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Here is what I sent to our subscribers today, don't be fooled, they are desperate to stop you from seeing the work…
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Any time a city announces police reforms
Retweeted by Whitney WebbHey, so - for the record - @bymyelf and I are not the same person and are not related. I appreciate the amusing c…
@ChakraZulu940 Most polls are bs, the point is that this headline is going to be all over the place to make people… were told that a few months ago that we needed CoG martial law for "covid-19" and now people are apparently begg… @FluorescentGrey If I were you, I would frame this tweetWhile we’re on the topic of looting.
Retweeted by Whitney WebbHe got his parade
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@nemesis_trading The tweet says people should be just as mad about "regular" looting as government looting. It does… @nemesis_trading Are you like five years old? @icantevenfilms Obviously you can. Please read the tweet a second time maybe @GHMcHugh That's not what the damn tweet says read it againSince people are misinterpretating me already (predictably), the above tweet is not supportive of looting, it is me… @forshumsangt That's what the tweeeet sayyyssss @windyoshi The tweet literally says being upset by both is fine.If you're only outraged by regular people looting, but not the predatory oligarchs and the politicians they own loo…, so now it will quadruple
@maj1151 No @ideafaktory The governments been pretty damn coordinated about taking away people's rights for some time. Contact… @maevi048 They know where she is, "contact tracing" is for the serfs, Ghislaine has a room in the castleThey sold this to you as necessary for "public health", but they wanted this long before coronavirus. This is abo… tweet is for all the people who said "contact tracing" was just for the virus. In the US, law enforcement's a… executives have cashed out $89M in shares this year, as stock price has soared on vaccine hopes…
Retweeted by Whitney WebbHey so about that contact tracing software that was loaded onto everyone’s phone - great timing, ya?
Retweeted by Whitney Webbjesus christ I briefly considered making a joke about Baden doing the autopsy a few hours ago and rejected it as "t…
Retweeted by Whitney Webb @milesoftruth Sure @SamRLaPoint
Since publishing Derrick's excellent part 2 from his series on Bill Gates, the website has been under attack. We ar…
Retweeted by Whitney WebbKHAAAAAN!!! @hole_whisperer Ummm no @gumby4christ Yeah, heard it from someone else in the documentary. She demanded the money apparently, so gross @shartstorm8d8 Will do @hijodelcuervoI'm starting full time work on my book next week, if you want to help support that effort while I take off from my… gets a huge payout for this documentary, Vicky Ward got $100k for her cameo and Epstein's victims got not… Netflix documentary about Epstein, based on a book written by a Bill Clinton pal who harassed Epstein victims and…
#New - Wayback Machine Latest Victim of Big Tech Consolidation and Censorship
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@BlackTalonPDX1 @VerminSupreme Vermin is a legend, proud to have met him in person when I still lived in the states.Y'all know how I keep saying "we live in a fucking cartoon", yeah?
Retweeted by Whitney WebbNEW: Emails from @fema show the government instructing state health officials to give Coronavirus-tracking data dir…
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“A rising tide lifts all boats”
Retweeted by Whitney WebbMission accomplished.
Retweeted by Whitney WebbFBI busts a human sex trafficking ring of women and children, however they had to drop the case because too many FB…
Retweeted by Whitney WebbOkay but how is Vermin Supreme gonna drop the best campaign ad of the cycle?
Retweeted by Whitney Webb @Rickinthewall @macroaggressio3 Lol sounds about rightI should add that it's those three movies plus the rapid introduction of a movie based on a Philip K Dick bookI feel like the US these days is quickly turning into a mix of the movies "They Live," " Visioneers" and Tommy Wiseau's "The Room"
@FluorescentGrey I mean, tho true, what about normal people who just like the matrix movie? @lisapease I actually will cover who benefits a lot from the promotion of hydroxychloroquinine in a little over 15…'ll be on Ryan's show on the @TLAVagabond channel in 25 minutes to cover my latest on NY smart cities/Israel plus… this trying to say using the term "red pill" is misogynistic and racist? wow. Ignores Israel Connection to Eric Schmidt's Push For NY "Smart Cities" via @_whitneywebb
Retweeted by Whitney WebbGuess who's building 5 "smart cities" in New York? Check out my latest for @TLAVagabond on the key component of t… @cphanellq @TLAVagabond That quote was meant to reference Page and Brin, darpa and Inqtel probably more often descr… father Zbigniew Brzezinski should have been banned from the world
Retweeted by Whitney WebbGhislaine Maxwell can’t be questioned under oath about Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking scheme because she is unde…
Retweeted by Whitney WebbWay back @yashalevine and I were smeared for warning what a shitty move it was to privatize Snowden's NSA secrets t…
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@WeKnowAboutYou2 Not related, but Gary Webb is a hero.
Retweeted by Whitney Webb @ghostofalain Thats not the same as a bowl cutLove how my trolls are too dumb to know the difference between bangs and a bowl cut.
@Barneyrme I mention this in the article, Derrick broze recently covered this for TLAV also @AngusTheGreek The plot thickens!As Moderna’s Covid-19 Vaccine Takes The Lead, Its Chief Medical Officer’s Recent Promotion of “Gene-Editing Vaccine…
Retweeted by Whitney WebbAlso, the "study" about Moderna's "promising early results" on its vaccine's effectiveness has a sample size of onl…, Modernas co-founder is the guy that runs the MIT lab that made the Gates-funded "quantum for tattoo" and the… on today's "news" about the Moderna mRNA covid vaccine, it's looking almost inevitable that it will be the fi…
How much would it cost Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, or Elon Musk to just fix Flint’s pipes and restore access to the Det…
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Retweeted by Whitney WebbRemember, kids... only "a government agency" and sanctioned journalists can discover a "real" conspiracy.
Retweeted by Whitney WebbFor those who watched me on the @TimJDillon show and wanted more info on Bill Gates and his agenda, I highly recomm… @ai_jared No one is covering something really dangerous Cuomo is doing, but I will next weekWtaf
New Media Roots Radio with @_whitneywebb on Bio-Terror Careerist Robert Kadlec & The Darkest Winter
Retweeted by Whitney Webb'There have been several proposals on the table' for sanctioning Israel if it goes ahead with annexing West Bank te…
Retweeted by Whitney WebbYeah, because people in the US surely don't need $38 billion right now. @TimJDillon Let it die!First interview w @MediaRootsNews on my latest article (w @hijodelcuervo) that exposes Robert Kadlec as well as the…
@drs10909 That album is amazing @DavidLWindt @FluorescentGrey @DavidLWindt @FluorescentGrey Have you ever seen that website scroll down to riker? @DavidLWindt Kidding, I'd do Picard, worf, uhura , McCoy and odo @DavidLWindt Is it possible to pick worf 5 times? LolThis U.S. State Has Already Established Legal Means for Mandatory Vaccinations via @DBrozeLiveFree
Retweeted by Whitney Webb @hijodelcuervo Hahaha I love itDr. Robert Kadlec on biodefense - From the "Live Oak Mold" seminars @_whitneywebb
Retweeted by Whitney WebbToday marks 72 years since the Nakba. Israeli authorities are deliberately concealing historical documents to unde…
Retweeted by Whitney Webb @gumby4christ @hijodelcuervo @dgaytandzhieva Oh yes :) @zbr101 It's not the end :)This is an impressive ending to a phenomenal 3 part series by @_whitneywebb. Could easily be turned into a book. Be…
Retweeted by Whitney Webb @MintPressNews @hijodelcuervo Published first at @tlavagabond @Defyantofficial @FluorescentGrey @MediaRootsNews :DIt seems like it hasn't gotten enough attention that the daughter of Michael Ledeen—a psychopathic neocon Iran hawk…
Retweeted by Whitney WebbNever forget that "Space Force" was not Trump's idea, it's from the neocons of PNAC in their "Rebuilding America's… The Bio-Psyop Profiteers Behind The COVID Response & Trump To Mobilize Military For Vaccination via The Last A…
Retweeted by Whitney Webb @francesthenewt @TimJDillon @QTRResearch Did you read my report? I literally talk about how fleet ownership and rid… @CGTNEurope Great find, thanks!The push towards the end of individual car ownership and the end of in-person shopping is here. Told y'all a month… finished an epic interview with @_whitneywebb about her new article for @MediaRootsNews Radio will be coming o…
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Do you know who this man is and all the power he's accumulated in D.C. on behalf of an global vaccine mafia at this…
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