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a better world is possiblethis is intersectionality. this is electability @greendream211 Coupled Biden’s private comments about nothing substantively changing if he’s president with my pers… @LunaDys82 @TwinklingTania Coupled Biden’s private comments about nothing substantively changing if he’s president…
@TwinklingTania i just switched a biden supporter to bernie in 1 textTake 45 seconds & watch this video -- and retweet it. You'll see @BernieSanders lead the fight to stop the GOP eff…
Retweeted by stephAsking superdelegates to vote in accordance with the way their states voted isn’t using superdelegates to overturn…
Retweeted by stephI wonder which would be better for the long term health of the party, siding with the 94 year old billionaire arms…
Retweeted by steph @GraceSpelman is Elizabeth Warren's plan to win? 1) Finish behind Pete Buttigieg in every contest so far 2) Go to contested…
Retweeted by stephParasite 2 (2020)
Retweeted by steph @benshapiro dumb guy alertSanders is ahead of Trump in 4 out of 5 swing states - tied with him in the 5th. Hillary lost 4 out of 5 of these…
Retweeted by steph @kait_zilla sameThere’s a lot to like about Elizabeth Warren’s policy ideas & proposals. I certainly disagree w some of them, parti…
Retweeted by steph @kait_zilla hanford told me a bit about it and it's just nutsI'm not cracking open new eggs, but what scares Dem leaders most about a Sanders candidacy is not, as they claim, a…
Retweeted by steph @kait_zilla recursive sound 🤯🤯🤯Cronenberg owes us one more “Robert Pattinson bones in a limo” movie to complete the trilogy Bernie fought to get superdelegates removed, compromised with getting them to send ballot. 2nd. He wanted supe…
Retweeted by steph"Since Mr. Sanders’s victory in Nevada’s caucuses, The Times has interviewed 93 superdelegates and found overwhelmi…
Retweeted by steph13.8k replies, god-tier ratio disappointing from @ewarren. 1) 2016 was different. Clinton’s campaign worked with DNC throughout the prim…
Retweeted by stephWarren is lying, Bernie’s position was to totally eliminate superdelegates and he was forced to compromise & leave…
Retweeted by steph @bmrow well I’m on boardtenet is going to be gunfights and car chases as palindromes and i for one am okay with that
A vaccine is only effective if a mass of people get it
Retweeted by stephIn a little over an hour, this man will unveil his plan for dealing with coronavirus
Retweeted by stephthis is a T-1000 Pelosi tells reporters that she is comfortable with Bernie Sanders as a potential nominee and doesn't think he…
Retweeted by steph @TopherSpiro Sanders' plan completely eliminates premiums, copays, and out of pocket costs and funds Medicare for A… sanders to 46 @ChangePolls/@KQED Poll (2/20-23): Sanders 37% Warren 20% Biden 12% Buttigieg 11% Bloomberg 6% Klobucha…
Retweeted by stephAJ Soprano would destroy Jennifer Rubin in a debate
Retweeted by stephBernie doesn’t golf. That’s $334 million in savings right there.
Retweeted by stephidc man this site rules
Retweeted by stephgoing to re-read some akira before bed and have nightmares
Retweeted by stephme texting cinema every day
Retweeted by steph @theblcklst cool thx 🏝️ @emrata @PeteButtigieg get his assAJ Soprano would destroy Jennifer Rubin in a debate’t watch the debate, just a normal night of getting furious while reading my phoneA disgrace.
Retweeted by steph @marcorubio sounds good to meMike Bloomberg's paid hecklers just booed Bernie when he said he was going to make sure we pay all our teachers in…
Retweeted by stephCharging $1750 to get in the door of the Democratic primary debate is such a good metaphor for the party
Retweeted by stephCannot stress this enough: a presidential debate where the audience is rigged for one candidate whose face and voic…
Retweeted by steph
this is the best campaign video ive ever seen Bernie: universal Warren: means tested STUDENT DEBT FORGIVENESS Bernie: universal Warren: means tested…
Retweeted by steph @PeteButtigieg You are literally 0-3 @juliaioffe you have no idea what you're talking about @PeteButtigieg pathetic
weird how every time i see someone post something negative about bernie there's like a 90 percent chance the first… @PeteButtigieg dude just drop out @ananavarro @washingtonpost are you fucking kidding
if bernie goes 20-0 we get tactical nuke @responsiblerob wowww @MaxBoot sweet! welcome aboard max! #NotMeUs @MaxBoot goddamn he rules @BillKristol c o p e @therealmarkasch Been the plan since news broke @mags_mclaugh Text banking for Bernie last week and it seemed like PA LOVES himI don’t like anyone in this video.
Retweeted by stephThis is a corny tweet but fuck it 3-0I have heard multiple people switch to Bernie tonight. They believe he can win. Let’s golmao pete did a 25-post tweet thread for 3rd placesame request
@rolyatkcinmai could you explain this to me in cs 1.6[bernie sanders voice] washed them. Just absolutely smashed. Get on board, it’s fun @hasanthehun care i put into making sure the bubble next to bernie sanders name is perfect so they can't toss out my ballot… @soledadobrien @Rob_Vela @SenSanders @responsiblerob same and same. a real masterclass in directing the eye to vacant middle-distances devoid of life. @responsiblerob The longest movie ever made.when people text me "maga bitch" or "trump train bitch" and i reply "have a great day," half the time they follow b… @nytimes we're going to win. better get on board @soledadobrien @atrupar doesn't seem very alienating! @Susan_Hennessey @stephendcone i cried when the old guy tried to fight off the plane with his mop
@WalterIsaacson lol this is pathetic @washingtonpost Lol bullshitAnd there you have it. Our number one movie of the decade, Terrence Malick's THE TREE OF LIFE. It's a work beyond w…
Retweeted by steph @reverse_shot long live @reverse_shot @genevieveyue i love tree of life and no home movie as 1/2 @mags_mclaugh legit brave. solidarity @joncoopertweets big unity guy huh @jackallisonLOL @BernieSanders @neeratanden thank you neera! this is what unity looks like! @jackallisonLOL @BernieSanders @neeratanden wow very cool neera @benshapiro dumb guy alert
@coopercooperco big chunky robots and ed harris saying "i'm going to save the fucking world." @coopercooperco me @BillOReilly how do you know? @mattyglesias 27 still seems like a bigger number @benshapiro dumb guy alert
@cinematrans Moonrise