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People that did you wrong will always think your posts are about them.
Retweeted by JeleisaOkay now I’m confused at Sabrina’s powers. How she get like this? @Tre_Goose happy birthday! @PepeLeRiee It’s hilarious honestly lolanother thing that lives in my head rent free 😭 i believe atheists or LGBTQ came up w/ this so i lowkey be feeling…
Retweeted by JeleisaI saw tweet that called God “Sky Daddy” and I haven’t been right since Lmaoo @_aidni Lol same! I legit forgot this morningI think about this often. 2/5 hours spent cooking/cleaning so really you get 3 hours before bed then it repeats 🙃
Retweeted by Jeleisa @TheHonorableVAR 😭😭 @chinkdachamp_ Smh lol @_aidni Just tragic lol @hotcocoxo I know! LolA simple RT can go a long way.. follow ya boy on twitch! 🤗
Retweeted by JeleisaI’m sitting in this meeting and I forgot to put pants on and I need to get up. 😣 @Lcommawoods Lmaoo “I ain’t got nothing to do with that” @Lcommawoods Right! Lmao😂😂😂 name is Teiinie Clavon and she's missing! Please share if you're in Las Vegas
Retweeted by Jeleisa*Leon points gun at Gustavo* Gustavo: #SnowfallFX
Retweeted by JeleisaFinally, it’s our time to shine
Retweeted by JeleisaOh my gosh lmaooo at the crib planning everybody funeral rn: #SnowfallFX
Retweeted by JeleisaGah damnYea this reporter gotta goNobody: Manboy:
Retweeted by JeleisaSkully: “Didn’t I Tell You I Was Gon Smoke Yo Ass If You Tried To Play Me???” Franklin:
Retweeted by JeleisaAye Lmao @HeemSUPREME Hell yea!SHOOK moving sloppy...
Retweeted by JeleisaNigga started shooting at VIBES Lmaoo
Retweeted by JeleisaHis mama said “Fix it” like he got a D in science.
Retweeted by JeleisaSkully not dead @_LEXXurious 😂😂 @YesIndeed_Reed 😌 @YesIndeed_Reed I’m old lol @_LEXXurious Lmao I deff would’ve been knocked out by 1030 if I had wineWe still have 30mins left. I’m sleepy 🥺My boy Dame🤣
Retweeted by JeleisaIn Skully’s defense... the vibes were right
Retweeted by JeleisaLeon need Franklin he can’t run an operation without him. Franklin need Leon as an enforcer it’s obvious
Retweeted by JeleisaThis Hulu commercial be on every channel. Like okay we get it lol damnNah take yo ass home Franklin😂😂 wtf #SnowfallFX
Retweeted by JeleisaThat man’s drugs saw right thru that plan, that’s some good gas
Retweeted by JeleisaStacy When He Seen Them “Roaches” #SnowfallFX
Retweeted by JeleisaLeon on some shitOkay, Teddy.
Retweeted by JeleisaNiggas don’t see a setup from a mile away? #snowfallfx
Retweeted by JeleisaI know one thing, Leon better get his mind right
Retweeted by JeleisaIdk if imma last until midnight. Why they do two episodes tonight 😫 @NoLoveNoPain_ Right lolMy mom went walking at 4 with her friends and been ain’t back yet. If y’all wanted to get drinks y’all should’ve said that Lmaoo
@Ish_Catchem It’s an everyday thing okay lolSo violence today? Bet doing photoshoot flexes every week. Where is my damn check Joseph
Retweeted by JeleisaHalftime: @_mdiakite 14 PTS, 9 REB @BGarrett_5 9 PTS, 4 AST @RoBo_22 8 PTS, 4 REB
Retweeted by JeleisaI’m tired of people using the excuse of black people not supporting black businesses. Y’all are unprofessional and…
Retweeted by Jeleisa @Lcommawoods @laurp24 Lmaoo it’s okay sis. I saw a few episodes and wasn’t that interested afterwardsFor all my zodiac lovers, get you a zodiac necklace at 🌷 #astrology #zodiac #HoroscopeIf we do brunch at my house, my friends might as well bring pajamas Lmaoonot tom answering the phone like that 😭
Retweeted by JeleisaGood thing i like to have multiple.
Retweeted by Jeleisa @laurp24 We’ll do brunch at my house 🥰 @laurp24 Lmaoo basically @JustBMoss 😂😂😂 @JustBMoss Listen lol it’s over foreal. @_aidni happy birthday! 🎊Found this perfect apartment in the city. Need to save me some money.Happy birthday! morning ☀️if u found ur person hold em tight cus it’s weird out here lmao
Retweeted by JeleisaSpend too much time around a Pisces & next thing you know, you’re falling in love.
Retweeted by JeleisaToday’s Mantra: I AM focusing my thoughts, words and actions on my desired reality.
Retweeted by JeleisaWhen she post a pic of her son right after she recorded herself twerkin
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Retweeted by Jeleisatrain your mind to be stronger than your feelings.
Retweeted by JeleisaIt’s not even all about buying me expensive ass gifts (although I wholeheartedly accept because duh), but it’s real…
Retweeted by JeleisaI literally only buy stuff on Amazon cuz I know it’ll be here the next day. I really need some help lolI’m trying to hold in my crazy so I won’t ruin the bday plans he’s planning for me. It’s so hard tho 🥴 send help lolThey ain’t gave my ice cream. I’m disappointed. But at the same time I probably don’t be needing to eat ice cream anyways.The least lol
Learn to stop saying “it’s okay” to things that are not okay. Enforce your boundaries.
Retweeted by JeleisaIt hurt different when you was actually trying. #Respectfully
Retweeted by JeleisaPraying that Tiger is okay man, wow.
Retweeted by Jeleisa @hotcocoxo Lmao sis, DC is taxingAny DC cop can help me with this ticket??👀coming 🔜 on ESPN2 it’s @wcknicks vs. @LakelandMagic 3pm/ET tip
Retweeted by JeleisaApple playing now. They really trynna get me to get a new phone @aViBritannia 😂😂 @aViBritannia Lol it’s like okay damn let me pick my battles @marmark23 Lol I might have toMen really do only respond to one part of a text tho. It’s so wild lolI feel like I’m always tired @DJSchemes Lol thank you 😌 @DJSchemes Lmao I hope y’all like em 🥴
Retweeted by JeleisaSwim trunks on the way 😏When it’s love out here like this you can’t POSSIBLY ever settle for less. Ever
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