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Cado @a_cado_appears Brooklyn, NY

Ricardo Contreras didn’t fit ok | Jr. Podcast Producer and Social Editor @waypoint | Twitch Affiliate | Latinx | He/Him

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Baltimore moods your outrage is definitely genuine and absolutely not in bad faith in the least
Retweeted by Cado @ckunzelman I feel like a reason that happened was that my generation was in high school and seeing that scene with…
And a bit of Sonic in there for good measure.
Retweeted by Cado @KatNicoleB This looks like a shot from either twin peaks or true detective🎶Rodan, Rodan, Rodan, Rooodaaaa nnn/I'm begging of you, please don't eat my man🎶
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Brigitte can be a modern knight or she be a riot cop, but she can't be both.
Retweeted by Cado @returnedlast Yeah I mean afaik they’re not trying to make a new console to compete on the market, just this intere… time great late title card
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This is so wild it might just work...
We are extremely proud to share (in solidarity) the first statement from a new initiative: Latinx Socialists of Am…
Retweeted by Cado @itskindred @sparkletone and @a_cado_appears and on the small details in 'The Friends of Ringo Ishikawa.' Listen to the ful…
Retweeted by Cadowhere are my podcast editing memes. please bring me these
Retweeted by Cado @headfallsoff Ska-ter boy @Khetix They currently have a set of bounties that will bring you up to current seasons “base” level! So not really… let me talk about Destiny on a pod again! The fools!
Honestly, excited for Game of Thrones: Brotherhood in ten years @Yelix A song of ice and fyre festivalCan't believe Kofi Kingston sat on the throne.
Retweeted by CadoMy Game of Thrones prediction: Nymeria kills Drogon but also inadvertently Bran because he was warging into him to…
Retweeted by Cado @mrasmus Yeah!! Me and Sifferz got our run done thanks to blob, cat, Jessie, and dystopia! I can finally buy the pin!Hit max Power in Destiny and got my first title!!! shoutouts to the waypoint community for the Petra's Run!
@ckunzelman damn, can’t believe they gave the Spear of Longinus to a level 1 character @nataliewatson Holy shit, you’ve hit the fuckin’ trifecta of RPGs: Action, FPS, and Turn-Based. An RPG queen LOL @appleciderwitch nice @MelloMakes I do think there are some songs that are literally what you’re describing, but most of the music makes… @MelloMakes Basically yes to all three. I think the easiest way to describe the structure though is that it’s a sto… @a_nice_frog *mained, but you know, either works
@a_nice_frog My steam name is based on the fact that I maimed Engie.@_ghostina_ was today years old when she found out what “ghost ride the whip” meant and I’m LOSING IT. Her respons… is my brain in gamer mode
Retweeted by Cado“Ok, I will rewatch The Matrix Reloaded with you, just not tonight. I wasn’t prepared” @_ghostina_, appalled that I… @nataliewatson !hell yes! I assume aqua first? @SlimiHendrix @SaraQDavid Hell yeah got a mugful @SlimiHendrix How the hell did you get so many, damn!?
Yeah, that tracks“Levi: Keyblade Master” - @_ghostina_ @patrickklepek Watch out they’re comin’ for you!
@kikibee @doven we ran a story about the Homestuck epilogue and I thought you should knowI *told* you there. let me tell you about Homestuck
Retweeted by Cadome, writing about homestuck for @waypoint: if you want i can focus more on the game aspects austin: no you're FINE…
Retweeted by Cado @WarrenIsDead @Cyborg771 @waypoint NO WONDER I DIDN’T REMEMBER THIS, I’m still like 1500 pages behind lol @Cyborg771 @waypoint @WarrenIsDead Honestly I need it but I wouldn’t be good for it, I somehow glossed over Gamzee’s breastmilk phase?!?!
Holy shit, apartment building down the street from my friends’ place is on fire @EPlaysChords SHEILD is basically the ground team for the Avengers, so if you’ve done the mental gymnastics with su… @EPlaysChords not really? SHEILD exists outside of any one country’s government, but are framed as “good guys” that…
@waypoint @nataliewatson 😭😭😭Final Fantasy Slevin send tweet @nataliewatson I’m fucking CACKLING this is so goodcan’t wait to go see #DetectivePikachuMovie tonight!!!!!
Retweeted by Cado @austin_walker So what you’re saying is that Ben Schwartz is final fantasy 7i am very good at photoshop
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Retweeted by Cado @kikibee @AaronCatanoSaez Awww thank you!!! 🙏🏽 @FauxBen Happy birthday to you and piccolo day @nataliewatson Honesty this is mostly you and Danika killing it on the delivery, the edit wrote itself 😂
When I played Ingress I would remember seeing drawings like this one on the map and being amazed at the coordinatio…’t be a scab!
Retweeted by CadoWell, there's new stuff in Destiny! Lets find out what it is! for the past week
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@nataliewatson 😭I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better co-worker and I’m glad I can call you a friend 😭
i’m sorry
Retweeted by Cado @_JoeCS holy shit this is amazingThere are very few times in my life where something I made at a job has made me cry. This podcast edit was a bitter… @nataliewatson Gonna miss working with you friend. If Kingdom Hearts has taught us anything though, know you'll alw… 100 Riot Games employees walked out today to end forced arbitration.
Retweeted by CadoNEW: We have reporting on the ground at the Riot Games walkout: "I will not apologize for the trembling of my hands…
Retweeted by CadoAs of today, @Broadly, @Tonic, and @Waypoint no longer exist and have been folded into VICE. This change has been a…
Retweeted by Cado @espiox should keep working for now, but this should catch everything new i can ask for 🙏🏾
Retweeted by CadoA note from our editor:
Retweeted by CadoHey I'm in a bit of a bad spot due to hormones being way more expensive for me this month along with some sudden th…
Retweeted by Cado @Bottomfeeder43 I used to play a while back and just got back into it! (last pre-release before war of the spark wa…
Went 1-1-1 in this draft today, and then got this in my prize pack @fugitiverabbit Thank YOU for the art!The stream has ended, but you can still donate for the rest of the day at!
Retweeted by CadoI'm totally overwhelmed by the support y'all showed this weekend. It has been a long and trying year for a lot of u…
Retweeted by CadoLast year's total: $60,545.69 This year's total (as of the end of the stream): $160,740.86 We officially raised ov…
Retweeted by CadoWe're closing in on 160k raised for @translifeline and we're coming up on the FINAL 3at33 donation rally! Let's pus…
Retweeted by CadoWe are SO CLOSE to $157k raised for @TransLifeline , the mods are extending the stream to end on one FINAL $3 at :3…
Retweeted by CadoChallenge accepted @patrickklepek @a_cado_appears 💙🧜🏼‍♂️
Retweeted by CadoThe final #3@33 donation train is coming up, where at 33 minutes past the hour everyone who can donates $3 for thos…
Retweeted by CadoI cannot believe this absolute betrayal of Snow Halation’re at $152k raised for @TransLifeline! The Jackbox Party Pack Finale is starting now, lets hit the final goal of… @waypoint 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by CadoHELL YEAH $150K FOR @TransLifeline!!! LET'S KEEP THE MOMENTUM GOING! is Touhou time over on the Savepoint stream! The mods have already raised thousands of additional dollars after…
Retweeted by Cado @TransLifeline This is the content I need in my life Point just hit $149K for @TransLifeline! $150K IS IN REACH LETS GO! Watch at! Donate at @patrickklepek got 2 hours on you, but only because I made a Brunch MistakeTurns out bottomless drinks at brunch after a long couple of days is *not* the best idea
@RobZacny I thought you’d glance at a stream eventually but I guess the burden of being an emperor is that you can’… morning! Save Point is still going strong, closing in on $145k raised for @TransLifeline! Right now Dapp and M…'RE AT $144K for @TransLifeline AND PLAYING KINGDOM HEARTS LETS KEEP IT GOING! @TransLifeline The mods are continuing the stream at, right now Penny B is playing Kingdom…