godGoodnight <3 2 days @best4blood lol @best4blood @Pterodactylsftw 🥸 @SHEEBTS @supMitchh @BrosephSZN @MassiveDumps4U @MassiveDumps4U @supMitchh @oBlackfire @itsTOZZE @yeonari_ lol @yoojpls yes
@DekyFPS @lolArnav Nah he’s the one who just sleeps all day. They both nice @lolArnav yeah here’s the other one @AboutStrafe @SHEEBTS Maybe. It’ll be on a burner acc if I do @SHEEBTS me Travis Scott the way I jack boys @plooful Congrats 🎉Goodnight @Femin3m You still have your Rick and morty socks