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A✨ @AaeMae Shira is my bestie

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@laydabratttttt 💕💕A real life barbie doll😍
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Shit ain’t perfect, but life is great ♥️GRWM | GIRLS NIGHT OUT via @YouTube @dancin_4STACKS Thank you ♥️ @emellyyxo Feeling is mutual 💋💕 @AsianDaBrattt 😘♥️♥️♥️♥️Damm “Da Funniest” Look So Pretty 😍
Retweeted by A✨ @Msginafla 😘♥️♥️♥️ @teeecharney_ Thank you 😘 @gorgeouskeren Thank you 💕 @thegrlzahr Yktv sis 💕💕 @whtrulookinfo 😘♥️💕 @kmelaun_ 😘😘♥️ @JAZZMENLOVE This dress is from the sex store sis 😂😩🖤 giving the girls captions
Retweeted by A✨ @itslakeyah You surely are 😝💕💕💕.I’m exclusive, no basics allowed 🖤 @crystalbaee1 😍😍😍😍😍 @asiandabrattxfp Tequila 😭Fuckin wit the opps so that bitch she got hit too 🥶 @FamouzzN ♥️ @nniiccoleee2 ♥️♥️ @asiandabrattxfp 😘😘😘♥️Asian & crystal be making me drink Hennessy 🤢Make me your lock screen 💋 looks so good on my skin and pink looks so good on my toes 💕 @khilanii & dont. @khilanii Me friend.
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @itslowkei 😂♥️🤞🏽I’m the fun friend fasho, always bring the vibes 🥳 @AsianDaBrattt 😂😂🥳🥳🥳I’m finna give my friends names Crystal- Da Complainer Ariel - Da Funnest Juju - Da LIAR Seven - Da SPENDER
Retweeted by A✨Omgggg 😍 a nail color is stressful 😂 @itslakeyah 😍😍😍😍 @SharNecole 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 exactly. @onna4370 Going homeeeee @onna4370 I’m sleepyyyyy @onna4370 Shhhhhhh @T_Yoncee 😭 @onna4370 😭 I’m doneeeee after this week @i2clappzy If you would’ve put money on it you woulda won @onna4370 A shame 😭I just said I wasn’t going outside and guess where my friends got meMiss me ? 🤍
Retweeted by A✨Having my way fasho. @itsbreelovee I love youuuuPretty ass girl I love you.
Retweeted by A✨🖕🏽💕 in myself is the best decision I’ve ever made.
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@dripavell Thank you 😘Just at night for me 🤣 I love my alone time.’m not ordering Uber eats no more. Who tf told them they can make a stop with my food, shit gone be cold as hell. 😒DMX was/is a legend. May his spiritual transition be peaceful 🙏🏽 @Deane_babyy Nobody more deserving than you. I’m so excited for you. @Deane_babyy YAY A BOY 😍To the love of my life @Deane_babyy I can’t wait to start this new journey with you. I Love you unconditionally 🖤
Retweeted by A✨ @M_onaee 🤪♥️ @HottieRie 😂😂“My babygirl so pretty she the coldest in the city” 🤍 Me in pictures : 🖕🏽😚 @itslakeyah Of course 😘♥️ @itslakeyah tape hard! 🔥Die for me nigga I’m perfect @xoxo_deshonda You right 😚Been poppin mine, now I’m having my way. 5:16 🤍💙🦋
Retweeted by A✨Literally @Moee_XD 😂Single life be boring at nightPussy like holy grail u know Dat 😉
Retweeted by A✨I ain’t linkin wit niggas I wasn’t born really fuckin good right now
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Whew!!! @crystalbaee1 GIRL!!!! Pls don’t do me. I’m just now leaving the beauty supply 😑Now why would I go in Sephora and spend $200 when all I needed was a new eyebrow pencil.THE BLESSING 💙💙 THE WIFE💙💙THE mFR IMA KILL BOUT @byindiaroyale
Retweeted by A✨ @byindiaroyale Who tf thought bike delivery was a good idea anyways 😭 @byindiaroyale Food be cold and slung around 😭😭I need to buy new clothes but everytime I get online it overwhelms me 😭It’s about to be a realllll busy summer! @myheartisinMIA 3I need a classy, everyday necklace and watch.
Retweeted by A✨Fell asleep on episode 2 woke up on episode 13 wtf Hulu 😭
@Ms_Underst0od You know!If I had to choose me or you, I’d choose me.I got some flowers today ‘because it’s Wednesday’ 🤍 love that for me.I cherish all the genuine people in my life, who love me for me. Nowadays people always have ulterior motives.God always on time 🤞🏽 @kennbanks my favvvc. I think I’m gonna save it for tomorrow so I can get a veggie to go with itShould I cook shrimp pasta or salmon 🤔 @arabuic Thank you 🥰♥️
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