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clairo stan

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@JhbTeamm he thinks he is so funny @jettmainhater hey @jettmainhater @Youth_VAL GRRRRRRRR RUFF RUFF BARK BARK BARK ARF ARF WOOF @notrxchel RUUUFFFFFFFFFFFFF @notrxchel arf arf arf woof BARK GRRRRRRRRRRRR @ceayix highschool dxd made me horny @garfshots @jeannedearc_ shitter got benched bc he can't learn skillful agents @jeannedearc_ @garfshots is it another dicey situation where that mf could only play jett @hxnnahs sorry @WasteManOP run 10s cr4ck3r @hxnnahs shut up @jeannedearc_ no πŸ™ keep faze in the dirt @kevinshieIds gotta love getting 0 acsmy last ranked game went crazy πŸ₯ΆπŸ₯ΆπŸ”₯ @chanelvalorant bro my shift is almost over and u just woke up
@11tzuki when i worked construction i slept in jeans every night @wolfyval @jettmainhater LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @jettmainhater fart poop @wolfyval @jettmainhater LMFAOOOOOOOgoing through snap stories rn never wanted to kms more @Yuhuuur @KnownAsLit same i went through 3 different wires @Yuhuuur @KnownAsLit SAME IT WAS SO ASSSSSSS @KnownAsLit @Yuhuuur old t6mas never would've done that even on model o (absolute dogshit mouse worst purchase ever) @KnownAsLit @Yuhuuur nah this is worse than i thought @Yuhuuur @KnownAsLit it's harder to hit people that aren't looking at you @KnownAsLit @Yuhuuur LMFAOOOO @Yuhuuur how u gon coach ppl and be gold😭 @KnownAsLit god his mic manmornin @KnownAsLit dub @KnownAsLit who the 4th @KnownAsLit white. @chanelvalorant i been building a base for the past 3 hrs on rust @chanelvalorant ur still playing?? @notrxchel @n1ck3ls_ tweet is even more true since u have it @kevinshieIds real? @chanelvalorant @av8ry that sound like a you problem @visionofviii @notcrypticno only 39? @k5rie how u know hungies πŸ˜‹ @av8ry 9-21 cypher>8-17 reyna🀷 @chanelvalorant how u gon let me team kill u @chanelvalorant "phoenix isn't good on this map" smd @jettmainhater hinever again @notcrypticno do something shoot your gun @pohluhr @Boy1drr πŸ˜‹ @pohluhr @Boy1drr nice feet bro @kevinshieIds @pohluhr @Boy1drr leavemealone. @pohluhr @Boy1drr hope a shark gets u @pohluhr @Boy1drr well this girl is 18 hope she grooms me @Boy1drr @pohluhr chanelvalorant @Boy1drr @pohluhr playing ranked with egirl @xKitzi if anything i hope u d*e @Boy1drr @pohluhr hi ishan :3 @xKitzi this tweet ain't directed toward u lil bro @pohluhr @Boy1drr FRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR @kevinshieIds @k5rie avery ur not gonna be anything ur gonna work at mcdonalds @notchaselyons what the fuckhope the dude she's talking to dies @Boy1drr @bbylapras @cidneyval 22 year old man. @slamongfIobo mornin slamongflobo @notrxchel good πŸ™ @pohluhr mine @qashsav @sznyawn @WasteManOP they literally aren't @WasteManOP @qashsav since always @WasteManOP @qashsav bro they are different things give it up 😭 @pohluhr totally not me playing on ur account @pohluhr he i s immrotal @AbramIWNL no i am some fucking how getting smurfed on and zero ppl on my team talked or typed @AbramIWNL fraudulent ass video gamei got chat banned for saying retard???????????????????????????????????????? @chanelvalorant 🀷 @chanelvalorant nobody @notrxchel nobody on my team has talked or typed im losing 0-8 playing against 3 smurfs + we just lost a fuckint 4v1 as im typing this @WasteManOP meow
@kevinshieIds ?????? @suunosx smurfing from silver 😭 @avery9394 all i did was door camp her right when she got on for new wipe😿 @chanelvalorant someone needs to do it @fatgirljuice oh idk then have fun looking @fatgirljuice schizophrenia workin pretty good for me
@jettmainhater @SymSymb0lic yes me @jettmainhater πŸ˜• @Grahamelot @WoahEmil u did what? @chanelvalorant ok so boost me @chanelvalorant πŸ€“play brim on bind guys @kaid_en kaiden get a grip on ur life @Josh_Tried @xAidanZul how bout they get u @wolfyval not 12 tho#FineMenWithAIDS , erectile dysfunction too πŸ˜‚πŸ€«
Retweeted by bob nash @Daymeeein 3 am u can't be tweeting shit like this i am going to die laughing @Josh_Tried @jack @jack @TwitterSupport @twitter @xAidanZul prolly called me the f slur @xAidanZul tell kitten t6mas says hi @xAidanZul NO NOT GRAHAM @Pyreon_ @xKitzi nah