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curious to see what kind of traction this gets: RT if you’d boycott Atlanta-based companies @HomeDepot @UPS @Delta
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@mushroomjazzy @streeter_mp3 @a2d2 @itsMikeyMars This is art
#seattleprotestcomms #seattleprotest #seattleprotests To all protesters and organizers, I strongly advise doing a…
Retweeted by King ThiccoloKing County Jail is denying access to bail fund coordinators and preventing coordinators from getting people free.…
Retweeted by King Thiccolo @streeter_mp3 Hahahahaha omfg 😂Raise ur hand if you had “wooks underreporting the number of times they’ve seen Bassnectar” on ur 2020 bingo card
Retweeted by King Thiccolo @VNSSAofficial Dear Bassnectar
It’s always so weird when you’re really tired and take an adderall, but the sleep takes over first so you take a na… are nothing but overpaid cowards
New Die Hard Trilogy. Bruce Willis goes undercover, as a nun. First movie: Old Habits: Die Hard Second movie: D…
Retweeted by King ThiccoloThe older I get the more I’ve realized how important it is to have a good attitude. You can’t choose the things tha…
@kyle_okeefe Cowards @cowboydavejr @pienar Y u do dis DV? @KelcMcBride Rand is such a fuckin twat 🙄 @GOOBS_House This MF just got dog walked 😂Looks like @MayorJenny can’t handle the reality that young BIPOC community organizers can pull off a protest on tha…
Retweeted by King Thiccoloi’m losing it bc wtf are those names 😭
Retweeted by King ThiccoloLets get an #oppsinseattle thread going... I’ll start. Our very own Rachel dolenzal. Known for asking protesters…
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Going to therapy makes you better at resisting fascism. It is WILD how closely fascist politics map on to the ways…
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Real shit amount of people I have watched on their Instagram stories out at the beach, boat, or in large social groups dr…
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Are you Keanu Reeves in 1996 🤔 I doubt that’s you bro so guess what Nobody asked you to play Devils Adovcate
Retweeted by King ThiccoloOk so if people been accusing you of being an Op from day 1—would your response be to continue taking the spotlight…
Retweeted by King ThiccoloThe mayor's meeting with protesters this afternoon is being presented as if protesters were inexperienced, asking f…
Retweeted by King ThiccoloAmerica needs a free $50,000,000 lottery but to get a ticket YOU HAVE TO VOTE
Retweeted by King ThiccoloSo, a point I would like to make. Remember chicken pox? And how you can get shingles from it 30 years later, afte…
Retweeted by King ThiccoloWhen seat belts were first introduced in 1968, there were idiots who insisted they “infringed on their freedoms” an…
Retweeted by King ThiccoloYou’re automatically a Karen if you don’t wear a mask.
Retweeted by King ThiccoloAs a society we need to normalize saying “I don’t know enough about this to have a strong opinion” then we need to… is entitled to their opinion, but that doesn’t mean every opinion is entitled to being taken seriously.
@pnwelio She should go walk around the ICU without a mask then if it's all fake @kyle_okeefe I was gonna say....a lot of those songs were played relentlessly on every radio station less than 10 y… me to quote the great Michael Jordan on this one and say....Fuck them kids @cowboydavejr Somebody put this mayo back in the's spoilingIn the Middle Ages people were centuries away from figuring out that drinking the same water you shit in is bad for…
Retweeted by King ThiccoloYou know how SPD was incredibly incompetent during the chaos of the shooting in CHOP in the early hours of 6/20? Tu…
Retweeted by King Thiccolo @andymcmangled @kyle_okeefe @bethbourdon @SquintyTweetz Ok he’s going on my list of people to punch after society collapses @kyle_okeefe @bethbourdon @andymcmangled @SquintyTweetz Who tf is this jive turkey?If the current polls were election night. Trump shouldn’t just lose, let’s work to ensure it’s a complete rebuke.…
Retweeted by King Thiccolodid you know that if we cut the us military budget in half, we’d have enough money to completely eradicate homeless…
Retweeted by King ThiccoloI'm gonna start using "Protecting a Statue" as a term for stubborn inexcusable behavior. "You should absolutely br…
Retweeted by King Thiccolo @egg_slut This is not exclusive to girls 😂
@kyle_okeefe That’s all nice and all, but it’s literal peanuts compared to what bezos could be doing if he wanted to.We live in an era where someone would rather name a stadium "Climate Change Arena" than actually spend money on inf… @cowboydavejr All billionaires are sociopaths* @toastercookie hahaha wow what a luke-warm dumbass take 😂My internal struggle every time I see an online sale who killed Elijah Mclain
Retweeted by King ThiccoloThe very very very end of the stream shows the cops sneaking TONS of people out who are covering with tarps into a…
Retweeted by King Thiccolo @kyle_okeefe @streeter_mp3 @pienar I’m waiting for like half of that mix to be released 😂 Shazam was useless @pienar Soooooo gewwwwd @pienar @Skrrrt_Cobaine @pienar Such a great mix! @kyle_okeefe @streeter_mp3 I just asked this meme if it could do 4 balloons for $20 and it told me to go fuck myselfMen who agree that men are trash because they know that it doesn’t apply to them >>>>>
Retweeted by King ThiccoloWATCH THE VIDEO. This is the reason we need #PoliceAccountability Now. #BlackLivesMatter. This happened in…
Retweeted by King Thiccolo @kyle_okeefe @LuckyovLegends @streeter_mp3 Somehow that video got progressively worse 😂😂 @kyle_okeefe @LuckyovLegends @streeter_mp3 Hahahahaha hahahahahahaha what in the country fried Marlboro reds is going on here?? 😂😂😂 @kyle_okeefe @streeter_mp3 Hahahaha omfg did you just make that? 😂😂 bravo 👏 @kyle_okeefe @streeter_mp3 I keep a heady crystal butt plug in my ass at all times so my shakras are always aligned… @kyle_okeefe @streeter_mp3 What’s up. Can I stay the night, and for two weeks straight? @kyle_okeefe @streeter_mp3 😂😂😂wild how so many of the same ppl who view music festivals as a personality trait are out here mostly silent on BLM…
Retweeted by King Thiccolo @streeter_mp3 This meme just asked me for a whippet cracker then lectured me on the healthy way to injest nitrousOnlyfans but its just me and the guys beating up abusive boyfriends, pedophiles and abusive dads.
Retweeted by King Thiccolo @streeter_mp3 This meme lives inside a box of yellow American spirits
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When your uber drops you off at the afters
@edenswoon @xxxlovelylexi 💕 @edenswoon @rat_liker @LyleWallace 😂😂😂Making artists pay promoters twice their fee for cancelling gigs in the middle of a pandemic is cruel and straight…
Retweeted by King Thiccolo @jademgaines Even as someone that waited until they were 25 to go to school, I still have $20k of debt for a two ye…
@jademgaines Small dick energy 🤏When the jokes not funny but you’re tryna smash
CHAZ is a means, not the end. Treating it as an end without action extending beyond its borders means you're entire…
Retweeted by King Thiccolo @MayorJenny As a member of this community, I think that moving forward, the best way to keep this community safe is for you to resign.I never could have guessed an AutoZone Nascar jacket would be a symbol of positive change
Retweeted by King ThiccoloHaving sex is great and all, but have you ever come out of a period of self loathing and started finding things you…
The Black Lives Matter movement in Seattle and King County is calling for a statewide general strike and "March for…
Retweeted by King ThiccoloIf Durkan won't resign, I'll bring articles of impeachment I'm bringing two bills to City Council tomorrow: ban ch…
Retweeted by King Thiccolowho ya got??
Retweeted by King ThiccoloI've finally decided to share why I turned down the role of Dumbledore. Buckle up because it's a long story...
Retweeted by King ThiccoloSeattle Police are currently building a more permanent wall to fortify the East Precinct against nonviolent protest…
Retweeted by King ThiccoloThis is amazing❤ #BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by King ThiccoloWe need response from #medics please hold strong #Seattle yes we CAN. WE CAN BREATHE. WE DESERVE.
Retweeted by King ThiccoloYO #seattle LISTEN UP!👇 DO NOT MARCH TO THE FREEWAY. It’s a trap. You are being kettled for arrest. Word is RAYSHA…
Retweeted by King ThiccoloOmg it’s almost like.......cops only target low income neighborhoods!!!
Retweeted by King ThiccoloVideo of them getting escorted out by the police @soultypechild #seattleprotest #seattleprotests
Retweeted by King ThiccoloThe moment SPD attacked a peaceful crowd in Cap Hill tonight and flashbanged a woman in a wheelchair. @MayorJenny R…
I can’t .... something has to change immediately. This is chicago tonight
Retweeted by King ThiccoloWatch til the end for a surprise
Retweeted by King Thiccolowhen’s the last time The Onion missed?
Retweeted by King ThiccoloHow I imagine every person saying all lives matter #BlackLivesMatter #NoJusticeNoPeace #ACAB
Keep sharing these videos!!
Retweeted by King ThiccoloBlack lives matter shouldn’t only last a day, a week, or a month. This should be something that’s normalized until we get equality
Retweeted by King ThiccoloAfter seeing a dozen more pictures like this across the city, it has become clear that it is intentional and that…
Retweeted by King ThiccoloBOOST THA SIGNAL #seattleprotest #seattleprotestcomms
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