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RB Xanzy 💶 | gianni @_xanzy The hidden leaf village

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@MitcheIl my drug | @PlayVALORANT Like & RT 💛
Retweeted by RB Xanzy 💶 | gianniMy experiences with @RBUprising … Read:
Retweeted by RB Xanzy 💶 | gianni @RB_iChris @RBUprising 😭I quit & why I left @RBUprising... Read:
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Polo and herb snapped 🤯
@RobDaHood1 LMAO u shoulda seen my full sprint pistol round glock burst rounds out of b appsGlock burst or classic right click take your pickAdjustable view models in val 😫 @DerekJoon "RBUP" is 30% off right now. Perfect time to grab the new flavors.. I know I had to ;) 🔗:…
Retweeted by RB Xanzy 💶 | giannilooking to hire a content editor for my personal channel. If you've got experience in content editing, hit me up.…
Retweeted by RB Xanzy 💶 | gianniso hype for this tomorrow WOOOOOOO
Retweeted by RB Xanzy 💶 | gianniTHERE WILL BE CARNAGE!! 💥 Which team do you think will win @KnightsArena’s #CarnageCup? 🦁 ⏰ Starts @ 3:00PM EST 💰…
Retweeted by RB Xanzy 💶 | gianniBoston really down bad w out chara lol @afhos999 PogggWoah
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@aebrESP HAPPY BDAY KINThis team @selectggs has been trying to get my team suspended for the past 3 months with DMING everyone to mass rep…
Retweeted by RB Xanzy 💶 | gianniFuck it I have level up a new Alt gotta win 8 more unrateds, maybe I’ll stream myself being a menace to society in… A YOUTUBE PARTNER 🥳🥳
Retweeted by RB Xanzy 💶 | gianni @RBMercy 💯working hard to make sure none of my family or close friends have to work another day in their life.. one day 🙏
Retweeted by RB Xanzy 💶 | gianniNeed some content motivation :( like idk I’m playing games still but nothing really hitting rn
Retweeted by RB Xanzy 💶 | gianni @DerekJoon I9 throw up 🤮Joined @TeamSynergy⚡️
Retweeted by RB Xanzy 💶 | gianni @Aka_Pause 😂 LOLBuddy is doing a subathon and he's being doing some insane shit for sub goals. Pls go sub @BlissKreation
Retweeted by RB Xanzy 💶 | gianni @EliGE @witmer @AyeeTrain @PuffinVAL it all makes sense to me nowPaul wins if he activated his mongekyo sharingan only chance @SucktionVAL @DerekJoon Kids a bag of milkAddressing @Derekjoon and his blasphemous actions over the months... Read:
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@RB_Hopeful I’m hungover 😵 @RBVann 😂 @ItzM3rcy_ Tru😂 @afhos999 HBD CUNTUncle xanzy
@RBMercy I feel targeted @witmer 😂 @nurfed25 @b0ssyCS Rust is goated
@RBMercy My guyyyy @DerekJoon @PuffinVAL Rolled 😂
@DerekJoon Found @SucktionVAL 😂 @DerekJoon So many anime pfps I can’t even find myself
When I’m home from vacation on Tuesday (6/1/2021) I will be doing editing and management full time. If you are inte…
Retweeted by RB Xanzy 💶 | gianni @DENYAof Omg Hbd !
Playing shit game with dickhead. @Inf4mousEnergy
Retweeted by RB Xanzy 💶 | gianniAYO ITS THAT TIME OF THE YEAR #RBSZN @RBUprising
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@fireballops @DerekJoon And yes I remember that time I flashed into the ground in the vod @fireballops @DerekJoon Are you take this from the man who whiffed a right click on a guy point blank full sticking bomb 😂 @afhos999 @AyeeTrain @samanthacsgo Not wrong
@iKluTcHv6 Damn how’d you become Vegas ? @DerekJoon Good shit bro 💯 @samanthacsgo So I guess after so many voice bans you get suspended @samanthacsgo I just got banned ab 900 times for toxic comms I just rage so hard 😂 @RBMercy Most true shit I’ve heard man grind can’t stopWelp my main val acc banned till 2022 lmao someone by me the prime phantom while it’s still in my shop 🥺 pwease… same kids that report me for voice comms are the same non raging kids that drop 6 kills every map and each time… @Glorinsz Morning champVal stream on my alt after work since my mains temporarily banned 😂 see y’all soon good vibes @DerekJoon Your so lucky it doesn’t show ranks in matches anymore plat lobbies are fun tho @ItsKyloHD When I see Kylos traps 🤪’ve gotten my main Val count perma banned out of pure toxicity of voice comms 😂 I can’t help but yell at ppl in game it’s too fun 💀 @BigBoyYip My son out here 💯 @DerekJoon Fuck you
@RBMercy Sup weirdchampWho’s queueing val rn solos is zzz
Team phantom only out here, what happened to me I used to take deagles over phantoms 😂Any immortal or diamond homies wanna play ? Preferably diamonds so we can stack up and have a funny time not looking to sweatBoys we have now downgraded from hard stuck immortal to hard stuck diamond 3, but I’m playing for fun so it’s worth asf 😂Should @RBUprising do a summer RC 🙄
Retweeted by RB Xanzy 💶 | gianni @ItsKyloHD Skin choice is the most scientifically proven one in the list tbhJust cause I die from making a stupid play and then scream in my mic blaming my teammates doesn’t make me a bad player right?Out of Groups in the NSG Summer Open #6 GGs to @InsightGGs, Slaughter House, and @FYBVal Playing…
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Retweeted by RB Xanzy 💶 | gianniThought this was pretty cool :) In NA: #1 in ADR #4 in ACS 💛
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@Boy1drr @DerekJoon @Onlyfan00730762 @nCaustic_ @sxrimmy1 @RB_iChris @RBUprising My guyyyyy 💯🔥 @DjentBeard Tbh yeah I’m scarred 😂Jus accidentally sat down on the toilet bowl with out the seat down 🙃RBRC this summer? 👀🧐 @RBUprising
Retweeted by RB Xanzy 💶 | gianni @EddieDotA Lactose intolerant
@fIowy @Ravers @Paliza And to keep it a stack brodie, ion even care bout this whole thing but you needa swerve back… @Ravers @fIowy @Paliza @steph_211d here ask her how funny it was dick head, I should slap the shit outchu for sayin… @JwopYT Word that’s what I’m jaccin tbh like shit jus hurtSo may have sun poisoning is dat shit bad ?Code "RBUP" is 30% OFF FOR THE NEXT 5 DAYS! Cop some while you can 👀
Retweeted by RB Xanzy 💶 | gianni @SaintsVFX @RBUprising @RBVann @RB_Arih @RB_Hopeful @RBMercy 💯🔥 @JayceBrandt That fire in your heart never stops burning keep up the hustle brodie 💯
@kkeoghh @Boy1drr happy b day woooo am so sunburnt I can barely even lay down 🙃 @PuffinVAL Yeah idk just in my blood shit worked in cs but not this game 😂I wish I could play ranked val but I am too fucking toxic for no reason I swear 😂 @DjentBeard @RBUprising @RBVann @RB_Arih @RB_Hopeful @RBMercy You better come ! @PuffinVAL @RBUprising @RBVann @RB_Arih @RB_Hopeful @RBMercy