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I look forward to not having to look so backwards.

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@makagle @NovelistSpense @NatashaLink1 I like the words "artisan" and "artisanal" but they are getting a bit over applied. I…
@iamprinceuthman @MagicalOverload This will soon hatch into one of @hankgreen's 'Carls.' @ConanOBrien Accept. You'll get mad perks on Secretaries Day! @Mythical @MythicalChef @NHendizadeh @trevorevarts @vianaiaustin Roasted PumEggUs. PumEggUs is a bit like a TurDuck… @eirewolf Right? It would be significantly cathartic to see Trump dragged out. @BostonGlobe I find reveling in Schadenfreude repellent, but would 100% make an exception to see Trump abjectly hum… cast of the upcoming #Reagan film is practically a 'Who's Who' of Who???
@Bookworm_Dani86 I do a mean worm. Also, it's advisable to drop to the ground when someone is threatening you with a gun. @chrisfarnsworth The fallout from Trump's failed presidency is going to haunt us for quite a long time. I suspect… @jroberts1324 Autobiography, you just don't realize it yet. @thestarkiller1 @static_sys @COVID_1984 @GreyDeLisle Just google "Jeremiah Kenosha" and you'll find plenty of artic… @thestarkiller1 @static_sys @COVID_1984 @GreyDeLisle You (and the video you shared) are completely skipping over th… @thestarkiller1 @static_sys @COVID_1984 @GreyDeLisle Ugh. I have a job and don't have time to take deliberately obt… @thestarkiller1 @static_sys @COVID_1984 @GreyDeLisle So, you wouldn't try to disarm someone who is pointing a weapo… @static_sys @COVID_1984 @GreyDeLisle Why not? You're ignoring every law Rittenhouse broke. @static_sys @COVID_1984 @GreyDeLisle You must be talking about the EMT he MURDERED who was trying to disarm him aft…
@COVID_1984 @GreyDeLisle Rittenhouse illegally crossed state lines with a firearm he couldn’t legally own, threaten…
@Finktank1 Whenever I get a new follow, I take a few seconds to scroll through the person’s tweets to make sure I’m…
@J_Motoki Beware of handmines. @TheNicoleNeuman Philippines, I mean. I always mess that up. @TheNicoleNeuman Apparently it is in the Phillipines.
@Lady_Miss_Marie Though "inCOMING!" is shorthand for "may I?" in some parts of the world. @digitaldraco I think this bloke is bouncing *all kinds* of reality checks. @ironiclively @LaraAnnDominick @ironiclively @LaraAnnDominick He probably wouldn't appreciate folks vilifying stingrays, even. @anniefofani Same. In fairness, that hardly will make it unique.#Prediction: the first (domestic) #terrorist attack organized on #Parler will occur within the next 90 days.
@LDLKnight @CupeAB This is precisely the case. @Lady_Miss_Marie Agreed, though I’d definitely ask permission before hugging him. @KickBrainTumors Yes, yes, yes, and yes. @toferj_ @JodiLenise *bad, not had @toferj_ @JodiLenise Same. The license examiner was pretty startled that I was driving a stick. After she said I'd… @GreyDeLisle I see what you did there ... but where ARE we? @DuskaDoesArt The incredibly rare conjoined javelina.
@sarahybethy You're a delight.#InsomniaThought: I'm not a complete moron, but I'm making progress.
@GreyDeLisle @ColmFlynn1 @instagram @Facebook In fairness, you could probably do an AMAZING impression of Grey DeLisle-Griffin.I am HERE for this. @senatemajldr When will you disclose to your health condition to your constituents? We can all see that you're on b… @nachosarah @AndyRichter Forsooth?I need some sort of mnemonic to remind me how to spell 'mnemonic.' @sarahybethy I’ll try. Or at least I’ll keep attempting to learn what that means. Thank you. @sarahybethy I’m the same height! Can I stop wearing heels?
@MyBestEats21 @JayN_81 @altonbrown Enjoy Parler! @Gwydhar Ah. For my cat allergies. @makagle I considered registering “moral bankruptcy dot com” for the same purpose, but I didn’t want it this much. @LizVassey The mute button. Hard to not truly love its work.#RefrigeratorsMagnets require attention. @DineshDSouza No, Buckley had a sense of decency. @DineshDSouza Remember that time you were in Federal prison and were pardoned by the most corrupt President in Amer… @toferj_ I'm just sleepy enough that it took me fifteen seconds to wonder how it got to be 6:30 before realizing th… @toferj_ I understood, you. What's a missing word between tweeters? @toferj_ A few years ago, I was recording a town council meeting, and a *candidate* for the council, a former polic… @LuttonLife @NBCNews Did you say, "I'm willing to give it back"? @TheNicoleNeuman ˙ʎluᴉɐʇɹǝɔ @cmpriest If $130K was good enough for Stormy ... oh wait."Stormy, how much money should I get from these Republicans?"
@LuttonLife @TheRealHoarse Right? What is it that someone would look to Melania to teach about being first lady? Re… @davenewworld_2 Mind if I smoke? @toferj_ Right? I'm a gun owner, but it honestly seems like a LOT of 2nd-Amendment-worshippers think their right to… @DeanBrowningPA @WhoopiGoldberg Are you - a black, gay guy - saying that 100 million votes went missing in this ele… @DeanBrowningPA Here's the thing I think a LOT of Republicans don't understand. Many of us who were once conservati… @LuttonLife #truth
Very few conspiracy theories meet the rigor to be considered a conspiracy hypothesis. They really ought to be calle… @DineshDSouza Hey, remember that time you were going to be president of a college, but they dumped you because you… @RealJamesWoods Oh, I see what you mean! @ProjectLincoln @DevinCow Left a voicemail. @DanCrenshawTX Pfizer was NOT a part of Operation Warp Speed. #StopLying #DanCrenshawIsALiar #TexasDeservesBetter #TrumpSpreadsCovid @makagle My face and my palm are spending way too much time together. @CWB95735369 *well
@CWB95735369 I have. If cooked will, it's delightful. If cooked badly, the texture never lets you stop thinking "I'm eating a tongue."I’m honestly trying to stop being so political here, but this kind of thing is making it nearly impossible. @ksorbs Why not? You guys said it a lot when a black man was president. @WillieHandler Mazel tov!I'm a HUGE fan of @CriticalRole, but right now my favorite nerdy-ass voice actor is @GreyDeLisle. @J_Motoki That's a huge pool of nope. @MagicalOverload You should know that your curiosity about other people is admirable and inspirational. @gouldninja @DaySigned Honestly, no. This lame duck session is NOT going to be a quiet one. @Pastor_Gabe Trump was the judgement. The religious right chose to idolize political power, worshipping an adultero… @EvaFemale71 @MagicalOverload It's started to become easier. It may be help that I tend to question societal backgr… @MagicalOverload Answering questions that may seem stupid without being cruel. Eg: someone at my office once asked… @eirewolf @RealJamesWoods Right? I own guns, but apparently I'm owning them wrong, because I've never stormed a gov… of the remarkable things about the town I work for is <checks notes> our love of dark skies ... hmm. @nachosarah Same. @jessphoenix2018 I think a Trump "Presidential Strip Club" is more apropos.
If Amy Poehler isn't at Biden's inauguration, I'll ... I'll... "Dog Whistle" Woods seems to be suggesting taking up arms against democracy. Are you really hoping to get a l… he’s announcing a program to finish raking the forests before his lame duck session is up. @speak4truth123 @ScottAdamsSays If you don’t have any grasp on population being unevenly distributed, you’re part o… @sherlock_hulmes Thank you, and may your initiative rolls be high! @LizVassey You've got such a way with word.Aye, lad. It does at that. @SkyeJethani I guess you've made it to the big leagues?I'm not skilled at identifying birds, but this is one. (I think it's an osprey.) I normally see burrowing owls alo…'s not wrong. @zack2thafuture @kimguilfoyle It was a misunderstanding due to the homophonetic relationship between "horrible" and "whore-able." @RudyGiuliani This really needs more quote symbols scattered throughout. Eg: "Americans" are giving us so much "evi… had my camera settings a bit off, but still managed a decent capture. I really need to take a few days off just t…