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Digital Artist | Gaming and OC content as well a lot of stupid shit I do on the side | They/Them or She/Her

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new vij ref!! but this time actually good
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was in the middle of working on my final and the internet cut out :^) @n05c0p3r_ happens to the best of us @MayonnAcu OH BOY ME TOO post was meant to shit on posts similar to this why are people taking it seriously @_V_I_J_ I FUCKING HATE VIDEO GAMES
Retweeted by Judy / Vij @whoneedsdoomguy i am constantly getting posts like "you might be old, but are you THIS old??" so i made this pokin… @kajonara @breddy_e for the absolute love of christ get off of this hellsiteARE YOU OVER THE AGE OF 15????? DO YOU REMEMBER VIDEO GAMES?????????????? @GreenGoose12 you totally deserve more! @GettinWeirdHere @dankest_knight @Return0fTheMari @SuperstuHD @SmearTTR @_Mazeo_ @Gormmmmm @_Gnostic28 @_penroze
Retweeted by Judy / Vij @Atomicathen @ThePhantomGAIA I believe it when I see jerma double jump live on stream @GreenGoose12 dats me @olivebrinker I think it’s fine on its own but compared to the more exaggerated realism that was in unleashed and g… @dankest_knight @squimpus I’m the coolest mutual 😎 (I nearly threw up after eating too much candy the other day) @EmmArrGus how dare you pair me up with someone who likes,,, DRAGON BALL (vomits @pablothinghouse is this a hit list who have you already killed .I couldn't stand it any longer and I let it out #FNAF
Retweeted by Judy / VijTHE MAN, THE MYTH, THE LEGEND in one monthyou are fucking kidding me can my internet actually work now thanks @OriginalFunko
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Retweeted by Judy / Vijuh ye hi i had a quick study break and tried my hand at a metal man (very wip)
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2021 @OriginalFunko’t even post this from my computer lol @LukaszBorges after knowing about this design for a while I am fuckin *hyped* to see your take on it, seriouslywait, so its pronounced, back-gammon. and not backgammon (like bakugan)out of every single main sonic game they used the amen break sample ONE TIME and that shit feels criminal to me
Retweeted by Judy / Vij @kaitsedd -for as long as I can remember I’ve been an artistic person, my mentality is that you only improve if you… @AshTheBitch2 eh not exactly, I do believe there’s life after death, and some sorta force from beyond that may infl… @EpZach started off as a fnaf oc woth shadow Bonnie wearing a hoodie, design strayed swayed from fnaf and become a… @Lookin4Beans breath of the wild any day @MichaelO2k Lucky Luciano @riphasabrain Sure
@Theo7707 i actually have a history with lego mario because me and my friends would joke about lego mario wayy befo… @Ferg_Ea -worst condiment is horseradish, if you eat that shit you are fucking insane -2nd best design in fnaf 2, best is mangle @Ferg_Ea -ultrakill, stupidly fun game that i've been playing a ton lately -bendy and the ink machine, rubberhose h… @dankest_knight favorite characters in no specific order are roxanne wolf, tilly from the little engine that could… @omegawott pancakes have a better texture imo so pancakes @Nova_Prospector genetic condition since birth @MrYadaization what kind of fool do you take me for, if you were the REAL MrYadaization you'd know that i'd emulate @NotCucumber1 Well, that’s kind of a broad question haha. Favorite art-style is like, sloppy but sophisticated at t… @dankest_knight Security Breach, getting a PS5, starting HRT hopefully, maybe getting a job @_CallMeDante before SB? Shadow Bonnie. Now? Roxanne Wolfmay do a quick AMA for the fun of it. gaming, art, and general questions are chill @phisnom the game looks wonderful man, can’t wait to see more! @Bubby_Art i had fun drawing her, i should again sometime for a full pieceTODAY WE DINE LIKE KINGS MOTHERFUCKER @FelineUracil Toriel’s explaining the monk jokeSB Cinema Mockup, done for the night (WIP) #FNAFSecurityBreach #FNAF
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undertale doodles @sQuidN1ce__ scythe tail
Retweeted by Judy / Vij @Ferg_Ea that was one of the only parts i can still vividly remember, that shit was freaky as hell lmaorecreation sleep paralysis for the first time a few minutes ago that fucking sucked @MrYadaization i@ going to smash through your window like a wild animal @lassuphilliac @pablothinghouse what @pablothinghouse your balls are stupidDecided to turn my pfp into an actual character! Huge thanks to @_V_I_J_, her style was just the right thing I was…
Retweeted by Judy / VijFunko has officially announced the Five Nights at Freddy’s Spring collection, including Walmart exclusives Chocolat…
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@missingnumber9 I think they’re just saving it for a second security breach wave of merch honestlyThis is the only official piece of malhare merchandise outside of the coloring book and that’s honestly amazing in Dripland
Retweeted by Judy / Vij @phisnom @minadoodles @VinartC @materiopolis @wis_cats_19 @stormziecloud @croffeepot @zadee0_ @omegawott @Andrei_Belando @BWavesss Please do this somewhere else @MrYadaization fuck youjust ordered the stupidest fucking thing just now, absolutely no regrets, it comes in on tuesday @okayroutt [punches a hole in the wall and eats drywall] “just artists thing lol” @okayroutt when the tired depressed anxiety artist demons improvement is sus !
2021'm die with this #FNAF #fnafplus
Retweeted by Judy / Vij @MrMeatballl @Theo7707 @phisnomn not only is phil like, honestly pretty uncomfortable with accounts like this existing but i kno… @phisnomn stop following my account @GreenGoose12 @breaou IM AN INSPIRATION???? HOLD ON,,,,, @ahri_726 @Andrei_Belando @okayroutt i just shid and fard i just shid and fard"Follow me and I'll follow you...!" #fnafplus #fnaf "ask FNaF characters anything!" blog but it asks the real, actual characters from their original games. Q: fred… do you guys think of my hot milk meme
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Routine Check
Retweeted by Judy / Viji am legally obliged to promote MrYadaization on twitter dot com @kinqyork this shit is the cutest thing I’ve seen all day you are doing gods workyou guys like the fnaf 1 fanart so here i drop the security breach fanart :D this tooked me a couple of hours but i…
Retweeted by Judy / Vij @Ferg_Ea hey just take it easy alright, i care about you
Retweeted by Judy / VijOh hello Helpy Art style heavily inspired by @_V_I_J_’s art go check them out!!! #FNAF
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