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The cool aunty,flower child...ginger ale addict. . Licensed Cosmetologist 💇🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️💆🏿‍♀️ MoMadeIt

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Remember when people had text signatures lol what was yours? @Milla3005 Sir 😂... and besides your not that cuteDrizzled some honey over the ice pops I made 🔥 @TristanLavish“i like you” me:
Retweeted by follow my damn youtube channelHaven’t taken my durag off since ThursdayDear me, you deserve to be chosen undoubtedly over and over again; not merely considered.
Retweeted by follow my damn youtube channel @Dezzydoesit_ Lmaaaaoooo the last picture night time is so much worse than the dayFor the niggas that do wanna do it hit up @MrSelfMade @AndrettiBX Lmao sounds about right for the areaThe exclamation marks took me out @AndrettiBX Lmaooooo where tf did you work was weird everybody do me a favor and share this tweet my dad is missing and has early on set Alzheimer’s. He’s been miss…
Retweeted by follow my damn youtube channel @AndrettiBX 😂😂😂😂 that place was insane! @_sumkoolassname I just watched your YouTube video about the naked guy at your job 😭 that place sounds like my last job
Retweeted by follow my damn youtube channelI feel like the spice is helping clear my noseI’ve been craving crablegs and lobster tail. I’m a boil specifically. So I made a veggie boil 🙃 it’s definitely not… @360Lioness They stopped or went inside but I will if they start up again lol @360Lioness They’ve moved on to after the love is gone 😂😂😂 @360Lioness All I keep hearing is “ everybody say wooooooahhhwooah wha wha woaaahhh yea yea” 😂😂😂Somebody is outside singing Justin Timberlake at the top of their lungs 🙄i like a nigga who says “that’s all you want?”
Retweeted by follow my damn youtube channelAs much as I don’t like working I keep thinking about all the money I’m missing not being at work 😅😢A more recent pic. retweet and contact if u have any info or seen him (possibly the dmv area)…
Retweeted by follow my damn youtube channelGot the food, now I don’t have the energy too cook it... *le sigh* imma just go back to sleep share! We are calling on community to help bring Tatiana Dugger home. She was last seen in East Oakland and…
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I neeeeed somebody to bring me some corn, garlic and mushrooms @B_REInvest Don’t just stand there and judge smh Get her some double sided tape @Deedontplay NahAny time y’all ever see me on here talking about how lame and corny these niggas are it’s about y’all niggas NOT mine lmao!
Retweeted by follow my damn youtube channelLow key going stir crazy... I might go to the drive in tonight @ManMythDaLegend I don’t even eat a lot of cake so just pop a mini one in the mail @ManMythDaLegend The blueberry lemon cake you we’re supposed to be sending me 🙄The being tired and not being able to sleep feels disrespectfulIdr if I picked to be notified by text or email5-10min is my max @Lexual__ Hmmm I hate yogurt I might have to try it😂😂😂😂😂😂 juiced and put half of it In my silicone ice tray 😍 I can’t wait for my lil pops to freeze @GreediestGenius 😂😂😂98% of the time I try to respond to @GreediestGenius 😂😂😂! @theNoelW Lol noMom: did you eat? You don’t have anybody that can bring you soup? Me: I ate some carrots, I don’t really have an a… of being sick and tired 🙄 @ClippedMeSmh your avi is stressful
@theNoelW I know she cut those but she said it happen to 40”Ish” pair so I wanna know if she went Edward scissor ha… just wanna know if you’ve cut 40pair of jeans or was the number a lie too 🤨 want love and happiness to flow as freely into my life as spam and sales ads flow into my email accountThe flavors not completely gone but it’s seriously lackingA bop mood 😨🥲🥺😢 ur friend forgets to give you a blanket
Retweeted by follow my damn youtube channel VIDEOS UP!!!!!
Retweeted by follow my damn youtube channel @jobrsa mom swears an allergy pill will fix EVERYTHING 🙄 @jobrsa I see what ya up to, but imma let ya cook wild thoNot gonna be dramatic... @jobrsa Look at you setting these women up to get curved smh my YouTube videos back and noticing opportunities to edit better. If you notice anything I’m lacking PUUUU… @itsnotpap @itsnotpap @OBEYtheSENSEI I put a terracotta color ( the pallet is in my last video) down under the dark green and that helped… @OBEYtheSENSEI Love you too!! @OBEYtheSENSEI & thanx for the feed back. I’ll be more conscious of showing all the products in the video @OBEYtheSENSEI These were the two pallets I used... the top one I’ve had since we were At WSSU 😂😂 so I have no idea… @itsnotpap My house... @OBEYtheSENSEI Thank for the support love 💕 VIDEOS UP!!!!! @m__monroe Lol I haven’t and I got both of em. The first one was a check. The 2nd one they deposited in the account I deposited the check in
@m__monroe You don’t have to 🙃Poison Ivvy 😘 Make sure you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel. This look will be on there later today with me te… me make this bed and take my ass to the gymMy tolerance for people is at the lowest its ever been
Retweeted by follow my damn youtube channel @ClippedMeSmh I “spoil” a man he do some nut shit to fuck it up. Treat em like dirt and they “act right” and won’t leave you alone @so_zayy @kingcloz Lmaooooo I’m just interpreting the message 😂 the men I know that move like that in real life don… @so_zayy @kingcloz He means ya soft spot so if someone if trying to hurt yo man they going after you. So them not p… said I wasn’t going to take a nap... but I’m bout to take a nap
@dullantsy’m bout to order this @DiamondSphia 😂😂 @dullantsy Sorry friend, my money is on that thick ass glass @dullantsy Just make sure you record it so we can go over all the ways you fucked up while you’re healing @dullantsy Don’t fuck up ya ankle being destructive @dullantsy SirAight boom! Got a plan for the day!This is the picture that lead to me being bald! Pinned my hair up in a Mohawk( and absolutely loved it) 7months lat…’s Day is on a Sunday so I’ll most definitely be at the workhouse... I’ve never had a good experience tryi…’s a good ass deal! Y’all better book the man @jermesz remember niggas playing with my heart cuz I would let them
Retweeted by follow my damn youtube channel @jermesz I was gonna leave that alone