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@WellzZach @politico Newsguard has "human curators" too and look how that turned out @politico Well this should really be the final nail in the fb coffinFacebook will launch its new human-curated service for surfacing news articles at an event Friday
Retweeted by Whitney Webb @Boneysucks @JustSpacyStacie Nailed it. Moreno in Ecuador did the same thing, blamed Venezuela. They are all using… @JeddorePhil It's hard when there are soldiers on the streets where you liveThis is widespread enough (multiple cities, multiple separate incidents) that it strongly appears that there are or… Chile's protests: lots of footage has come out clearly depicting law enforcement/military destroying property, b… interesting material is published today on the controversial leaks from the Chemical Warfare watchdog OPCW. S…
Retweeted by Whitney WebbSo it's an invasion?
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@Ski1384 That's actually pretty accurate @neeratanden Lol at you thinking Benny Gantz Is "Center left"Assange in Court - I was deeply shaken while witnessing yesterday's events in Westminster Magistrates Court. Every…
Retweeted by Whitney WebbArticle 4 of the Extradition Treaty between the UK and the USA states that: "Extradition shall not be granted if th…
Retweeted by Whitney WebbI'm pretty sure this is how the Death Star started @JoeBiden Oh noes, not the dreaded Russian trolls who accurately point out how much you suck!
@cherrybullct en los eeuu, tener bebe en la hospital sale 40 mil dolares sin provision, aca gratis. no digo que chi… @serenityseokmin im not saying that the way water rights are handled in chile are great, but i think that image ben… news: I am on hiatus from MintPress until my personal life gets back in order. I will still be writing occ… @nytopinion @mcottle Lol the nyt opinion page is better than the onion these days @Article4Warrior @Whtapl @HopeInTheUSA @BenjaminNorton The media landscape is pretty much crap and is state or olig… @Whtapl @HopeInTheUSA @BenjaminNorton Obviously excessive, and the decision to deploy the military (milicos) trigge… @HopeInTheUSA @Whtapl @BenjaminNorton They are student led and disorganized, people are upset with Piñeras corrupt… @BenjaminNorton Also, healthcare here is actually pretty awesome and mostly free, unlike the US, so which country i… @DavidLWindt @BenjaminNorton It's way north of where I live and has been ongoing for some time, desertification of… @BenjaminNorton Also, not all water is private and I can tell you from experience that Perus education system is waaay worse than Chile's @BenjaminNorton Chile has its problems, but my quality of life and cost of living here is way better than it was in…, again? White mercenary in #Haiti spotted hidden inside of a monument in the capital, as nationwide protest is…
Retweeted by Whitney Webb @KrazeeCatLaydee @LibertyBlitz It's the army but yeah I live over 10 hours from Santiago and not in a major city so… @shpnhr1969 @joe_m26 There are no us sanctions on Chile..... @PistolPetesPP1 You can dm meThe Ripple Effect Podcast #200 - Dream Team Swapcast feat. @JasonBermas, @_whitneywebb, @samtripoli, @RvTheory6 & J…
Retweeted by Whitney Webb @LibertyBlitz I'm sure Valpo is nuts, protests were even in Punta Arenas so I'm sure Puerto Montt had some activity… @LibertyBlitz I live in región ix and it's even in the small cities, though the pueblitos are quiet still. There wa… @joe_m26 We'll be fine, it's just the gas and food shortages that are going to suck, I have a toddler with food all… much for the protests only staying in Santiago....
@hash_tigre @NellyTells @SeanMcCarthyCom One of the many old articles that calls Epstein a "property developer"It has been firmly established beyond any doubt that it is now literally impossible for an American political figur…
Retweeted by Whitney WebbEnding endless wars in the Middle East by transferring the "withdrawn" troops to another Middle Eastern country
Retweeted by Whitney Webb @Snipper_13 @LibertyBlitz I live too far away from Santiago to be in trouble, but there may be some minor shortages… @LibertyBlitz Yep, pretty wild huh @PunchyMacPunch @BetoORourke Hahaha! @minininjalove @PRIMONUTMEG @Whtapl Absolutely. @JebBush Please clap @PRIMONUTMEG @Whtapl Time for the Gravel teens to let go of the Twitter account, loooong overdue @BetoORourke Pretty sure the biggest problem facing the US right now isn't a shortage of tampons but OK
@_whitneywebb @joegreenjfk @bartholoviews @ElizabethleaVos @jimhougan @jimmydie1963 Coming in approximately ten d…
Retweeted by Whitney Webb @VerminSupreme I live in Chile and don't vote but kind of want this
The only two people Hillary hasn’t accused of being Russian assets are Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislane Maxwell.
Retweeted by Whitney WebbThe FBI has released a cache of records from its investigative file on Jeffrey Epstein. #FOIA
Retweeted by Whitney Webb @QTRResearch @Stansberry Dude, youre awesomeWith her arrogance, petulance and conspiracy theories, Hillary Clinton is showing she would have made just as divis…
Retweeted by Whitney Webb @eugenegu @realDonaldTrump Google timber sycamore genius @lsardanelli Thanks :)Anyone who says Jeff Bezos has any influence on what we publish is a conspiracy theorist.
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@terror_toddler Thanks! Hoping this will be the year that I too can throw my shoes at George Bush @911JusticeNow Thanks!!! @pentimento_ Thanks!
Funny how all the news organizations now complaining about "fake news" and "Russian bots" were fine with this bill… really pathetic attempt by ABC to pass off Kentucky gun range footage as a Syrian conflict zone is a good examp…
Five years following her death, Press TV reporter Serena Shim is remembered as one of the first journalists to have…
Retweeted by Whitney WebbMore ABC footage in from Syria
Retweeted by Whitney Webb @JohnDoe78359022 The main links between Weinstein and Epstein are: the Clintons, Tom Barrack and Ehud Barak, in cas… News broadcasts fake Syria bombing video that's actually from a Kentucky military show in 2017…
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@ThrealScotWells Oh that is a mistake, will fix soon. Ty @Mostly_Safe @JohnDoe78359022 @MintPressNews That needs to be updated @MnarMuh @Mostly_Safe @JohnDoe78359022 @MintPressNews Nice ad hom without evidence, we are reader funded. @LUsajld60 I already published an article on the Epstein Clinton stuff in August. @mudyroot @JohnDoe78359022 @WWG1WGA_PATRIOT State Department not CIAIf my Twitter ever goes down, please follow me on :)SPECIAL ANALYSIS: "Several now-censored reports from the 1990s and early 2000s reveal that Prince Andrew’s involvem…
Retweeted by Whitney Webb @arthedaink I checked for several of them there but some of them were deleted after his first arrest over a decade ago and weren't savedSeveral articles from the 90s and early 00s about Jeffrey Epstein, well before his dark secrets were exposed, have… sure what is more humiliating for lamestream media - fleeing previously US proxy-occupied NE #Syria as #SAA adv…
Retweeted by Whitney Webb @blondeafro SureFBI COVERUP?: In just hours Investigative journalist, Whitney Webb will release a new report on Jeffery Epstein. Ho…
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CIA, FBI computers used for Wikipedia edits
Retweeted by Whitney Webb @Cukullen @georgegalloway @ggmoats :) @SocialistBooksy @georgegalloway @ggmoats Quite possible, seems like a veiled threat to meLive on Twitter too @ggmoats #Moats
Retweeted by Whitney WebbA message from the editor-in-chief of @Consortiumnews and co-host of #CNLive! #FallFundDrive
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Don't even know where to begin with this @wapo defense of every war and genocide ever.
Retweeted by Whitney Webb @Soozieceu @Athbheochan @ggreenwald @Suzi3D @Luma923 @Snowden @SuzieD It's First Look Media , the Intercepts parent company owned by Omidyar @EgorIstanbul @peterpobjecky No, that's not what I'm syaing. the SDF is an umbrella group of different US-backed mi… with people upset about escaped ISIS prisoners, maybe the focus should be on how it was a bad idea to put a grou… these people opining about Syria and the Kurds, please stop conflating the YPG with the SDF. The SDF is not all… only Kurds hadn't announced their intentions to release ISIS, before blaming ISIS escape on Turkish artillery.
Retweeted by Whitney Webb @LibertyBlitz Totally, this way the US can justify never ever leaving Syria until it's completely balkanized or wor…
Prince Andrew + Epstein w/ @_WhitneyWebb | Whistleblower w/ @JohnKiriakou
Retweeted by Whitney WebbHeadlines + Ben-Menashe Says Israel Worked with Epstein in the 80s w/ @_WhitneyWebb
Retweeted by Whitney Webb @Daniel_Plante @OdelGauri @goldfrapp1001 I had to leave my kid at daycare so I was offline for a bit, that doesn't… @Daniel_Plante @goldfrapp1001 Sorry I meant path @Daniel_Plante @goldfrapp1001 I think it changed over time and that once he had the archive he was offered the Omid…
@minutebol Lol no flowers necessary, thanks @goldfrapp1001 Well, he definitely does get points for saving a bunch of dogs and animal rights stuff. but partneri… @DiscountSushii Sure. @jonsherred More like I'm stating a fact about Pierre Omidyar. @GeorgeSzamuely He did vote to cut off Wikileaks donations via the FPF so he is quite the fairweather friend, espec… Activist Jeremy Hammond has been found in contempt for refusing to answer 7 questions in front of a Grand…
Retweeted by Whitney Webb @GeorgeSzamuely i meant that greenwald won't comment on reality winner, terry albury and soon to be daniel hale all… @cfdarch i think, once he had the snowden docs, he was offered the choice of following the path he choose to follow…