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Being gaslit by my parents (mom told me church service we used to go when I was little was 30 minutes when I KNOW it was 2 hours) @isohellion I simply did not want one @isohellion They're definitely better than the microwave enchiladas I bought instead @injectcaffeine If I'm eating one then so are youHow much do I hate myself, exactly have been meaning to send a letter to my former cross country coach since I graduated high school I put "opinions are my own, retweets are not an endorsement" in my bioHow would making starting pitchers stay in for longer be better for players? Just asking for more injuries. hook up with an AU student just so i can steal their metro passchanged my mind. of Spirit
Today's Covid Wordcloud: 10-19-2021 Confirmed Cases (US): 45,050,910
Retweeted by IanOne thing Yankees and Dodgers fans have in common is incessant whining Boob W because the professor is actually super nice?Midterm today said that I could receive negative points for "irrelevant" or incorrect answers. What kind of psychopathic policy is that @isohellion Ok but you have to listen to the entire song"dirty politics" implies the existence of some kind of "clean politics"How come the bathrooms in usc go BRBRRRRR every 30 secondsReply with your fave artist and I will give you a queens of the stone age/qotsa adjacent song to listen to.
Retweeted by Ian @taysute17 No the difference is that Californians own a parka. I just add another light coat every other week and call it a day. @taysute17 yeah, californians, nowhere else @SaladinoWRLD Why is it in quotesah yes, poverty is bad because it harms the economy. that's why. good teachers in high school is actually an issue because now I don't know how to teach myself materialMaybe if I cuffed my jeans they'd put me on gw fit checkI think Beatles discourse should end. Nobody cares about anybody else's opinion on the beatles. @falicia_assman Best part of dark knight rises is when bane goes "now i am going to nuke the entire city for no reason" @victoriafreire0 ClairvoyanceDon't know who any of these people are @isohellion Found my ideology
gonna cry? piss and shit maybe? God it's a bones day. Couldn't imagine how bad metro would be if it was no bones. @foeliferz Didn't know my parents were card-carrying capitalists @foeliferz Ask them what lincoln project donations actually went towards lol @kikeijuu Hope one day you become a person notable enough for someone to write an article about you with a pun like this @reganbakerr Is that american cheeseEvery day I think I'm over it and every day something else happens that pisses me off again. Incredible.You are enabling me.Experienced sleep paralysis for the firs time last night. It was a fun experience for sureWhy would they feel the need to photoshop this. They couldn't just have them wear the suits on the ground? somebody threw up and then their party didn't tip their server or the server that mopped the floor it worked after I restarted literally 14 timesStop liking my tweets.Soooo true bestie sike rn please took a team photo without me, im so fuckin done dude lol
Impressed by how often we're out of calamari, but more impressed by the amount of people who leave because they cam… @maddiebillet @harrisongayy Amazon delivery is constitently the worst. Every time they deliver to my apartment it's in a different spot.Who was gonna tell me you could buy straight up baked potatoes from wendy's fans be like "it's great for the environment!!!" then dump tons of radioactive waste on a fault lineFruit Punch: It's just fruit punch. 4/10. @kikeijuu "Whats your costume" "I'm a doomer" "A what?" "A doomer, like the wojak?" "What the fuck are you talking about"
if I bring the umbrella it doesn't rain. if I don't bring the umbrella it does rain. what have I done, god?I hope people complaining about how the flavors "cross-contaminate" have never ordered a soft drink from a bar befo… homicide @HHuvos You just dug up an ancient memory from the back of my mindOrganizing a cross country meet with 150 runners is easy, actuallyWhy did this tweet get likes it makes no senseGood morning, DC
Retweeted by IanJust wish I could so badlyHitting a new lowNothing quite like going out in da work fit
@fratboyjaden Their live recordings prove this is true @theneedledrop Watched a tiktok today where someone unironically claimed the Beatles have never made a good album lolI think my guitar hates meThat being said baseball umps have more power than any other sport and it's absurdI have one of these already 😎😎😎 @AdamMcCalvy He killed it in game 5. Seems like half the balls were hit his way and he fielded every one perfectly.Man I get that this is a joke but out of the big 4 north American sports baseball has the least amount of referee b… @nolanp_2002 Oh I meant on twitter exclusivelyWtf how did I miss the Episode Where Gumball Lactates's fun to stay up late at night sober just to interact with drunk people @maddiebillet No way twinsiesi am d-amphetamine salt combo 10mg tabHE DIDNT EVEN SWING LOOOOOOL GIANTS FANS IN SHAMBLES @reganbakerr @HHuvos @TherapistMitski This just popped up on my for you I think its a sign simpler time do realize this is what a civil war would look like? aesthetic vgk is going for this year is cool as hell"Energy Herbal Tonic:" Feel like if you want herbal tea just go all out and buy Yerba. Also has 70g of sugar and i… bonds looks so happy @maddiebillet My favorite movie @_Yanathan
Retweeted by Ian @HHuvos Outside of NYC, the Tri state area and New England could fall into the ocean and I wouldn't care
. @victoriafreire0 Seeing a professor irl who I've only previously seen online gives me a weird moment of debate vuTwo months in to the semester, do helwel employees still tell everyone exactly where to scan their gworld or do the… cannot sign in to my laptop. Great software you've got here, @MicrosoftWould be embarrassed that I got on the wrong train due to single-tracking but like a dozen other people did the same thingWe're ready @MLB @Athletics ⚾ (by @daben__man, h/t @ArashMarkazi)
Retweeted by Ian @reganbakerr GoodI would just like to stop waking up with mosquito bites @LasVegasLocallyok really sad for Oakland fans but LET'S GOOOOOO remembered I took these photos in high school