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I am an advocate for equality, love and understanding. I am culture I am art 💜 ?

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@BlazerN_Shades I don’t know what you came to do i just want to get you up in my room @DSTBlaze THIS
Retweeted by AmorphousPeaceSign✌🏾Can somebody point me in the direction of someone who can curl my hair in Charlotte ... thanks😂😂😂
Retweeted by AmorphousPeaceSign✌🏾Note to self: Perfection is not real.
Retweeted by AmorphousPeaceSign✌🏾Hoping I’ll never find out that your anyone else , cause i love you just how you are. And hope that you never find… a man 😍😩🥺My right eye has been jumping for days at this pointHe’s soo dreamy 😍🥺To be this in love 🥺 it’s a good thing but no one handles the me i like to be handled and that doesn’t make me happy‘chile please! mama dressed!’ EYEM SCREAMING
Retweeted by AmorphousPeaceSign✌🏾I should have brought some shrooms to Charlotte
I would love to hear Beyoncé cover My Heart Will Go On by CelineI used to be into ppl who talked to me bad and treated me funky .. weird shit I’m glad that’s over 🥴
Retweeted by AmorphousPeaceSign✌🏾I would thoroughly enjoy an @jsullivanmusic & @giveon collab🗣🗣🗣 IKTR want to enjoy a really good brunch today ... what’s some really good places in CharlotteJavon really in here having a praise and worship service .... iktrKing of sorrows Pearls By your side Jezebel. The moon & the sky (original & remix) daily reminder
Retweeted by AmorphousPeaceSign✌🏾I truly love Walkie. Like i don’t deserve that kind of friend 🥺Niggas be wildnTonight has been a lot 😥 @KeithHollandd It’s sooooooo good though
Now people knew good and damn well i was not going to no Atl. 😒 if one more person hit my line asking where I’m at.🥺🥺🥺’all ain’t freaky enough for me
Retweeted by AmorphousPeaceSign✌🏾THIS is how you remix a song. The newbies ain’t doing it.
Retweeted by AmorphousPeaceSign✌🏾 @Ol_Squewl_Q2 🥺🥺🥺🥺😍😩🥺 a thread ! *Adds to bookmarks @iamsouljabrasi Imagine being a Scorpio dating a GeminiBrian : you just need to get focused and listen that one good voice in your head Me: but all of them sound good to me 🥺🥴😅Please let me get all my niggas back 🤞🏾✨🥺 think i need to distance myself from everyone for a while. Last night showed me i have a lot of frustration and a… @KalikYork 🥺🥺🥺Yo i was really wildn last night i legit thought this was my mom ! But she wouldn’t dare wear cowboy clothes’m human ....I feel soo sick i can’t even go to sleep wtfI feel soo sick 🤢Why do i turn soo angry when I’m drunkI need someone to talk to and it’s 5 amGreat so we can get rid of Anderson’s problematic verse was wildn , and i don’t even know how to process some of the emotions and anger that came out(.)
@BettaThnYa_Ex Some point tomorrow , i have plans for the evening but i may come early @RayJajuan When you leavingThis seems smart to me. Why subject yourself to things that will upset you if you don’t have to? This isn’t a weakn…
Retweeted by AmorphousPeaceSign✌🏾 @IamRellAnthony Your moon or your rising in virgo? I’m curious @wordsbyuchechi Okkkkkk because i was confused on why there wasn’t a larger conversation about this ! @nice_two IKTR !!!! I’m intrigued“My hands are always pale”.... it’s because you’re cawcajun.
Retweeted by AmorphousPeaceSign✌🏾 @BettaThnYa_Ex I miss you can we hang out soon ? @IamRellAnthony I see should not be laughing this hard 🤣🤣🤣 @PushaCee Hoemygawd ! I can’t handle this level of gas , thank you 🥺 @IamRellAnthony Why can’t he consistently act like it then 🥺 should probably get up and pack for Charlotte but I’m stuck @IamRellAnthony Listen this Nigga did that shit to me then had the nerve to spit on my shit looking me dead ass in… @KingCharmng 🙈🙈🙈 thank youuuuu honey bunch @iamchrislee__ Thank you bby 🥰 @nice_two I love when you gas me 🤗Y’all seen them first ... so be nice 🥺 @_characterflaw 🗣 WHAT BE IN DA NEW CRISPY CHICKEN WRAPS @xocvbox @ThuggsleyAddams Same sis ... same🗣🗣🗣 WHERE HE AT !?!?!? 😩🥺😍 @KingCharmng @4DaLuvOfDeevyUs @jsullivanmusic Agreed @svedey_ @sza 🤎🥵
Retweeted by AmorphousPeaceSign✌🏾Simple get turned off sexually when you turn me off mentally.
Retweeted by AmorphousPeaceSign✌🏾Okkkkk but i want to try @Be_inTIMidated I KNOW THATS RIGHT !LMFAO I love this. The cheers are really the cherry on top 😂😭
Retweeted by AmorphousPeaceSign✌🏾
There’s literally NOTHING Megan or Doja can say on either verse to make me feel like this remix was a good idea 🙄This drake album promo thing with Lori & MBJ seems far fetched. Even though it would be kinda funny if she never fu… and my man:
Retweeted by AmorphousPeaceSign✌🏾Can’t wait ... 😒 @BlazerN_Shades A specific month ? That’s it ? HmmmNo because for real , what the fuck is @JLo about to sing at inauguration live by this.
Retweeted by AmorphousPeaceSign✌🏾Zendaya talked about this film with so much pride during our interview. It started as a quarantine idea between her…
Retweeted by AmorphousPeaceSign✌🏾 @djordxc Same @monsieurclasiqu First season is sooooo slow and all over the Place i tried when it first came out i couldn’tDrake and Rihanna were in their BAG on Too GoodThis is crazy
Retweeted by AmorphousPeaceSign✌🏾Y’all get on this app and go up for Taurus sex and i was unimpressed .... Virgos and Geminis are the only ones to impress me 🤷🏽‍♀️
@slumlordsleazo Where’s my invite ? Tf lol @javonbanks01 daily mood @javonbanks01 Chile stay home😥😥😥 @wordsbyuchechi Girl i was a complete wreck ... then that Kevin bullshit 🙄 @IamRellAnthony Who you trying to trap lately ?If I’m with a Nigga and i pull my card out to pay for anything ... know that i love him and he’s rearranging my gutsY’all my fucking heart ! If it’s Chloe and Halle im literally going to lose my shit