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@skylrqiipriv Collarbone?!?? @duhlailuh She looks like belle in the first one @erawsee @koonaixd Ratio+ur white + ur mother @erawsee @koonaixd Your mom LMFAO @1EDEN_ Mhmm common misunderstanding @1EDEN_ Eden that’s snorlax hun @erawsee @koonaixd Skill diff
@duhlailuh Yellow <2 @syIv1a I mean yeahtop 10 saddest valorant moments. 💔
Retweeted by Angel @srrirachha You are so pretty @h2nnyu Mmmm handsome“Take a picture, it’ll last longer” #TheOwlHouse #tohbeta #betalumity #lumity #LuzNoceda #AmityBlight #sapphic
Retweeted by Angel @mireuwuowo Whatever you say bestie 😁 tell her angel says hi tho @korosuOW oh @mireuwuowo Me when I go out with your mom fr 🥲 @Ban_Val Should have just won @mireuwuowo Specially your mom and dad 😩🥰🙈 @mireuwuowo And women @mireuwuowo That’s why I love men @srrirachha @downhorrendos LMFAO @skylrqii @AeroValorant Ok and @syIv1a LMFAO @erawsee You know I 100% would you gremlin @erawsee Blocked @erawsee YOU ARE SO GOOD @milfteaboards PogO Auzon @lambiereoficl Mmmm I might be angel but you are An Angel @koonaixd @itadaiii Sorry what?my dentist made a “lol pronouns” joke to me, an any pronouns ass bitch, while they were drilling away at my teeth a…
Retweeted by Angelnot okay! @skylrqii meow @syIv1a You are so cute @1EDEN_ Eden come on you can tell me and I’ll do this for you @mistmie 4-5 at most @jellyfish_val I vibe w it @erawsee @koonaixd Damn okay way to steal a tweet @strwberrybar Je ne suis pas français
@srrirachha Tattoo reveal:0 @skylrqiipriv He has a way with words 🥰 @angeIfps ????? @skylrqii Pretty @strangerkun Yo @aft6r Among you @lambiereoficl You are so cutelast selfie / last meme up? nah spiked up🥵
Retweeted by Angel @srrirachha Murder… @itadaiii Love you big man @koajan_ @Aurembiaix8 @Seruji @SrCustodio02 @CRiSTiK24 Give @srrirachha Get it Sarah :0 @emruiningmylife Kind of an L @christos_ioa Mmmmmmm Mommy Milker Mac n Cheese looking good rn @sk8r___h8r I love this @miichthebich Valorant @clicky_claire :0 @srrirachha Tall women are goated too ngl @srrirachha TOO FAR D: @srrirachha I wanna get some on my arm @milkteaboards Day6 Jae? @kiwiya_ You got a point @koonaixd My man 🤝 @strwberrybar Les français ne sont pas réels @erawsee 🤝 @kiwiya_ That fit is so epic @g0ms_ Real🚫Repost if your account is not a save place for french people🚫 @sonofjupitr That is so sick
@1HUNNYU Nope @skylrqii That’s fair actually @censorablee ill break ur heart 😈 @mireuwuowo oh for suresiesit ran away....
Retweeted by Angel @syIv1a Same @skylrqii Massive L @sonofjupitr Based & Valid @mireuwuowo The lace things are so cool @hatetrails Yea @mireuwuowo Bestie I bought these boots do you like them @imboopie Just wanted to see if you were down @imboopie I already regret this tweet it’s so bad @imboopie Would you be down to have esex after we play @miichthebich You look so cute @ihaveprettybf Dude honey I’m a heart breaker 😈 @sonofjupitr That looks so good @1EDEN_ Awoogaabsolutely wrecked my cousins last night in boomerang fu and mario kart. no mercy just because they’re 11.
Retweeted by Angel @milkteaboards A+ !!!!! @skylrqii Pov you are cringe and not epic @babyb0nes_ Please… @xgu04 @koonaixd LMFAO @hearts4neimki HasL
@themperor_yasin @h3h3productions @hasanthehun Your outfit is so pretty @sk8r___h8r Aww thank you c: @sk8r___h8r Your hair is so pretty @sonofjupitr We are all so cool and epic @LailaVeidemanis THANK YOU LAILA c: @pagereader_ Real and true. @sonofjupitr Thank you Mars :) @pagereader_ I think I need that cussy book