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Artist, watercolourist, writer, mom. Loves books, games, tea, baking, being a wizard. she/her 💖💜💙 Comic -

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Today’s works in progress! I’m switching back and forth between them as each one dries 😂 #efficiency @ohhhsourry Haha! That’s wild, I actually know that smell! Or from like sesame oil or seeds, etc. Sadly it also mea… @zerena_hoofs lmao. Well, a butt is involved in either case, seems on-brand @jnsplace May I ask what your work is? That’s very interesting! I read that supertasters can have a lot of food ave… @Kadomi Aw that’s so great! I hope you all have an amazing time 😊 @debaucherie @BLU3MUN That’s so cool! @seekingthecalm1 @Vosskah has this too, also those high pitched “teenager repellants” they use sometimes near stores 😩 @Xandara Oh wow, I bet that was pretty overwhelming! @renae_jones That makes sense. My pregnancy nose was ridiculous, I didn’t think it could get more sensitive but. I… @KrysEmlyn @Vosskah has this! He’s always going, “don’t you hear that??” (I do not, haha) @BLU3MUN That sounds pretty stressful! Not without its uses I guess but a lot for you to handle 😩 @Naithin That’s pretty amazing, I believe it though! @Elyrayldin Oh yeah, for sure. Although when I have a cold it’s such a weird feeling to hardly taste anything, or a… sometimes wonder how senses (e.g. smell) compare among people. Example: If I wear a cardigan to a coffee shop for… @Aymsorb @DiscoPriest Thank you so much friend ❤️ @zerena_hoofs @itslizziego @DiscoPriest This is more due to the fact that I’ve been terrible at marketing! I am trying to get better! ❤️
@ilaniel @DiscoPriest @Vosskah Thanks Lani! 😊 @zerena_hoofs @itslizziego @DiscoPriest Hello Z! You can always ask about any recent painting, they’re usually for… @itslizziego @DiscoPriest Not even remotely a problem haha, I know you’ve got a lot right now! @itslizziego @DiscoPriest Yay they made it too! So great to see them in their new places! 😍Geeking out like crazy over my phenomenal @_vidyala artwork purchases, and discarding EVERY framer I know as Not Go…
Retweeted by Stacey @seamesquat It’s just super salty, probably no other nutrients 😂 @renae_jones Thank you for tweeting this and letting me know the new book is out, though!
@NicholasFerroni Tenth grade, 😩 science/physics teacher. @marthapie Thanks so much! 😄 @bored__soul Thank you! ❤️ @PerpetualCaster I think it sounds good! Especially if you’d like it for peace of mind 😊 @PerpetualCaster Yes I wish I had a way to see who is there before opening the door and I always end up opening to… @ohhhsourry this pleases meI also finished this painting yesterday! It's my favourite little stream in my favourite park. #yyc @pliers1 :) Gosh knows most days everyone needs it!In case you needed a laugh today, here’s P3 toasting himself in the mirror and pretending to drink my toner @KLeCrone 😀 That’s so great! I loved our jeweller when I had mine made too, it’s so amazing to see their creativity… @KLeCrone Congratulations! What a gorgeous ring ❤️PSA this Science of Well-Being course at Yale is free, offered online and starts today! @90sScriptKiddie @Vosskah Oof 😖 Thanks G, I’ll be okay! It definitely could’ve been worse. @NotAnna I should really post about it there sometime! Thank you! @NotAnna I haven’t but that’s so cool! I have some childhood books I can’t find or remember the titles of and it’s… @Armagon @Vosskah thanks bud 😂 @KrysEmlyn @Vosskah Thank you! @sillermoon @Vosskah lol I usually do okay if I’m actually paying attention...guess that’s the part I should work on 😂 @oriridraco @Vosskah I don’t think so! I can still walk easily etc just a bit sore and feel silly 😩 @itslizziego Aw, that’s good! Except the weather, ughh @Faience @Vosskah Right?? @MoveablePress @Vosskah Thank you 😊So I sort of - kind of - fell down some basement stairs yesterday. Not all of them, mind you, but enough. I managed… @invisibleinkie Happy birthday! @itslizziego I am here for “Hey I like this thing about new life” tweets 😀 How are you doing in general, Liz?
Y’all, having sled dogs has been so good for my body image. And not because mushing is a joy-filled, physical outdo…
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@ItanyaBlade @Vosskah Yeah! I think it’s for adult stuff so it doesn’t get confused with other stuff @afterwits have I ever introduced you to my friend @oriridraco artist, soap maker, and fellow Florida resident @copperboomer I have this story in reverse because my dad married my first grade teacher after my parents got divor… @NicholasFerroni Third grade.
Retweeted by StaceyI drove all the way from home to the wading pool park with this giant weed hanging out of my passenger door so you’… think a lot abt how boomers are alarmed by what they see as millennial inactivity--our rented rooms, lack of purc…
Retweeted by Stacey @ItanyaBlade @Vosskah Deb have you read any books by T. Kingfisher? You might really enjoy Swordheart, or the clock…
@_poneria Thanks friend, I did some WoW art recently and it was so weird. Times change! @gaygeekdad Yeah! I don’t know if it’s like Twitter - if you comment more will you meet more people and raise your… @MattFossen @hestiahdruid The funny thing is I don’t really think I gain new followers by posting art here - doesn’… @hestiahdruid It also seems like social media better suited to art and used by artists so I’m just extra ??? maybe I’m too old 😂Honestly, I don’t really “get” Instagram. I post on it regularly but have kind of clawed my way to 100 followers 😂… @Faience Thanks Liz! They’re this really intense dark dark purple! With a few oddball fuschia mixed in. 😀Next painting I am doing, these goth tulips I saw in the park. Still need to draw all their leaves. 🌷 reading poems today and this resonated deeply. “The great dark birds of history screamed and plunged / into o…
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I don’t know who needs to hear this today but you’re great and I hope you’re having a nice day! 💕 @stoic_monkey That’s my beautiful friend! @tartdarling My brain just asked “did you answer Tart?” and I didn’t sorry! I’m happy for your good fortune!! @pliers1 @emanatee This is pretty much why I keep it too, caught without it a few times and I didn’t like it! @GabNascArt @afterwits This is SO GOOD! @gohexyourself Ah I gotcha! We have a cash back card and pay the balance every month so most purchases go on there 🤷‍♀️ @gohexyourself That’s interesting! I’m much more likely to spend too much with my credit card 😂
@relysh I had more than usual because I’ve been selling and buying things on buy and sell sites! Which ended up bei… @gallifreaky @Essentiallyjay That’s interesting and good to know! When I went to Italy it was the same, cash everyt… @Druidis4fite Yes exactly same, haha @Vosskah Yes I was just discussing how it doesn’t with Narci 🙄 It doesn’t mean you never need it, only that you depend on me to have it 🤪😘 @Armagon Ahh so that’s kind of regional then, here you can pay by card almost everywhere except maybe like - a craf… @Druidis4fite saaaame! And I don’t mind or anything but I’ll make him get me cash at the bank when he’s there so I… @Armagon Do you buy things with cash often? I almost never do, I just keep it there In Case hahaI’m honestly surprised that women carry less cash than men. I always, always have at least $40 in case of emergency… love how being an adult is just saying "But after this week things will slow down a bit again" to yourself until you die
Retweeted by Stacey @zerena_hoofs mmm...delicious
Try not to cry. Try not to lose it.🤧 Season 4 arrives July 19!🌈
Retweeted by Stacey @darthregis @ChawaJen Get those black cat refs in! 😁 oh hey you’re on vacation huh? nevermind, do whatever you like! @ChawaJen @darthregis 🐈 @itslizziego YES give no quarter! It depends on the weather, day, mood, moon whether P3 will put anything away though I keep trying 🙄
@90sScriptKiddie I think you’re probably right, honestly. Sort of a combo of this: with lik… @liopleurodonic Oh yeah, messy image two feat. the box that’s been reinforced because it was falling apart from bei… 20/10 so far in the living room and it’s clean if you just look to the left 😂 the right...not so much yet #ufyh @StarmHW WHEW. I’m relieved, haha. @StarmHW You were faster than me, I think I spent the better part of an afternoon lying on my face on that deck haha @StarmHW Awesome!! :D I'm glad I could help, haha, having encountered this crisis before @StarmHW You can also put something sticky on the end of it if that helps! @StarmHW ah heck >< I did this once with my parent's deck. I managed to get them back with a wire coat hanger though! I'm so sorry D: @battlechicken @zerena_hoofs Haha you are welcome anytime, I have a second roast just like it in the freezer 😁 @zerena_hoofs Costco roasts!! your stuff looks so good too, such grill marks 😍 @zerena_hoofs 10 am cooking club reporting for duty 😂 @Vosskah and I have been playing Neverwinter Nights for the last week and I’m enjoying it! In some ways its age sho…
@itslizziego Hey Liz, I’m sorry you’ve been going through tough times like this. I’m glad you and warchief have a s…