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Slightly scratch your Corolla. Okay, I smashed your Corolla. #Kanye2020

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Retweeted by TronVin @Damac1214 We're told actions have consequences numerous times throughout the entire depression quest of part 2 yet… @Damac1214 Saw a post that said that just because a character gets hurt, is sad and does some morally questionable… lol course his favorite character is Knuckles 💀💀💀
Retweeted by TronVinWe gotta get you some pussy bro on god
Retweeted by TronVinI think we need more cinematic third person shooters with realistic graphics where you have to sneak past some enem… single time, lmao.
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Retweeted by TronVinI don't think I've ever seen a man cope this hard over someone not liking his video game
Retweeted by TronVinConfirmed.
Retweeted by TronVin @Ashstolfo Thought that was it. I just live in baltimore so I was curious.They're over now. of Us 2 fans are weird. @Ashstolfo Why the ravens hatYou'd think a chinese propaganda guy wouldn't make the mistake of using accidentally using a chinese neighborhood a…
Retweeted by TronVinLooool 50 Cent reminds us every single day why he got shot 9 times.
Retweeted by TronVinhaha healing blood go brrrrrrr #bloodborne
Retweeted by TronVin is 50% people inventing guys to get mad at and 50% people inventing women to fall in love with them
Retweeted by TronVinive been adding fake characters and planets to the star wars wiki over the past 2 months and only a few have been taken down
Retweeted by TronVin wish New Yorkers never learned how to smoke food.
Retweeted by TronVinMARK YOUR CALENDARS 📆 #StanleyCup Qualifiers begin August 1
Retweeted by TronVinDothomir is basically a Soulsborne level aesthetically. A shantytown that resembles Blighttown. Even has a swamp wi…
Retweeted by TronVinJust wrapped my timeline in 3 ½ feet of bacon.
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Retweeted by TronVinTermina Resident Convinced Giant, Ominous Moon a Liberal Hoax
Retweeted by TronVinWillie Boy And I Hope You All Have A Safe And A Fantastic Weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by TronVinI hate it when he does something rad for a change
Retweeted by TronVin"Sir, Finishing this fight"
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Retweeted by TronVinShe is shopping
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Retweeted by TronVinEvery other video game. @corporateguac @coolmiguel00 For gameplay, the core gameplay is very dated and offers little improvements to the fi… @corporateguac @coolmiguel00 just to watch her play with the dog. That's not the only example of this. It happens n… @corporateguac @coolmiguel00 The story is terrible and emotionally manipulative. You play as the villain for half t…'s definitely an experience. Not a good experience though movie villain. The actual villain.
Retweeted by TronVin @thatladchris Dothomir is the best at that. A lot of variety there.Fallen Order was really well done. The Souls-like influences really benefited the feeling of being a Jedi. Think Se… Gunman In Wheelchair Opens Fire in Yharnam
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Retweeted by TronVinNba Twitter was a different place 10 years ago
Retweeted by TronVinThis app is different. Real different.
Retweeted by TronVin @BelAirDrip I mean, yes of course this shit happens but not like this. @BelAirDrip You got to wonder what it's like to be schizophrenic. @BelAirDrip @notS0LUS @Natedogisdeadlo I think I'm gaslighting myself. @notS0LUS @Natedogisdeadlo Both pictures look like someone drew from memory what the original picture looked like. @Natedogisdeadlo There is just something so off about it and at the same time there is nothing off about itIt's gotten to the point where I can't tell if this picture is real or photoshopped isn't even close to funny. I hate it here.
Retweeted by TronVinWATCH: Gunman In Wheelchair Opens Fire in Yharnam yeah ban it idc
Retweeted by TronVin @Steele131 Resident Evil 4 has them beat. @notS0LUS Despite a Japanese writer and artist, One Punch Man is very befitting of satire of American culture/politics. @OnlyMcFisherMan Destruction is fucking rad.I want to see wanton levels of destruction in my superhero stories. It's awesome. There should be more destruction.People see a slight bit of city destruction in a superhero movie and they'll cry about it but One Punch Man has cha… up with a strong Italian family on one side and see the difference. can’t stop laughing at this
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Retweeted by TronVinTfw no cliff booth best friend
Retweeted by TronVinRepost. One of my favorites
Retweeted by TronVin @rodka_s I'll ask the next time I'm up.Hey I've been there. That place is good. is absolutely kino
Retweeted by TronVinI need this released so badly. evidence that tron legacy is better than tron:
Retweeted by TronVinyou’re 21 years old bro, eat the fucking pizza crust
Retweeted by TronVinWho would win: one bald music vlogger or one scathing article from some obscure website?
Retweeted by TronVinGo back in time three days and try again at 9? Thats great see you then
Retweeted by TronVinWho am I kidding? This game is hilarious.This game is borderline hilarious in it's terribleness e meus casinhas
Retweeted by TronVinIts amazing to me that movies like this and Transformers still have better effects than a lot of movies today. @MorgothGf This but unironically @MorgothGf love this movie.