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The writer aka Tynan Brooks. Currently writing "On Such a Volcano". Queer Marxist, moe apologist, and home cook. Not a prepper, but something's gotta give.

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So yeah, I don't know who needs to hear this, but painting something which is very clearly a pipe, & then writing u…
Retweeted by Zeria @ NovelingMade pozole tonight! It's really good, though as always, when I get near the bottom of a bowl of soup I find myself… @nexidava_ I think there's two kinds of eggs. Functionally bound to realize they're trans eggs, and totally potenti… @StudentOfEth That's the point I'm fighting against though; it's true, of course, but I'm also arguing that some pe… @AFiishNC It matters little to my point whether he specifically is serious or not
It seems unlikely to me that the tendency for trans-heavy communities to spawn more trans people is merely due to t…😺✏ — Tried it once, don't love it, I don't think it really adds anything other than the potential for superchats(wh…😺✏ — I definitely don't want to make a video specifically on why I prefer SAO to HeroAca, no. @fohfuu @VertbleLycnthrp I'm not castigating them in particular, but using the tweet as a jumping off point for discussing a general trendDiverting incipient leftist demands and threats to capital is the entire program of fascism, as central to it as th… amount of incredulity people display when people like Bill O'Reilly or Tucker Carlson display beliefs like this…'d like to reiterate that the David Reimer case proves nothing other than medical ethics. The idea that one, hig… butter chicken, I'd say my favorite thing Lachlan's ever made if the spaggheti and meatballs weren't 2 week…
@WyattMund Pretty muchbrown hair (#edeleth family comic)
Retweeted by Zeria @ Noveling @NewBeamu @StudentOfEth i have no clue what symbol you'd use lol @eldritchType >:( @ZiaLewd i might be getting edgier by the day, but i'm not willing to appropriate eastern religions quite yet @StudentOfEth my eclectic beliefs-ismI want a religious necklace @NewBeamu Not necessarily, sometimes I just play with my tongue, it's just that I generally seeks some level of bas… @NewBeamu I just have an oral fixation overallOral fixation nation @VertbleLycnthrp NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO[FE3H][⚠️ suggestive] um I got kind of carried away drawing DoroPetra 😳 (Caspar is literally the only one in BE ob…
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Retweeted by Zeria @ Novelingnaptime
Retweeted by Zeria @ NovelingLachlan made amazing butter chicken but we forgot to make rice so no pictures until tomorrow
edeleth family (portrait??) 👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 #edeleth #fe3h
Retweeted by Zeria @ Novelingalso another .. edeleth as parents #edeleth #fe3h
Retweeted by Zeria @ Novelingplaydates with uncle ferdinand r cancelled until further notice (i swear this was funnier in my head lol) #edeleth
Retweeted by Zeria @ Novelingガロリオ こういうのが見たかったです。 #プロメア #PROMARE
Retweeted by Zeria @ Novelingliogalo bubble tea date #PROMARE
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@StudentOfEth yeah lachlan used to listen to a lot of jazz and i'm having her show me more because i haven't listened to enoughThe Black Saint and the Sinner Lady - Charles Mingus This, too, is really great. of Blue - Miles Davis Now I know where all those lo-fi hip-hop tracks are sampling from! Seriously though, t…'t do it shamiko
Retweeted by Zeria @ NovelingIf Ecuador weren't a right-wing US client state, this video of Ecuadorian army trucks driving through crowds of pro…
Retweeted by Zeria @ Novelingn番煎じだけど、全学年からの人気者の3年glと、1年にすげえ美少年が入ってきたって話題のloが出会いこそ最悪だったけどどんどん互いに惹かれあっていく話読みたいね‥‥あれ、これ本編まんまじゃねえか
Retweeted by Zeria @ Noveling even joking when I say that living with Lachlan makes me more convinced than anything of the value of psychoanalysis @eldritchType It means she has a daddy kink lmaoThe legitimately lines up with Lachlan's behavior so well lmao
[fe3h] modern AU solely for bernie as an ao3 fic author and sylvain as her biggest fan
Retweeted by Zeria @ Noveling @thefakebevan It's actually fantastic @jakijaki13_ Lachlan wants to know where you can find himThe family stromboli. Unlike most recipes, it uses mustard rather than marinara as the main sauce, on top of which… @Esharp777 i mean it's angsty, and i do like angst, but it's also gross, so @stephenweirdy8 unfortunately @NineOuh90 it's nasty shitI really, really can't get into any art that's Galo/Kray😺✏ — I have zero idea about the impact of ArcSys on otaku culture. I know about it because I know things?😺✏ — He's an American President, aka, not good.😺✏ — Well it's certainly politically biased. 2019 Animator Dormitory Project only has 3 Months left to be funded! Your help is needed once again @CanipaShow
Retweeted by Zeria @ Noveling @RoninShounen @CanipaShow @G0ffThew @PedanticRomantc @ZeroAndHoodie @Digibrah @NineOuh90 @Uniqueosaurus @GiggukAZ up the discrimination toward the zainichi in cities like osaka, the okinawans, the ainu in hokkaido, the burak…
Retweeted by Zeria @ Noveling @Indigo_ho Why we gotta destroy the town/country divideExperience one of the greatest #yuri stories ever in SeaBed - now at record -50% off for the #Steam LGBTQ+ sale thi…
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@StudentOfEth @link7934 yeahhhhh you're probably fucked then still, i wasn't even going hard for it and got her to… @StudentOfEth @link7934 ok, have you done all her supports? because i legit don't see how she wouldn't get to a whe… @StudentOfEth @link7934 HOW @StudentOfEth @link7934 DID YOU NOT S RANK EDELGARD? @StudentOfEth wait, so when the game asked you "who do you want to spend the rest of your life with", you went "yeah dorothea". How?????/ @StudentOfEth literally how @Kashman_X @hedrigal thanks @nekorug That's definitely true, and I'm generally tired of general discussions that just boil down to whether or n… @nekorug it is, and in the context of his broader Monogatari videos it's hardly as if he's unwilling to discuss the… @nekorug I think this is a really unfair characterization, when Jack has made plenty of Monogatari vids already and… know of any economic papers that provide evidence for the tendency of the rate of profit to fall?Of course Freud was right; look at Lachlan!
Retweeted by Zeria @ Novelingnot sure if this is ooc but ive put too much effort into it to throw it away now #fe3h #edeleth
Retweeted by Zeria @ Noveling @SpiritusNox15 the novel captures Sayaka's internal monologue so well @JackUTS @MrNiesGuy I'm sure this video is great and all but I'm just glad to see my queen @Hyakko No, all my takes are genuine and I just don't tend to voice the bland takes everyone agrees with @StudentOfEth no I'm saying her mental shit fits very well in a psychoanalytic frameworknOf course Freud was right; look at Lachlan!i wanted to draw byleth with a big smile
Retweeted by Zeria @ NovelingEdelgard
Retweeted by Zeria @ NovelingYou should watch Hoshiai no Sora for this boy's sake. But actually, its first ep is fantastic, definitely worth wa… of fire you always knew they would carry me home they'd lead me to you
Retweeted by Zeria @ NovelingAh fuck I left off the director, oh well lolAnd Then There Were None - Agatha Christie Aside from the, uh, racial elements, this is a really gripping novel. I… Case of Hana & Alice (2015) - The rotoscoping is occasionally jank(though it usually looks good), but the lea…
@VertbleLycnthrp you copy a link and paste it into a bar, dummy @VertbleLycnthrp dunno em, I just searched my tweetIt's even funnier that some of these people think I'm stupid merely for being the notorious Pedantic Romantic's boyfriend, lol.Obviously, people disagreeing with my tweets en masse does not prove they're correct. But the fact that many disag… need to start thinking about which game I'm gonna speedrun for class @noise_bandit YesLRT is killing me[fe3h] lysithea and edelgard (& siblings) "Being with you feels somehow nostalgic..."
Retweeted by Zeria @ NovelingLMAO chu small bf #PROMARE
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Imagine hating your dad so much that you cut off your dick so he can't have grandkids. What a legend.
Retweeted by Zeria @ Novelingmore bad girl korra ft good girl asami (aka a grease au)
Retweeted by Zeria @ Noveling @JaydubKaydub @PedanticRomantc We are the true successors of this brave boy @Softgirl2789 @PedanticRomantc you're a moron, you know? @Softgirl2789 @PedanticRomantc i'm not white is it a problem for someone to concur with their partner, now? @Softgirl2789 @PedanticRomantc this is something i said out loud that she decided to tweet, foh