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Optimus Prime has fallen on hard times. Due to the current situation I’ve lost my income, if you enjoy… love karma. 😂!’m curious what happened to World War 3-10. #YouHadOneJob choice. better keep his mouth shut 🤐 all do it. 😂 you know? #youhadonejob you can never see them. 😂 say Africa is the cradle of life. #mindblown legit. laying concrete near a duck pond. 🦆“It’s gonna cost a few quid, mate.”
Which house is yours? of the above. statues are fighting back.
Retweeted by You Had One Job!Seems legit. fisherman will understand. 😂 be time to go home. grocery getter. really hope she likes it. one cared who I was, until I took off the mask. fair. do. stream. model forgot how to cup.
The council will decide your fate.“Why are you late for work?” sure about going on this plane... your bees. #DontStepOnABeeDay Had One Job! 😂 Where’s the remote? of 2020 God, I could really use a sign right now God: know 🐝 #DontStepOnABeeDay genius.“Works great, I can feel the cold air already.” #YouHadOneJob Beep 😂 #youhadonejob swimming hole ever. be a nightmare to sing Happy Birthday to her. 😂 livin on a payer. bro.
“This is the biggest toilet I ever seen.” Due to the current situation I’ve lost my income, if you enjoy… 2020 Bingo card is nearly full. streaming prices. grandad.’s true. your balls. work lads. found the guy to blame for 2020. slight error. 😂 that look like celebrities. fair.’s definitely Aunt Edna. 😂🎥😂😳🦟🤦‍♂️👊🏻 in my day.’s true.’t wrap you food in newspaper.’s gets so cold in Russia that ghosts that haunt houses freeze to death.
You Had One Job!
Retweeted by You Had One Job!When panoramic pictures go wrong. the jaw opens wide and there’s more jaw inside, that’s a Moray. does King Tut look like a Philly Cheesesteak? it's actually not that bad 🤷‍♂️ then! potato 😂 in Australia 🇦🇺 golf store. like a boss. really do., the mighty Infinity Sax. best place for fireworks. 😷 🦅 accurate....
Some things never change. Due to the current situation I’ve lost my income, if you enjoy @_youhadonejob1 or any o… home printer you’re drunk. have gone to Specsavers. #YouHadOneJob Had One Job! know you’re getting old when Dennis the Menace and Gnasher are all grown up. the police man name of the year award goes to.... isn’t that ironic. #youhadonejob could be right. dear. hate that. you’re wearing a hat to protect your head make sure it doesn’t let the sun through. 😳 a scale of hedgehog cake, how are you feeling today? to lose 1500 calories in your sleep. in a crowded elevator. is key. toaster. 😂 can’t unsee it now. favourite soup.
Retweeted by You Had One Job!I would be inclined to agree.
Retweeted by You Had One Job!My spirt animal. fast was that ostrich running when it hit that tree? wouldn’t arm wrestle him. Graffiti
Retweeted by You Had One Job!Bathroom reviews.