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Host of ”The Hater’s Ball Show” ---- ”These rappers is Peter Pan, I’m Pan African” - Black Thought

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We gotta stop letting feelings of inadequacy effect our entire existence. It effects our relationships, our career…
Retweeted by 🏁TheHatersBallShow🇹🇹Salutations Good Brothers & @SPREADLOVE_NYC HOLDING IT DOWN IN BROOKLYN! Lets go!
Retweeted by 🏁TheHatersBallShow🇹🇹 @ladykay2425 @Mz__Berry It was thoughtful. Ask @LeSwankJuice. I said Yo what we call her? He said “Nubian” I said. “I got it”. Cuz love ok. @rah_naye @ladykay2425 Thank you 😊 @Mz__Berry Cuz I love her @ACaseOnline 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Son that was his warning and he heeded so we Gucci. lucky boy.😭😭😭😭!!! cuz I use it. 😭😭😭😭 @_Shyanne_w @ladykay2425 In a black plastic bag professionally @ladykay2425 WELCOME 😭😭😭😭.I give the best gifts obviouslyWhen I say I DO NOTTTT like @_WordSmiff_ please understand that I mean it. This is what he got me for my birthday.…
Retweeted by 🏁TheHatersBallShow🇹🇹Look at me. Knowing. 😭😭😭😭😭 this why I gave my gift separate
Retweeted by 🏁TheHatersBallShow🇹🇹😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 you like it? got this problem where everyone pulls up as a perfect specialist instead of a human being.
Retweeted by 🏁TheHatersBallShow🇹🇹Bruh no accountability anywhere 😭😭😭😭 on 100 rn lmfaoooooMoaning like young thug into the mic rooms 😭😭😭😭 what’s happening but I am crying son. CH is wild.Im crying right now 😂😂😂😂 this is the funniest thing I’ve heard all week
Retweeted by 🏁TheHatersBallShow🇹🇹This is PURE entertainment and that is IT. Nothing else.
Retweeted by 🏁TheHatersBallShow🇹🇹“To piggy back”
Retweeted by 🏁TheHatersBallShow🇹🇹 @WongTunes Bruh exactly!! @WongTunes Lmaoo no it’s reasonable. But don’t ask the person setting it up. Maybe another patron “I’m tryna see if… @WongTunes Right so you see why asking the person who’s tings it is that question is type fucked up? LmaooWHILE SUPPLIES LAST. Lol It Can Gone It 20 Min Or 2 Hours. Get There On Time
Retweeted by 🏁TheHatersBallShow🇹🇹 @RegularKel Every time son!!!!!! nigga had me crying GOD I MISS MY HOMIES MY DOGS. YOU DK ME AT ALL. SO DONT BRO ME AT ALL. KNOW IM TOO FAT TO TIP TOE!!!HOLON ... WAIT✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾. Love G! don’t attribute folk’s actions to their character enough. There’s a difference between making a bad judgemen…
Retweeted by 🏁TheHatersBallShow🇹🇹 @_WordSmiff_ Nah that nigga simple not the question
Retweeted by 🏁TheHatersBallShow🇹🇹Lmaoooo im dying we fucked this up bro @JusQuinn 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @CoachKarl22
Retweeted by 🏁TheHatersBallShow🇹🇹I'll say it again: THERE ARE OTHER BLACK CREATORS
Retweeted by 🏁TheHatersBallShow🇹🇹Wow man. Wow. Government never saw it coming. #EndSARS  the game changer. In the words of Fela 👉 this uprising would bring ou…
Retweeted by 🏁TheHatersBallShow🇹🇹 @cozygirlmo facts!! @chiiinkss Swear!I hit my Jamaican barber w 1 question. “What time you in the shop? Was thinking bout pulling up like 3.” even a little bit! lmfao @cozygirlmo That’s a fact!LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO nah nah I’m cracking up
Retweeted by 🏁TheHatersBallShow🇹🇹“How long yall gone be there til” is the most frustrating nigga question ever. Like nigga is either not coming or p… son. I would’ve been tight. Then gonna ask me MORE questions? a person creates space between us, I just let them be.. if they never come to me & explain what the issue is, we…
Retweeted by 🏁TheHatersBallShow🇹🇹 @JAE_LENS Lmaooooo @JAE_LENS The barber?At all I hate questions that if you thought for a second you could answer yourself.Lmfaoo read the room. Son Jamaican. Tread lightly w the dumb shit. Talmbout “11AM?”, “11 am?” was deadass a dumb question.
Retweeted by 🏁TheHatersBallShow🇹🇹Any Black Woman that doesn’t subscribe to the bullshit is always labeled as an “outcast”, “pick-me”, or not intelli…
Retweeted by 🏁TheHatersBallShow🇹🇹This notion that the media tries to push that only Black Women who are Republicans are c00nettes is hilarious. Libe…
Retweeted by 🏁TheHatersBallShow🇹🇹Lmfaooo they got so flustered lesson for me. Also the majority cannot be trusted to be left to their own devices even if so. So in a sick wa… @JadeGemRobin MOOD LMAO @JadeGemRobin You be safe okay dear @JadeGemRobin Lmaooo filthy work @YellaMoodRing 😂😂😂 I was so sick like iight I’m not even worth hellos? Jesus Bhrist.Lmaooo not giving people no excuses but I realized when you talk about sex you invite that type of energy. I used t…🤣🤣🤣🤣 @YellaMoodRing Yeah pretty much. Gets more people to join in and add on and shit like that. Quick boost type shit. @YellaMoodRing Boosts engagement really. I use it for companies I work for doing SMM. So I be doing it outta habit… @Echecrates You already bro!“Stomach welfare before political welfare is a gem.” Taking that w me. @Echecrates✊🏾 don’t respect people who scared to take risks. Anybody can sit back and critique other people all day. What chances YOU taking tho?
Retweeted by 🏁TheHatersBallShow🇹🇹 @StillDRUG Nah that shit got me hot lmao @_Shyanne_w Dun know!What he said
Retweeted by 🏁TheHatersBallShow🇹🇹 @AditiJuneja3 Lmaooooo too funny @PrattHanna I was definitely one of them niggas.I could never get w fighting games after Tekken 3 competitively. All them shits wild hard to me nh wanna fight whoever made that tweet @AditiJuneja3 She does but what movie is Welcome to America? LmaoooExcuse me bitch? dead hate being worried. That feeling makes me mad uncomfortable
Retweeted by 🏁TheHatersBallShow🇹🇹 @PrattHanna @Copastetik Yessir.Run it up for Shyanne right quick @Copastetik Shit is insane bro. Crazy fast. Can do whatever you want it to do. Gaming movies whatever. @Copastetik Got one in the crib shit is wavy. Just gotta get an external for it to run my Roms smoother.And be mad annoyed. “Nigga gone say it’s me🙄” 😂