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Tim Boucher @_timothee Oakland, CA

Mostly complaining about stuff and trying to be funny. Also, engineer at @Superhuman. He.

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@vsodera @chudson Should I expense it? 😄Not a good time to be a house burglar. But a great time to convert into being an office burglar. More lucrative too.
@chudson I didn't know the movie, so looked it up on IMDb. By having Ice Cube in, 1995 sounds just right. And the p… someone has kids in a house without running water (or other basic utilities), those kids are considered neglec…
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@bwinterrose Reduced price, but staying closed for the month. @geek_freelance “If you want our toilet paper, JUST TRY AND GET IT!” @rex_umbrarum 🤞🏻
@tjlytle It's actually one of those things that nobody questions and everyone does the same way (in their respectiv… @MinaMarkham 💯 I'm sheltering in place way past whatever anyone tells me. No point in going out until the coast is… @mfyameen @zachweinberg @skamille FWIW, the tweet is not deleted. It doesn't show because Zach has been blocked by… @nhuntwalker @soniagupta504 First workout to provide full-body injury.Bernie fucking flaming everyone on the senate floor just now
Retweeted by Tim Boucher @MinaMarkham What these guys are doing is lunacy, but I wish we erred on beyond just two weeks. Two weeks is certai…
twitter did someone want a touchbar tamagotchi?
Retweeted by Tim BoucherSome time ago, I thought that luxury brands could make bandaids a fashion accessory, but masks would make sense too… @nhannahjones @Patrick_TAA @BentKazemore Interesting. I knew the process was opaque but it’s interesting that it se… @nhannahjones @Patrick_TAA @BentKazemore Could it be the NYT applying directly for you? I had heard from someone at… say “average height”, I say “top of the bell curve”. I’m looking down on all the 6’x” from up there."At least pollution is going down, right?" Very good thread on why this is wrong – and why the #COVID19 pandemic m…
Retweeted by Tim BoucherThrowback for the moment: You gotta keep 'em separated Like the latest fashion Like a spreading disease The kids…
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Did you hear @realDonaldTrump talking up anti-malarial drugs as potential COVID-19 therapy today? Not on #KUOW you…
Retweeted by Tim Boucher @getcwd I think they had stopped for a while but they come back regularly. I don’t get the business model where thi…… didn’t know I needed this content, but I’m glad I have it.
Retweeted by Tim Boucher @ericmreiner @Superhuman @rahulvohra “Q3” hopefully? Or type “q12022” if you’re not feeling it. If you’re not feeli… here... Download the latest files. Start printing RC2 VERSION in PETG EXACTLY AS SPECCED…
Retweeted by Tim BoucherFEMINISM GIANT Dispatches from the Pandemic. Dispatch #1: Social distancing is a privilege 1/2 #COVID19
Retweeted by Tim BoucherI think this needs to be expressly said: Do NOT follow the instructions of the government. Do NOT return to work…
Retweeted by Tim BoucherI had seen the GOP called a death cult, but this is taking it quite literally. What in the actual fuck is wrong wit… made the mistake, years ago, of taking a single phone call with them. Since, they’re still regularly calling me.… @codeability @TaelurAlexis Thankfully it’s usually coming with fiber. The US (as in many things) is quite behind th…
Gal Gadot: I tried to cheer people up with a video, it didn’t work out very well. Madonna: hold my rose-petaled mi… likes of which the world has never seen before: • incompetence • criminal disinformation • coronavirus cases an… @donavon @rands No, you didn't. You were planning on watching it *tonight*. ARe you okay, donavon?Wearing a face mask does help if you do it properly. Seto Wing Hong of Hong Kong University demonstrates the corre…
Retweeted by Tim Boucher @tdegrange @keegansard @zoom_us Oh right, I forgot that I had to force mine to work (by saying I have a green scree… @keegansard True but my background is messy enough that it doesn’t work well. (Or I haven’t figured out how) But we also use Google Meet. @timchilestone @Superhuman Hey Tim! Cmd+K -> “payment” should take you there. Cheers! @EmilieBADIN @zoom_us Interesting… I'll keep an eye on it since I'm bound to have many meetings on Zoom. @chixcancode @madebygps @CodeOfZucca 🙂 Would you recommend the one you have?My current WFH desk is in the garage. Starting to think I should get a green screen or something to hide the messy background… 🤔
@chixcancode @madebygps @CodeOfZucca That made me look more closely. Is that a light above the screen? For regular… @rands I think Speed holds up as well. @rands I rewatch Back to the Future on a regular basis. It’s, ironically, pretty timeless.To everyone in upstate NY: 🔒 you are in #NYlockdown 🏠 #StayTheFHome My dad still has to work. He’s an engineer…
Retweeted by Tim Boucher @jasonglaspey Mine looks like that. There’s a faulty solder, but my main issue is deciding on how to lay it out. 😐… @jasonglaspey That’s not mine sadly. (Found on reddit, link in other comment) I have an ergodox too, but haven’t us… @EmilieBADIN That's not true. I have a screenshot of a Zoom call from this week and neither the host, nor myself ar… @ishaankolluri I'm afraid you'd have to build your own. 🙂 This is coming from: don't know why luxury custom keyboards aren't more of a thing. Where are the celebrities of the world flexing abo… wonder why that could happen… (kind of surprised it’s not more tbh)’ll probably print these soon but waiting on some Riso Masters.
Retweeted by Tim BoucherYesterday I sent this text following a warning that the military was getting ready to “step in”. It didn’t go as p… => camp 🤷🏻‍♂️ I get the need to manage the stock though. I just don’t get the recommendation in the absolute… thread about masks. I’m definitely in the call of not understanding why wearing a mask if you’re healthy is… I’ve heard a five year old say “I don’t want to do a Zoom meeting”. That’s the world we live in now. @davidfano @mulegirl @KristyT @cydharrell FWIW, I was curious to know if it was staged and searched some of the nam…’s a video of a Zoom call fail going around today. (no benefit in linking to it) In case you’re wondering if… @SFBART can I, like, not pay for my monthly parking permit during this whole thing? That would be great… my gym is… @denvercoder I suspect it’s just a two-week free thing that isn’t what you’re suggesting. That being said, I belie… @denvercoder Isn’t that just an affiliate link?I was thinking about how it is indeed overwhelming, but at the same time, I have people around me that I can hug an…’re kinda running out of toilet paper recipes over here. Any suggestions?
@KR1573N #NewProfilePic 😂Pay attention to what regimes do under cover of #CoronavirusPandemic #USA
Retweeted by Tim Boucher @jasonglaspey Thanks for sharing your perspective, this is helpful! I'll probably take a few days off to get used t… the various posts on @MasksForDocs. Never mind. @chadloder Hey Chad, I saw you ask for mask sewing pattern yesterday and then you had deleted that tweet. I questio… had a couple of social distancing dreams last night. 😐 @ParissAthena A friend in the Denver area told me the schools have already announced that. California, according to…
@jasonglaspey Hey Jason, thanks for reaching out about this! I'd love to chat yeah. 🙂 My main thing is juggling my… @micheeell 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️"I understand and empathize with those who are scared and concerned right now. Rest assured that we're doing everyt… those (mostly the media I think) who talked about "shifted tone"… what a joke. On top of that, that was such a s… @chimeracoder "Coronavirus", though maybe lacking accuracy, has caught on and is what should be used if the officia… know these are not comparable events, but it gives an idea of the magnitude of what's happening in Italy. And wha… did the morbid math: proportionally to the populations at the time, Italy has so far had as many deaths due to… @chandrakesarr I’ve seen stories of people in China or South Korea getting it a second time. 🤷🏻‍♂️ (I’m no doctor)I wish we’d stop calling it “social distancing” and start calling it “stay the *fuck* home numb nut”.
@juliangay It'll be a good time to catch up on homework they didn't do because they've been watching too many cartoons. 👀 @juliangay I saw someone suggesting this. I would expect this to work for about a day, then it'd "going to Mars is BORING!".It’s only been three days at home with the kids but it feels like six months. A big part of it is the knowledge th…, isolate some more. Considering the videos from the past couple of days, I imagine people would rush out a… @gauravvohra1 @zoom_us @wmemichelle @ryank25 I missed that one, so… did it really happen if I wasn’t there? 👀Proper @zoom_us sendoff for my last day at @Superhuman 💓💓 It’s been a wild ride and I will truly miss you all!
Retweeted by Tim Boucher Omar and Bernie are the only politicians calling for a lifting of American sanctions on Iran. As of today, th…
Retweeted by Tim BoucherToday, we had our first (that I know of 🙂) @zoom_us hangout with most of the company, to say goodbye to… @rex_umbrarum Just today, I was thinking "hmm, I should have bought more of these sweatpants". 😄
@techgirl1908 @polotek What?! Fine, I'll install that app and take my chances… 😂 @KR1573N Zelda… that link I sent you… mhmmSetting up a @zoom_us call for class for your 7yo is both heartwarming and heart-wrenching. 😕 @gauravvohra1 I take long walks in the shower but never thought of taking multiple showers. Genius! I used to take… hindsight, it's pretty remarkable to me how early all those events and conferences canceled, when nobody asked t… @KR1573N Very good emoji combo! 🅰️➕I was not expecting to change my lifestyle to fully remote and homeschooling my kids. 😐 @jasonfried "Work should give. Work will give. Family first." I had missed that line the first time around. Great line.
@DanielZarick Makes sense. Not that you asked for a workaround, but I can't help myself. 🙂 I wonder if you could se… @DanielZarick Meaning creating a file and putting it in the clipboard in one go? Interesting idea. I don't believe…