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Cricket, West Ham, and chicken biryani.

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The Israeli government under PM Netanyahu is planning to annex up to one third of occupied West Bank. Under intern…
Retweeted by Amran YousafUAE supports India’s Hindu settler colonial project in Kashmir. UAE supports China’s Muslim concentration camps.…
Retweeted by Amran Yousaf @LouiseRawAuthor @ceo_horny Been suspended now fortunately 👍 is an Indian Twitter Account(Most likely of RAW ) which had predicted on 17 June about KSE terrorists attack o…
Retweeted by Amran Yousaf @JDeacs Well said mate ..! 👍👍 @maxhugh67122584 😂😂😂 @Jamken22 @ZeroAlphaMonkey Simple fact is, he isn’t good enough as a manager... @Nazir_Ahmed42 The man @HamidMirPAK is an absolute disgrace... disloyal idiot... @HopkinsBRFC Cock stays in your trousers @Nomancricket29 Worcester is a lovely part of the world.... @LawrenceSellin Have a read of this Mr weekend warrior, a good piece form a man with far more credibility that you.… @LawrenceSellin Wow.... six tanks, I bet the Chinese are quaking in their boots...stick to being a weekend warrior 😉 @RuneGroan @ColonelThefixer A very long debate, also one change that will probably occur after my lifetime..! @RuneGroan @ColonelThefixer I don't disagree with that, the only thing I will say is that in India, Pakistan bashin… @HarrisRichard77 @MichaelKugelman Has Kugelman said anything around the PSX bombing...? No I didn't think so.... @Aarsh_Khan_DXB @Ziyah_Bari12 It was ridiculous that it was being sold in the first place, this should have been ex… @Martinb16005633 Second strip is fine, not sure about the third kit...! looks a bit pony... @Naqi_786 I am sure that President Xi is quaking in his boots....!😂
Since David Moyes said "that's what I do, I win" he has a Premier League win percentage of 17%. Absolutely outstand…
Retweeted by Amran Yousaf @HarrisRichard77 I know you say be polite Richard, but it’s extremely difficult when cocks like this are around...! @bobt2511 @BBCNews I take it you haven’t seen the post from her parents wanting cunts like you to stop using the li… @madhupalsingh @KazmiWajahat So will the Kashmiris from you lot wankstainSuicidal has NOT gone up by 200%. Just tweet the Samaritans number 116 123 Instead of all the BS.
Retweeted by Amran Yousaf @SrHack123 Mate, that looks top drawer... 🤗 @Sabbar_11 @SikanderFayyaz Funniest thing I have seen out of this haramkhor in ages...! 😂😂😂😂😂 @MyshkinFool I bet you say that to all the girls...! 😂😂😂 @Communista2 It was a response to their people being taken out the previous day in Kandahar, fortunately, 🇵🇰 securi… @Kevin_One77 @Nomancricket29 @Naqi_786 Absolutely agree mate, been to Trent Bridge, great ground great place to wat… @Kevin_One77 @Nomancricket29 I know mate, but its still better than no cricket at all. fingers crossed for next yea… @Nomancricket29 That is great news...! @Kevin_One77 fancy a trip down to the County Ground at Essex if this is true mate...?This is a better badge who agrees😂😂😂😂😂⚒
Retweeted by Amran Yousaf @Martinb16005633 @terrywhu2 That is the best of the lot mate..! 😂😂😂😂👍 @SteveHyde13 @Majedsblog No secret that these people were convicted, the fact remains that Asian gangs are called g… @SteveHyde13 @Majedsblog I cant get the link to open, have to leave for work but will try and open it later and come back to you. @SteveHyde13 @Majedsblog What's the provenance of that excel spreadsheet..? looks like its been created by you. @SteveHyde13 @Majedsblog Your chart for 2017 shows the white population as 57% 65% and 60%......... @SteveHyde13 @Majedsblog Have a read of this, 100% who target children because of a longstanding paedophilic intere… @M73Mohammed @Kschessinska_M That looks fabulous... they were always going to win it bro... you boys are doing well… @SteveHyde13 @Majedsblog And they just keep coming dont they..... # @SteveHyde13 @Majedsblog Would you believe it, another one, @SteveHyde13 @Majedsblog one more @SteveHyde13 @Majedsblog Another @SteveHyde13 @Majedsblog @M73Mohammed @Kschessinska_M Are you flirting bro....?😏😂👍 @adilray No.......Its not that bad yet.... @HarrisRichard77 Absolutely right, their silence is deafening.. @1mrano @WestHamRambles 😂😂👍 @Sabbar_11 @MirMAKOfficial @cnni Time to clean them up like was done to TTP then. @QkLaiba @MirMAKOfficial @cnni Absolutely right.. @WestHamRambles A very if though Mr Rambles...! Plus, I wouldn't trust GSB and Dopey Dave to make a bid on ebay for… @MirMAKOfficial @cnni Is the BLA a declared terrorist organisation..? @Naqi_786 @oldmandash @Saj_PakPassion @amiryamin54 Very much so, both of them should have been included along with…
@oldmandash @Saj_PakPassion It doesn’t inspire me with any confidence at all, even back up like Imam looked poor in… @oldmandash @Saj_PakPassion Absolutely, other than Babar, it’s very flimsy... @oldmandash @Saj_PakPassion I think that’s double what I was thinking f for him..! @Saj_PakPassion Looking forward to watching these three lads bowl, all will do well, even Hasnain despite his haters..! @iPaperSport @Saj_PakPassion I thin Wasim Khan has eventually realised what a basket case Pakistan cricket is... a… @freedoomer @APS588 👍👍And there’s no future in England’s dreaming .
Retweeted by Amran Yousaf @Communista2 Very much so..! 👍✊🏽 @OscarJ43943261 @peechooz @DailyMailUK Absolutely, the tree aren’t that many flights that come in from Pakistan tha… @peechooz @DailyMailUK I'm surprised it took the Mail and Telegraph that long to blame someone else, its crap but t… @TheSullis @ExWHUemployee I think is has to be a Jalfrezi mate, maybe a paratha with it..? 😀 @PhillipGreenfi6 @simonmaginn Happy birthday Ellis, have a good day.. @ZXretroXX What a narcissist, he really isn't that important....! @MunsifZaira Yes, and I reply with a firm East London..! How are you madam, hope your keeping well..! 😃 @MunsifZaira East London is my usual response..! 😀1️⃣I support Israel’s right to exist 2️⃣I support a Palestinian state 3️⃣I believe holocaust was evil 4️⃣I’m offend…
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@Col3691 😂🥺 @Col3691 Very worrying mate..! 😂😂Young Boyz in Switzerland need to get a crowd back ASAP 👀
Retweeted by Amran Yousaf @WHULUVA @AntTerry94 It's a sad reality but everyone in football knows the struggle that is west ham from top to bo…
Retweeted by Amran Yousaf @MazherArshad Didn’t Haider Ali test positive for COVID and isn’t joining the squad..? @ODESSA47474369 @Nature_and_Race Her parents are more concerned about people like you...! ✊🏽💦You can see why Moyes thought Dendoncker wasn't good enough for us. MOYESYOUFU********** 🤬⚒ #WHUFC #GSBOUT #moyesisamassivecockgoblin
Retweeted by Amran YousafI'm a self employed black gardener based in south east london, work is hard to find thesedays. I'd a appreciate it…
Retweeted by Amran Yousaf @chris19052 @MikeFreedom10 @Unclescam2 @WestLondonR @DailyMailUK Very much so..! @SrHack123 Something to look forward to though mate..! 😀 @chris19052 @MikeFreedom10 @Unclescam2 @WestLondonR @DailyMailUK I checked this idiot out, two followers since 2019… @peechooz Lol...! Sorry bro... 😂 @chris19052 @MikeFreedom10 @Unclescam2 @WestLondonR @DailyMailUK They don’t t care about any of the victims that th…'m a Palestinian girl 🇵🇸 I'm not a terrorist. If you beleive me, Please retweet.
Retweeted by Amran Yousaf @SrHack123 Love pie and mash, used to regularly go to the one in Bethnal Green Road when I worked there..! 😀 @peechooz Seriously cute mate.. that’s the pooch not you..! 😂 @Jamken22 Should have had an all of the above mate..! @chris19052 @MikeFreedom10 @Unclescam2 @WestLondonR @DailyMailUK Exactly mate, everything they do is completely aga… @chris19052 @MikeFreedom10 @Unclescam2 @WestLondonR @DailyMailUK The mans a complete moron mate, that ridiculous co… @MikeFreedom10 @chris19052 @Unclescam2 @WestLondonR @DailyMailUK Original eye witnesses...? Did you speak to them.?… @BenJolly9 I’m going to hazard a guess and say masturbating furiously..! @SrHack123 Absolutely mate, don’t want to sound too gloomy but look what these fuckers did to Birmingham..! History… @shysteee2018 But they think they are irresistible with their beer guts and pasty complexions..! 😂 @MarkALinley @gailmarie1958 @PaulJC97 Nice one Mark for showing this for what it actually was. 👍👍 @SrHack123 I think we will get lucky again mate. My worry is we could end up like Sunderland, wanky owners, skin of… @Kevin_One77 @jitzjani That’s true, I do think the inter island politics don’t help either, a few good young quicks… @APS588 Bro, are you for or against an independent Khalistan..? My Sikh friends here in the UK were initially divid… @Marsh4LL1 Fuck me who do people like Val think they are kidding, the lie as poorly as a puppy denying the pile of… @LePinchHitter @englandcricket @nassercricket Usman Afzaal..? @YourFriendZippy Total and utter scum, some very short memories of history going on here...! 😡
Woman, who whitewashes brutal colonial apartheid, & whose incompetence, negligence & complacency contributed to vul…
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