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Concept artist, visdev artist not available for work ATM Patreon : For professional inquires email me at

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Drawing some character sprites live at trying not to buy every single ancient tool i see on french craiglist @itslittletunny He is doing so good !!!!!3615 @OocTobeyM this made me cry @librairesecache moi je savais pas du tout comment internet fonctionnait, et je voulais des cheats codes pour spide…
Actually feral @CalumAWatt One of your best work @allisonperryart What a beautyI am so happy it only took about two weeks for them to go from sworn enemies to sleeping next to one another ! Now…
@AmiePsychique who knew that the common enemy humanity needed to finally be united was Mario christ pratt @general_sthe one day you will have to answer whatever god is up there for this crime @NightblueArt now if you ever need a cool gamer tag you have one already tailor made for you @marsoids @MrBeezul @DannyAraya tbh i like the idea of charlie day as luigi, but yeah, no ... @Beavs I got pizza money ass so im not interested in trading sorry @nortiezator C'est ouf, je sors 3 minutes sur ma terrace je me fais attaquer par 10 moustiques direct @Oceanthebard this is so fucking good @CitrusFoam absolutely gorgeous, those colors and shape are ace @markkingsnorth Im buying this day one when you release it @TonyHolmsten If i kept a 10th of all the incredible motivation i have at night i would be fucking shredded
@author_pandp No idea, i dont watch american dad ! @DannyAraya We should force all these people to model, texture, shade, rig, skin, animate with keyframes, clean the… @WassNonnam This is making laugh so much, my god @WassNonnam Hahahahhahaha @MichaelChallis Hahaha yeah i love this one too ! @J_McCor @JacobStreilein always so good ! @decentralises De vache
@allisonperryart So good @ThomasScholes This is so good looking and unique man, awesome job @MatiasHannecke @Shaun_Bryant ˢᵒʳʳʸ @Shaun_Bryant I had never seen a person with ears that i could describe as " aggressively front facing ", but here we are. @homodachii here you go ! @aluminiumtkhs Your textures and designs are next level, amazing work @ArchBastard Ive never seen anything
@jessdrawz So cool!! @Jnoel150 he never misses @RemmersTim One of us, one of us ! @diffendale I've been a friend of Boar Vessel 600-500 BC Etruscan Ceramic for years and i can't believe it would do…
@alexandrascaggs For sale : Baby taxes paperwork, never filed @poltr_b that was actually what i was thinking about writing before settling for " hehe funi " ! @arvalis Well now you've ruined soft taco turtles for me @jeffsimpsonkh those pictures are actually not picturs of burmese soft shell turtles, they are of me, french soft bellied alex human @rathaelos ok i'm actually very angry that i never made the link between both of them; but yeah that is namielle alright ! @itslittletunny Very intense action, what a star @GayPrinceMander Very good @dancingmeerkat Yes
@kloud_kat juste makes them even more of a favourite, absolute sigmas @CorruptedMarcy that makes me like them even more @castpixel woah @DrGeraud remind me of a really stern geography teacher @heymkjoe yup, absolutely, it's tough but that's how it is @andremfpinheiro Thats true !!!!
@Oceanthebard hell yeah sweden ! @Oceanthebard oooh, where are you going ? @MatiasHannecke oculus time babyyyy @CoryLoftis I'll send you a mouse with all these little buttons so you can have as many auto runs as you can @jessdrawz LMAO @feral_chimeral i was googling why does numlock exist and it was one of this thing of " oh IBM computers didnt have… @WryCritic this new dick looks great @Julesdrawz so good !! @Julesdrawz here comes the boy 🎼hello boy 🎼 welcome 🎼 there he 🎼is he is here 🎼 @AurelieBouquet_ Thats definitely a procedural noise and you cant convince me otherwise @victoriaying Haha brain go brrrr @Beavs I mean sure, but stirring drama just for the sake of it isnt really worth praising imo, even if it doesnt hu… @Beavs I dunno that seems very close to edgy racists making racists jokes and then going " lol trolled you trololol… @maxtronaute Super ca @wtfmig How comfortable are you with full latex suits with boob windows ? @VladHarabagiu Wow they really do have the same markings ! @VladHarabagiu I want to see Zola !
@ihaveeczema Gorgeous ! @couturecrema For a solid 10 seconds i thought this was a fluffy bull terrier @emilypearsonart You can do it ! Take all the time you need to heal and rest, i wish you the best @Beavs Remembering tumblr is a sign of trauma @DroseAttack i read " when World fails me " and i was gonna ask if you were talking about the clutch claw in MhW, t… @torpordust "Ma puce " which mean " my flea", it is a classic cutesy french name you give kids @chiba_akihito So so so good @heystarspun she probably needs some wd40 @abigbat she never stops @Deathsilk hahaha that's true !! @Hbomberguy @shaun_vids stop try to drive into crowds of people ? i'm literally a car and a minor ? lol ... @izogii Its a met gala fit for sure @Hyptosis they are both very social cats so it helps, i identified the main tension point ( food time ), so now the…
@Baldinosaurus Gorgeous @YamanataVault I'll contribute to the tribute @Lanky_Tree She also have a very cronchy energy ! @dcdraws @BartekMoniewski Hahahaha wow ! Thanks for the link, yeah that is a bit preposterous @chickysprout Very cute ! @colorslive_ Dont worry, we love you @BartekMoniewski Oh i'm curious, do you have a link where i could see the new UI ? @infiernoctopus c'est absolument degueulasse, l'acte lui meme et le cover up, j'espere que tu vas bien leur mettre… @genicecream They are just afraid of us @itslittletunny this boy has the tiniest eyes to face ratio i've ever seen, very cute @lorenzofb How not surprising at all
@verytallolyke Negative reversed wario @nataliehall i'm sold @nataliehall i've been meaning to get one of these things for years and never did, are they life changing ? @andreintg Have you tried the command /onlyonetorus~andonecube/(please) ? @mnstrchrmnt Ah yes i know this guy, i cant appreciate him anymore because apparently he uses a lot of outdated des… @scribbleclaw Hahaha yeah ive watched primitive technology a while ago !