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THE THUMBNAIL IS SO PERFECT really like this shot in sonic unleashed no… ‘Puyo Puyo Tetris 2′
Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxX••🔺Jammin’ lamb guitarist girl❕🔻••
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Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxXToday makes history @MarioFreak2001 @Sonicboom2410 @MarioFreak2001 dick hard in the butt titty in my hand kiss the neck hell yeahcan't tag @Sonicboom2410 in photos cring
Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxXhappy birthday Biolizard
Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxXWhy don't go get 2 bitches instead 06/Brawl Sonic with remade assets and brand new HD Textures for #SuperSmashBrosUltimate #SmashBros
Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxXi have attempted fusion
Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxXI swear if I have to see one of those tiktok sonic animations againTails distracts the guards with a intricate dance
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2021✨Stardust Speedway✨ #SonicCD
Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxXHere it is #sonicthehedgehog
Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxXI now call this the Get Some Bitches Bowser pose
Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxX @SingularPeanut It's a fake sonic rumor that's been going around since there hasn't been any announcement of a new… was a commission
Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxXJust go play something else lol
Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxX @mintywhisker so old now lol
Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxXSometimes it's ok to go a little slower.
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Day 30 of drawing every #SmashBros character in a style inspired by #Cuphead/ #Rubberhose/ #1930sCartoons!! New wee…
Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxXCool clothes! ✨ #SonicTheHedgehog #ArtistOnTwitter
Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxXSuper Sonic 64™ #SonicTheHedgehog
Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxXSonic Advance, advancing into a more modern era in Sonic’s history!
Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxXsetting the stage for a hero's parade! #sonic
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Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxXsonic adventure!!!!!!!
Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxXARIS YOU BITCH #NintendoSwitch the worst idea
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Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxXlandscape study
Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxXHey kids, here's a cool trick you can pull off at home on your Sega CD!
Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxXmr.hedgehog and da red
Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxXUn-Gravitify
Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxX @ItIsMeJosh Run me
Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxXPeople who stalk on twitter accounts be like "yo is this person trying to attack me" like bitch go outside
Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxX @MarioFreak2001 When the butt isn't fuckedPlaying a lot of sonic at the 2020 olympic games 🏅✨
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sonic advance ⭐️
Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxXUmm...3D blast box art redraw 🥺👉👈
Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxX @SonicJPNews Mr. Hedgehog it is then🔵According to Naka-san and Okunari-san, the rumored Sonic’s dev code name “Mr. Needlemouse” was a misunderstanding…
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Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxXACTUALLY SCREAMING
Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxXUltimish 63: Bayonetta
Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxX @NoContextSonUnd Haha small
Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxXThis dude literally committed sonic forces ending you're bad at video games FINALLY DID IT! I FINISHED SONIC UNLEASHED! It was a tough ride but I really enjoyed this game and the story is…“Monkey Destruction Switch” by @FinalShockdown
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Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxX"Now shall you deal with ME, oh plumber! And all the powers of HELL!!!" #BowsersFury 🐢💢🔥
Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxXAnytime now the Hedgehog
Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxXSpeeeeeeddd
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super mario strikers, arle from the puyo puyo series
Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxXContinuing on, the sequel to a fan-favorite title that introduced us to one of the most popular characters of the f…
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Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxXNice watch, nerds.
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Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxXIn the Sonic Forces Twitter Takeover, Shadow declared to add @Mudkip_Captain to a "very special list" after asking…
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The other day I designed these sneakers and I couldn't resist ✨👟// #Nike #SonicTheHedgehog #Sonic (…
Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxXThe 29 of drawing every #SmashBros character in a style inspired by #Cuphead/ #Rubberhose/ #1930sCartoons!! And her…
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Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxX“You’re not who I’m looking for!”
Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxXain't it fun
Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxXMr. Needlemouse himself. Honestly, they kinda nailed it the first time, so it was difficult deciding what exactly…
Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxX✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ super sonic #SonicTheHedgehog
Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxXI drew Pac-Man :))))) #PacMan #fanart
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Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxXThis Tweet got deleted literally seconds before I could link it so I'm uploading it here.
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The 2 attempts I ever made at redrawing Green Hill #PixelArt #Fangame #SonicTheHedgehog
Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxXSonic unleashed concept art if Sonic the Hedgehog never existed? Dr. Eggman takes a trip to the past using his brand new Mean Time Machine…
Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxX @sonic_hedgehog Well at least we get to see him again has passed act 1
Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxXlighting practice
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Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxXTo the person who this happened to them years ago, I hope you’re ok now
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Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxX @PicsWithUTOST
Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxXTrump at the White House today
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Tikal confronts her father, from 'Sonic Adventure'.
Retweeted by XxTheGamingLegendsxXSubmitted by chemi!
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