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Pelo @_SrPelo_ Mexico

Illustration, animation, voice acting and bad jokes. 💜❤️

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@sanjir0ps Vivo en Amlo es puto'Mario : Toads Revolution' - from @EtherealSnake_
Retweeted by Pelo @justirri here! Michafrar's book about pixel art! it's really really good! it has helped me a lot!!
Though it's still rough around the edges as one would expect from a game jam game, Lucid Drifter has been updated w…
Retweeted by Pelo @RicepirateMick when this whole shit ends @rickyberwick I only do that with my Gf @Comeback69420 @Comeback69420 yeah but way later, I will be super busy the next month @RicepirateMick You've been a inspiration for voice acting for a long time, I am so proud to know you not only got… stay safe out there, thank you. @MowtenDoo With opinions, I understand that 100%, but with shit I cant stop it and I just do it @jamteio @DreaminErryDay ?
Retweeted by Pelo @DreaminErryDay Thats one of my favorite gifs, let me just share it like everysingle year @sechihyeo Aaaaayeee!!Anonymous message for the American Spring. #Anonymous #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd #ICantBreathe #BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by Pelo @BryanCoxDev Happy Bryan, Bday!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉 hope it was a good one!! @SecretNarc Public?... this is the internet!!! @SecretNarc SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!! ILL DO WHATEVER I WANT @SecretNarc I will, btech @SecretNarc I gave you a really cute drawing, and this is how you treat me??!?! how dare you, now I will make you a… @Alakamame el chileno sale luego
@Kyz0nMB they are going to a bar, not a schoolok ok, Is this better? Chinese, a Mexican and an American go to a bar.... @CircleToonsHD You fuck i cant believe you made your meme into a plushy ahahhahahha @m3m3d__ Hopefully today! Ive been super busy with Real life shit
@Yahiamice Yahi, where is the genocide ending? @qpringledev
Retweeted by PeloVamo'en vivo amiguitos
Retweeted by Pelo @saltydkdan Happy peepee Salty!!!! @DreaminErryDay please @teloresumo @Televisa Disputalo, tienes derecho de calificar los shows, como las revistas lo hacenNão é meme nem fake! A demo do #AzarOJoguinho tá disponível pra quem quiser jogar na loja da #MenosPlaystation:…
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'Swiper No Swipey' - from @meatcanyon
Retweeted by Pelo @rickyberwick @clodinpm @clodinpm No hay problema!! y siii! hay muchas cosas crudas en mi youtube, no como aquí!! En twitter hago… @DinosauriaRosa oye!!!! me puedo morir a la verga!!!! @DinosauriaRosa dimelo tu no mames!!! y si pero ahorita no por que no quiero que me de coronavirus de DQ @clodinpm @clodinpm Su hijo me sigue en twitter? si tiene uno que no me siga para nada, y no deberia tener uno hast… @crocsushi AAHAHAH is the green one!??! @clodinpm Esos niños estan muy arrugados @DiddlyDoo22 @AlejandroUr2748
@ColdOnes I can't believe how funny the sentence "drink milk" is @OneyNG What a perfect name ahahah! @ScottFalco @DreaminErryDay You have no idea how much I loved this, I still the cartridge and it's some good undera… @fauxpapillon DE NADAS!!!1 Freeman
Retweeted by Pelo @fauxpapillon No mames!!! Espero tubieras un hermoso cumple!!!! Ya al fin puedes volverte alcohólico!!! Bueno, no s… @scribblejuice @scribblejuice Scrib!! on Sony vegas, put on the rendering options 24 frames, so you don't get those…
I think this commercial commission for Cherry Insurance is done. Onto the next. Then BSV for 5 months!!! Thanks t…
Retweeted by Pelo @KEEMSTAR @h3h3productions @Gokanaru @DizziDMD @Dogesire it drives you nuts fam!!! you have no Idea!!! @DizziDMD @Dogesire in fact!!! I wish it was some stuff rather than 1 sentence @shadic971 @Dogesire yeah! I wanted to make it for sure, I actually enjoyed making them until the GE, I couldn't do… @DizziDMD @Dogesire I wish it was a "few"
Retweeted by Pelo @Dogesire @lemonteaflower DILES RAPIDO ANTES DE QUE LLEGUE A LA DIRECCION
I made a Pink Rainbow Monkey Plush 🌈
Retweeted by Pelo @EmperorLemon @JustinWhang @OrdinaryGamers Ethan's kiss @JoelGuerraC @Mizu_wolf @d_floe_ Thank you Floe!!!Here's a little guide on cloth I put together on Patreon a while back. Hopefully this helps you guys grow a better…
Retweeted by Pelo @ana_pijamas ya esta el demamon BOUGHT MY FRIEND A CAR! NEW VID UP NOW!
Retweeted by PeloOk I kinda wanna do more tf2 vids just for a dumb idea I had
2020 family. one daughter is a UFO nut and the other wants to be a bee but hes a supportive dad…
Retweeted by Pelo📺JULY 6TH📺
Retweeted by Pelo @JoelGuerraC El troll huele a oboNEW CARTOON:
Retweeted by Pelo @thefashionczar this gave me an idea @SENER_mx @rocionahle @SENER_mx ese video me da una energia para partirles su puta madre, pinche gobierno hijos de…
@DreaminErryDay I made this for you @DreaminErryDay Playing that cunt is just cheating, like you need to shoot behind thier head and you get a headshot @speedoru @loudnessfete @SouredApple @kanekoshake Can we have the "howdy earth" drawing?⭐️⭐️ ANIMATORS WANTED ⭐️⭐️ We're working on a super special project and need talented animators of any style to hi…
Retweeted by PeloSublo and Tangy Mustard episode 14 "Tito's Girlfriend" is live! You can watch it here
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@BrodyFoxx Was that Real Hila or an impression? cuz if it was an imp, DAMN THAT WAS GOOD @fishstick_134 @S4n714601 NO MAMES AL AVERGA AJAJAJAJAJAJAJJAThere is a Latino american meme that there is a fucked up image with an XD, something like this, and I want more @OneyNG Copy paste my shitty mim
Cn Latin America promo from 2015 featuring some space ghost characters.
Retweeted by Pelo @Thafnine Aztrosist, Apandah, Guga Foods, Kappa Kaiju, Aaron Long (he uploaded a vid today) and thats all I have rn… ya doing fam?? @Nosferaytu to your contributions, the Musk Animation Jam prize pot is up to $2,360 and counting! Deadline is June 22nd…
Retweeted by Pelo#Eltorro64Rus Full Forestcall OST from my Ten Thousand Years of Evolution video :)
Retweeted by Pelo @MasterSwrdRemix @_N0B0D_ AAHHH!!! THIS IS SOO COOL!!!! THANK YOU <3 @puriiart a hilarious one @Spazkidin3d idk what kind of anime you want to watch, but one of my favorites it's Nichijou, it's comedy but far a… baked you a pie
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Retweeted by Pelo @RSTYCG Just give the teacher money