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Rich Wolfenden @_Wolfenden London via Liverpool

Presenter @RadioX • Football Commentator @talkSPORTLIVE • @triplecaptain3 & Give Me Some Good News podcast do-er • YouTube: The Perfect FIFA Soundtrack 🎥

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@alexmuscella Are you telling me giving Kane my FPL captaincy was a bad decision?
@JohnKennedy @easylife @LatitudeFest @britpodawards Congrats John! Boss news 🙌🙌🙌TONIGHT: @RadioX Indie Night with nothing but bangers till 11 🔥🔥🔥 TOMORROW: Haircut 🤘 @NathanCaton @BrentfordFC That goal made 10x better by the noise it made when it hit the net 👏Never gets the plaudits that his brother did because of Bobby's goalscoring record. But Jack Charlton was a monst… @larkins When are you next having a party?
@Nade_x89 Got it @Nade_x89 Please bang it over my way 👌 @tobytarrant @bambi45678 Either way it’ll be bigger than any of the homeshows we’ve done @Nade_x89 @Johnnyvaughan @RadioX Yes lads! What’s on the hob there? 😅 @tobytarrant @bambi45678 Could you have a word with your dad and see if he’ll do a set for us one night? @alexmuscella 😅 @alexmuscella You would then be escorted out the party @stuartcropper @RadioX Hurts my ears just thinking of it @SamDAuvin96 Why do I feel like I already know exactly how you’d dance to this? @doogie2877 @RadioX Let’s all do the conga is the ultimate crowd pleaser though @IndieBastards @RadioX But which is number 1? @KezTheHeroics @RadioX Oh man THAT is an answer 🤩 @emil_franchi The ups of Wreckin Bar, lows of Wetsuit. Could be the right answer tbf 🔥Goes without saying but no compilations ✌️What’s your go to number 1 party album? Answers below pleeease... 🕺 @SkySportsPL Why does this look like it’s made on TikTok? @ItsMattCurtis @PeakFM Smash it dude 🔥New music from @dmasmusic New music from @mikeskinnerltd New music from @Eminem Had no idea we'd moved Christmas day to the 10th of July
Buzzing that Give Me Some Good News is one of the main featured podcasts on Apple again this week, alongside Heston…
One GW finishes tonight... Another begins tomorrow!! Our #GW34+ episode is out now & Rich is celebrating a MASSIV…
Retweeted by Rich Wolfenden @MeighanOfficial Keep safe mate xWell this is heartbreaking news. Fingers crossed that Tom's road to recovery is quick one 💔"Coming up tonight, on Classic FM" BONG "Bach and his unnatural love for all things string" BONG "Beethoven: ho…
@Bundesliga_EN That angle for the first one is RIDICULOUS @Barrage_Jeff Classic Mr Bastard @tobytarrant It was my 4th foul of the game so I was probably due one @Barrage_Jeff That name couldn’t have been more appropriate for that manFirst Sunday league game back today. Five conceded in the first half, four footballs lost over a fence and got a y…
@GTFC98 @DocksBeers @RadioX What rum is that? 😍 @samshep92 @RadioX That a pint of rosè? @Paulmorris39 @RadioX You look fucking made up 🍻 @Everton @b_10duarte @EITC Takes guts to talk about this. Especially in such a high profile job. Well done @bernard 👏 @dddanadine Bet Steven Tyler was fuming when this happenedI can absolutely guarantee that despite the pub near us having three whole months to update its playlist it’s still…
@PollyJames @NoelGallagher @liamgallagher @oasis @RadioX Sounds so EPIC 😍This is by far and away the BIGGEST home show we’ve EVER done! Yessss... @NoelGallagher & @liamgallagher are reun… @kane_fullalove @MattThielen Stunner of a kit. Shit sponsor 🤦‍♂️ @adamwilbourn @ReynardAnna @AdamClery @EwanRuinsThings @EditKrisEdit Never fails to give me shivers 😭
You can read more about the challenge live music is currently facing here or here quality tunes added to my playlist this week. - @CamelPhat @YnnsPhilippakis @foals - @Tourist music, venues & independent promoters were already under threat pre-Covid-19 & now the situation is critical.…
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@DGriffiths65 @WayneRooney How depressing is that stat 😅 @RoughTrade Big Moon best be number 1 @daviddownie17 Each and every match controlled by Carlo. Even all that pressure in the 2nd half it felt like we were in control of the match
@tobygilles @WatfordFC I’d love to see you sign Skrzybski, just to hear the media’s awful attempts at pronouncing his name. @PED7 Well in mate! 💪 How have your feet taken that every day???Now I don’t believe in fate. BUT... I’ve just come across this little beaut of a pub 10 minute walk from ours. Just…
Somehow managed to accidentally scan myself in Tesco to say, massive respect to my housemate and all the staff working on the Intensive Care Unit at the Royal Londo… @SimonRFowler @DanGasser
@emilyeavis @glastonbury I love your festival @DanGasser Heroes has all the emotion but man Lets Dance is a fucking BOPChrist, David Bowie at Glastonbury might actually just be perfection ❤️ And now I’m fucking fuming at 8 year old m…
@Ecosse911 @RadioX Nice one la ✌️Bloody hell. This man has had a lifetimes worth of Glastonbury in just one afternoon @DadOfTheDude1 Poo girl is a legend 😅
@libertines Don’t tease me lads @katemaeprice @RadioX Sounds very Leeds-y 👌 @trashpanda96 @RadioX This would only happen at Leeds festival @Oopsie_Daisy_ @RadioX Christ this is brutal. Bet the Slipknot audience thought it was cool though @CATHFACTORY You’re probably not the first person to do this 🤷‍♂️ @PhenJones Forgot about that. Only person to ever get high on piriteze @LJK612 @RadioX Who does this at a festival? 😅 @izlington Horrific experience @Brads10082 @RadioX That’s fucking grim as well 😅 @phill_237 @RadioX That’s fucking grim 😅Right, I think I’m missing Glastonbury too much. To make me not miss it, can you please tell me your worst festival experience. Thanks ☀️ @MichellePonting @uochester I had no idea you were leaving! The place won’t be the same without you 👎
@EveFlorence1 A season of lockdown will do that to yaAn update! Over the past week or so I’ve added loads of boss tunes to my playlist, some dancy stuff, some head bang…
@PeterDeeley I’m just saying it’s not exactly Wembley, I’ve got lots of love for Norwich! It’s the only city I’ve b… may be Carrow Road It may be Norwich City But tonight I’m commentating on the Premier League for the first tim…
@alexmuscella Its all about the polar bear game on the ice berg! @EveFlorence1 @JasonManford @joelycett @russell_kane 20 minutes or so long each, you'll be done by the afternoon 🙌Not gonna lie, the past few weeks for our podcast have been amazing. We’ve had episodes with top guests… @SkySportsPL Will the prosecutors accept a trade in of Gylfi Sigurdsson instead? @jackandwood That reminds me. You still coming to sit in the pool tomorrow?When will they give the people what they want. Forget Crash 4... Where is the CRASH BASH remake?
@anthonygordon59 Well in mate 💪First Merseyside derby at Goodison I’ve missed since 2006. Proper gutted not to be there. So big up @Everton for…
Always knew I could connect with the younger end of the Radio X listenership 💃, that bit of electric guitar in the second verse is absolute FIRE 🤩Who remembers 2004 when everything was filmed on potatoes and @KasabianHQ looked like the love child of Blur & Oasi… @DanGasser Shout have seen the clobber yesterday 🔥🔥🔥 @thomasjrennie Carlton Cole could probably still do a job @BenSheppard @global @makenoise @CapitalOfficial @CapitalNW @Sidley_OUAS @CP_Cymru At some point in the night presumably 👀
Friday night is here! And tonight’s @RadioX Indie Night is a proper huge one get us ON 👉👉👉📻 doubt I’ll be parked behind the guy who drives a double decker bus @BenSheppard @global @makenoise @CapitalOfficial @CapitalNW @Sidley_OUAS @CP_Cymru Good luck matey! 🏃‍♂️
@90sfootball Flyaways. The official ball of SPOT @BenSheppard If you want some hard boiled eggs out the back of a people carrier let me know 👌So after this challenge is done, and after all that money’s been raised. Can someone please ring the men in white c…
@wearecassia Thanks for the tan lads 😎 @vnsdmlo @joshadams706 @Keir_Starmer Two pints of Kier Starmer please 👍