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Cado @a_cado_appears Brooklyn, NY

Ricardo Contreras didn’t fit ok | Jr. Podcast Producer and Social Editor @waypoint | Twitch Affiliate | Latinx | He/Him

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THIS WEEKEND!! I will be at @FlameCon Aug 17th & 18th at table O135! I'll have zines, stickers, pins, and taking cu…
Retweeted by Cadosorry I’m late I sat on my bed in a wet towel for 43 mins staring at my wall
Retweeted by CadoRPG people this is so cool! “any purpose, including commercial and noncommercial use, free of charge and without re…
Retweeted by Cado𝗚𝗮𝗻𝗴𝗮𝗿++++
Retweeted by CadoEnglish version. Since English is not my first language, there can be many grammatical errors.
Retweeted by CadoOur statement on the G/O Media handbook.
Retweeted by CadoThis hits home so hard 💖 while the supports groups are there, it’s still hard to feel like we’re part of the bigger…
Retweeted by CadoGoku was the original content aggregator
Retweeted by Cadojoin golden deers for the smartest house leader #RedrawRiegan #FireEmblemThreeHouses
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The closest I’ve gotten to figurative in a long time! When I look at the figures in ancient South American weaving…
Retweeted by CadoRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW Three hours of Godzilla goodness!
Retweeted by CadoI love this? Having friends pass around teams to try in battle seems really cool!
@Yuri_Librarian wait... isn't this just the FNAF movie?| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄| | TIP YOUR ARTISTS IF YOU FEEL THAT THEY ARE UNDERCHARGING |__________…
Retweeted by Cado @Swandre3000 oh it isn’t the worst, but that example is indicative of the tenor of *all* the posts. The worst is pr… piece of shit ICE guard drive his truck through our friends tonight in Rhode Island during a protest outside h…
Retweeted by Cadoarchie: hey jughead, what's up? jughead: just thinking about how only 100 companies are responsible for 70% of the…
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big SQUEE energy send tweet @merrittk PC! Though I'll be bopping around on PS4 too when the cross-save stuff kicks in @merrittk god these fucks are really about to make me play crucible, I can't believe it @merrittk my firmly gripped Riskrunner would like to have a word with you. And then probably die because Recluse really do hit different 😭 @MOOMANiBE I somehow managed to write as if I were saying "SQUEE" and *GLOMP* without ever actually typing them out it terrifying @patrickklepek these are QUESTIONS that need ANSWERS!Having an existential crisis at work because I found my old livejournal and I unironically used the word “interwebs… @thpock I remember running that during arc week and being so sad it was a temporary thing instead of a build I coul… a quick blurb on Destiny FINALLY having REALL ASS NUMBERS that actually MEAN THINGS!'m SO READY for this feast!'Eliza' at first comes across as a near-future dystopia in the vein of 'Black Mirror'—but it's got much more to it…
Retweeted by Cadono mans sky: beyond
Retweeted by CadoThe No Man’s Sky community is the only good video game community
Retweeted by Cado @emanuelmaiberg THIS CHANGES *EVERYTHING*THE SECOND MOST IMPORTANT PATCH NOTE FOR NO MAN'S SKY BEYOND @xoxogossipgita you can now ride the animals, all they need to add is some piss poor "satire" and it can existMOST IMPORTANT PATCH NOTE FOR NO MAN'S SKY BEYOND
Retweeted by CadoIf System of a Down was at 9 it’d be on the rotation, I’m too indecisive 😖I’m bouncing between 1-7 depending on the year/my mood but 10 is home
@transgamerthink I hope I clearly communicated the same rollercoaster of emotions I went through while (wrongly) as… @realedc30 I wrote it :P @danikaharrod Hell yeah congrats on the new gig!!!! @roxination yooooo good shit!!!!Two years ago Heather Heyer was killed by white supremacists in Charlottesville. We will honor her memory by fighti…
Retweeted by CadoHey friends, my wife is still looking for work, but between my part-time job underscheduling me and immigration/gro…
Retweeted by CadoSo long ago our first photo is on film ❤️
I can't believe they've done this! Did you see our totes and shirts yet! These will be silkscreened by hand at @hotdeernicorn, a local tabletop g…
Retweeted by CadoAnimorphs is a weird series with some questionable writing choices at times but also KA Applegate knows what she's…
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“We stand on the shoulders of Long-Neck Exeggutor” - @_ghostina_Like... some sort of... emblem of fire?
Hey! If you're a writer, narrative designer, journalist, or otherwise writerly/story-esque person in games or gamin…
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@thejenna you could send yourself a gchat message with their api, then use the appropriate app for whichever phone…
First part’s done, next up: painting :D'Three Houses' technically offers more queer romance than past entries, but its a footnote in a very heteronormativ…
Retweeted by CadoBrooklyn and surrounding areas: want to foster or adopt this baby? He needs a new home ASAP, current fosters rescue…
Retweeted by CadoAfter great (and somewhat bewildering) demand, my Evangelion remix of the Waypoints podcast theme, "slide asleep",…
Retweeted by CadoThe retailer is asking employees to take down signage and playable demos for violent video games, as well as huntin…
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@_ghostina_ Sometimes it’s FASTER to just TAP AN ADDRESS and have an APP open!!!!I wrote a new review (on purpose this time!) @NowhereProphet is a game with a few missteps that won me over with it…’s my secret Cap, I’m always in Hangry modeThe pre-sale for "It's a Garden: A Twilight Mirage Fanzine" is now open!
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@pattheflip You might nyat like it, but this is what peak performance looks like @RevRyeBread There are a *lot* of Pokédex entries that describe it as a “thin, balloon-like body,” but I do think t… @RevRyeBread @PWTpodcast @Polygon @LegsFrank It’s a balloon, a gross smelly always leaking balloon. I’d imagine it’… did they make a sequel to Wild Hogs and why is it trending
@austin_walker IIs: $200 Infatry: $150 Gouf Custom: $800 Apsalus I - Apsalus III: $3,600 Escape Shuttle: $150 someone who is…
Retweeted by CadoThe ESA made the kind of mistake that happens when lazy self-interest is the order of the day, and all the risks ar…
Retweeted by CadoSeems like a good time to post this: Even when the far-right is de-platformed (ex Cloudflare) there are saviors for…
Retweeted by CadoGOD DAMN WHAT A SET! Congrats MKLeo!!!F U C K RESET!!!! HE’S UNSTOPPABLE @riningear JESUS CHRIST HE’S GONNA RESETAND LEO SAID I’M STAYING UP HOLY SHIT MY HEART CANT TAKE THISAND THEN TWEEK IS SAYING SIT DOWNLeo WOKE UPTWEEK WITH THE SWAP INTO A SMASH ATTACK WHAT THE F U C KFUCK, THAT SPIKE!??HE DID ITSHIT MAYBE TWEEK CAN DO ITCan anyone take a game off Leo!?!?Motherfucker went all the way under the stage and still got caught, Leo too strongT H E W A F T I S C O M I N GGOD DAMN! Every damn set against MKleo looks like it could go against him but he ALWAYS brings it back!!!!Holy shit glu with the comeback but tweek with the reads!!!THE WAFT WIFFWHY DID YOU SWAP AHHHHHHHHHHHHJesus Christ is it going to be a three stock????I want Duck Hunt to win, but also I want Leo to winHoly SHIT that exchange at the edge had my heart in my throat, what a play from Samsora!This is why I Never go for spikes @JDavidsen i CANNOT with these can jugglesNothing more humbling than watching pros use your pocket character and make them look better than your mainThEy PuT sMaSh On LaSt So EvErYoNe CoUlD gO tO bEd EaRLY
Retweeted by CadoNew: Cloudflare is booting 8chan. "The rationale is simple: they have proven themselves to be lawless and that law…
Retweeted by CadoIT’S TIME FOR SMASH!!!!!!!!!One of my biggest gaming regrets is never getting to Chinatown fair in its heydayI heard this tweet NEWCOMERS IN EVERY FIGHTING GAME 2019
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