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dmg04 @A_dmg04 Seattle, WA

Senior Community Manager at Bungie. He/Him.

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@Cozmo23 I don't know you tell meYour second F5 of the day has arrived. @PaulTassi Flawless Shader. @CrazyStevieD Can’t wait. Team is killing it! @lilanimefigure Do itWant to iterate once again how much of a team lift all of this is. This took a monumental amount of effort from so…
Retweeted by dmg04The Destiny 2 news that really matters #crossplay
Retweeted by dmg04And if you find yourself asking what the Road to Witch Queen article is, READ IT! still planned for later today. Setting expectations: - Won't be addressing any questions spawned from the Roa… love the rawness of unfinished artwork.
Retweeted by dmg04Destiny 2's future is so so bright. Remain in Light.
Retweeted by dmg04Today's post from @joegoroth and the team is a lot to take in! Sit back, relax, and have a nice read. You may hav… team worked very hard on putting this together. Lets talk about how we're getting to Savathûn
Retweeted by dmg04Destiny 2021 Update: The Road to The Witch Queen 💠
Retweeted by dmg04Good morning, Guardians.Me: "Wait, you liked Sum 41 as a kid too?" .@Cozmo23: "Yep." Signs Paul Wight to Wrestle, Serve as Commentator
Retweeted by dmg04Because you can't see it in the quote tweet
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@SSneakyBeaver YesThat moment when you sign an E-mail with -Dylab @LordBingShipley Liking this so far for the Intellect, Saladin. Freaking Haw think we're still scout rifle mains now
Destiny 2 maintenance is complete. Console players who encounter issues updating to should restart their c…
Retweeted by dmg04Did my internet really just go out right now? Yea, it did. But hey, patch is live! Go get it! @egoraptor But what if he just has one big toe per foot△✨
Retweeted by dmg04Destiny 2 downtime has been extended by 1 hour. Players will not be able to sign in to Destiny 2 until 12 PM PST (2…
Retweeted by dmg04Going to be missing that shank burn rocket launcher.... @shackleshotgun We always try to sneak in one or two funny patch notes. @Cozmo23 got this one.Patch notes may be out, but maintenance is still going. @BungieHelp will let you know when it's clear to hit orbit., fuck Cancer.Good morning. Slightly longer maintenance than usual. Patch notes to be live in a few hours. Minor update - conta… @CoolGuyGames There it is!Thank you for the lore that inspires creativity! #Destiny2 #Destiny @DestinyTheGame @Bungie @BNG_Ivan @A_dmg04
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@Revenant5333 Nice Gilded Dredgen!Re: Master Nightfalls What's been your go-to loadout? Ran a few last night with friends. Aeons were a fun time.… @KevinRAGES @EldritchPixel @Bungie Killer, as always.Commission for @EldritchPixel ‘s hunter, Peregrine Chasseur! #destiny2art #destiny2 #DestinyArt
Retweeted by dmg04 @DefyFly My god... it's beautiful @Taro69420 @Epyonzilla, @Maurice_BNG, @BNG_Ivan, and a whole bunch of other folks who work on various teams that watch the conversation!Good morning. Back on the grind. Always enjoy first meeting of the week with international CM’s. Checking a world… lucky on the drop. Definitely see feedback on the drop rates. Team is looking into it.
“Clans are about people.” - ancient Hunter proverb
Retweeted by dmg04 @DJDague And now twitter is going to tell you to get off your phoneWe have resolved an issue that was preventing many players from being able to log in or play Destiny 2 and Destiny…
Retweeted by dmg04Stay tuned to @BungieHelp for latest. @CoolGuyGames @CammyCakesYT GGs! @PokemonGoApp was a lot of Pokemon.
@CraftingGeek The bulbasaur is a shinyPokemon Go get some shinies WAI Kanto day. @TrialsReport Nice @Banned_Wipe Wake upKeep your friends close and your jerk friends closer "That dmg guy? He's absolute trash." - @TheNickSalazar 2021I did not know Chain Reaction rolled on this Oh my @Banned_Wipe oh my god @ms_kdlh But what if I'm badWhat’s old is new again. Hope you guys enjoying the ghost ship. Thank you Tom and his crew. OG concept by the m…
Retweeted by dmg04Oh That’s hot @OlManMakowski Much love, and glad to see you’re on the mend
2021 awaits! HUZZAH! morning @vicious696 Have you ever cried because a team built something so god damn cool, and you were so happy they got to… have never played a Legend of Zelda game. What would you recommend for my first?Mmmmmmm @RaraBagel @MyNameIsByf Yeah wtf byfThe Why
Retweeted by dmg04 @Joverrated_ announcements today for both Bungie and Destiny. We’re just getting started.
Retweeted by dmg04Come help us Become Legend.
Retweeted by dmg04 @steinekin YOU LOVE TO SEE IT
@DarkSlayerKi Fort Casey! Highly recommend a visit. of fun today am so cold But so warm thanks to this wonderful person Also BIG GUN IS BIG am very excited for this weekend. Trials. Nightfalls. Battlegrounds. Raids. Helping friends get a fancy new exot…👀A fresh coat of paint for @BungieHelp and! Shoutout to our player support, localization,…
Retweeted by dmg04Hey what're folks talking abo--OH!😅 If you're excited about the growth of our studio, so are we!
Retweeted by dmg04💙
We’re all scout rifle mains now You Space Cowboy...Me for a few months: "Man I can't wait to snag a screenshot when loading in to this mission. We're gonna look so co…
I’m taking a few personal days this week, but that cannot interrupt our biweekly ritual... MEME TIME! Have any De… HawThe codename for Presage was Ghost Ship. We referred to the team putting the Mission together as the Ghost Ship crew.
Retweeted by dmg04We're not supposed to be here...
Retweeted by dmg04Several months ago, I got to play an early version of Season 13. After playing the Cosmo Battleground with Salvager…
Retweeted by dmg04 @TheTrueVanguard @CoolGuyGames @GriffinWB @KyleThatKyle Aye @DrewskysChannel Thanks for the feedback! Team isn’t planning to do this for all exotics moving forward. Hawkmoon…🤠 @GernaderJake Team is investigating. Stay tuned to @BungieHelp for updates. @itsEddieBB @AscendantNomad Good shit!In case you hadn't noticed... "Mark All Seen"