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Retweeted by Thee Badass @cypher_HD 🤗 @JustKelechi My chest @JustKelechi Because you love me @JustKelechi Abi you should send me moneyBeen feeling very loved lately 😊 @F0luade Lmaoooo i think i drank too muchI’m 360 with the moves @ebuka_ad God is with youI’ve always wondered how PawPaw’s brilliant poem will look animated so I made this short as a warm up 😅 using…
Retweeted by Thee BadassI LOVE MEGAN THEE STALLION!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by Thee Badasschloe x halle performing forgive me acoustic; that’s called perfection
Retweeted by Thee BadassTyrion's 'confession' was peak #GameOfThrones 🔥
Retweeted by Thee BadassTWICE AS TALL cc @burnaboy #TWICEASTALL #Calltheparamedic 🦍🚀🚑
Retweeted by Thee Badasschloe x halle takes the award for the best performances in 2020
Retweeted by Thee BadassThe H20 Fruit Infusion Water Bottle is very light weight, yet it's sturdy and easy to carry. Make your own fruit in…
Retweeted by Thee BadassThey ATE! NEWS: Chloe x Halle continue to be THE MOMENT 👏🏾🎉
Retweeted by Thee Badass @skinnyniggr So prettyyyyyyyyyyyy @Abdulakeeb Uwc ❤️
Hello guys, please I need a t shirt plug in London 🙏🏽 Please do you guys have any suggestions? I’d really apprec…
Retweeted by Thee Badass @Abdulakeeb happy birthday golden boy ✨✨❤️Official Tracklist for ‘Twice As Tall’ by @burnaboy with features from Stormzy, Chris Martin @YoussouNdourSN,…
Retweeted by Thee BadassJoe Joe Joeboy donmess
Retweeted by Thee BadassAll that "mental capacity" but zero emotional intelligence? I don't Watch the show but I'm y'all don't even read bo…
Retweeted by Thee Badass @_tommy_teee Sigh @_tommy_teee They say no free money from September @_tommy_teee Nope secretariat hasn’t been openIt’s about to be eventful 🦍🚀 #TWICEASTALL
Retweeted by Thee Badass @_tommy_teee They said we should come and process our relocation next weekKing Burnaaaaaaaaaa! Eyan Thanosssss 🦍
Retweeted by Thee BadassIt really is my Giant doesn’t want us to flourish @ibraheem_TM Rn pleaseOmo iya mi sho ni 30 million to le ya mimost of you only talk bad about burna because you love the engagement
Retweeted by Thee Badass @_mojolaa Lmaoooo let me know when you do so i can follow in your footsteps maI hope all is well with MojolaMy Ibadan pple, please help me find my mother. Its exactly 24 hours now, it's driving me crazy. I need y'alls help😩…
Retweeted by Thee BadassKi lo tun ni Marley shey send a dm if you want to order❤️
Retweeted by Thee BadassKindly send a dm to order your luxurious water bottles 😊
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Retweeted by Thee BadassHello everyone goodmorning, pls i am here again seeking for your assistance #DonateToSaveItoro no amount is to smal…
Retweeted by Thee BadassAfrobeats star Burna Boy has enlisted the help of Diddy to bring his new album "Twice As Tall" to life.
Retweeted by Thee Badass @YtonaDa Aired pls @YtonaDa Stop am plzzz @YtonaDa Omo they should stop thinking suchIf you like Outisde, you will like Burna’s next album
Retweeted by Thee BadassAmen 🙏🏾 @JahmalUsen You’re foolish Amen @JahmalUsen Agbero well done. The slapper of men. The unbeaten and unburntNigerians would have started to hike fess of essential needs, while government would set up IDPs and start using th…
Retweeted by Thee Badass @JahmalUsen The keke man disagrees @JahmalUsen Agbero 🙄Original Miniature Perfumes for Men✨ Dior Sauvage (10ml) - N6,000 Gucci Guilty (15ml) - N8,000 Tom Ford (10ml) - N…
Retweeted by Thee Badass @yogo_freak on the camera app
Retweeted by Thee BadassHow long did it take to make this project Twice As Tall @burnaboy @OfficialLeriQ
Retweeted by Thee Badass @AanuBekaiye 😂😂 to @yogo_freak 's pocket 😋
Retweeted by Thee Badass @rola_salami @yogo_freak 😂😂💕If you’re not proud of it get her a weave from @needleshair
Retweeted by Thee Badass @life_ofslim Yeah i told you @thegrandultron_ Toh @thegrandultron_ You no what I meant @DareOderinde Lmaoooo thanks boss @skinnyniggr You’ll get it next time baby @skinnyniggr Sausage roll 🙄 @DareOderinde Omo I’m like this because I’ve been forgetting since march 😔Can’t be my giant @DareOderinde You want to buy for me sir?Found someone close to my house that sells parfait. Guess where all the money I don’t have is going to?RT mehnnn!!!
Retweeted by Thee BadassI no even get stress. Anybody that says I’m stressful brought out the stress in meI decree & declare today a blessed & fulfilling day for each & everyone of us ❤️.
Retweeted by Thee BadassOriginal Miniature Perfumes ✨ Jimmy Choo Illicit- N3800 Jimmy Choo Illicit Flower - N3800 Miss Dior Blooming Bouq…
Retweeted by Thee BadassPick a fave, anon might be watching 🌚
Retweeted by Thee Badass @sufffy_j Lmaoooo mumuBig man 🙏🏾 been dey do all these things that year sha#ROCKETBOYS PRODUCTION SQUAD @OfficialLeriQ @_Telz 😭🔥 ........ @p2jmusic @JAE5_ @rexxiepondabeat #TAT
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Burna Boy Has the Whole World Listening
Retweeted by Thee Badass @bigsawss 😒Make sure your vote chloe x Halle for best R&B and Best Quarantine performance and from 1pm- 2pm EST the votes are…
Retweeted by Thee Badass @ucheXXL 🙄 @CallMeBiola Sigh 😔The reason a lot of us feel shitty is because we have a purpose we feel we are not able to fill right now. Don’t worry, our time is coming.
Retweeted by Thee BadassBurna Boy Has the Whole World Listening - The New York Times #TWICEASTALL #TAT #BurnaBoy
Retweeted by Thee BadassPLEASE STOP DOUBTING GOD!
Retweeted by Thee Badass @Cerebrone Sigh I’ll try. Thanks boo 😘 @Cerebrone Omo this is actually a problem cuz I’m at home rn and I can’t work when people are around me. Haven’t do… it weird that i need like 3 days alone to mentally prepare myself before I can start a task?Burna’s Fifth Album #TwiceAsTall Drops Next Week Friday! 14/08. 🔥🦍
Retweeted by Thee BadassKidd is like every Abuja boy. They treat you nice and make you feel good then you notice thats how they treat every one elseDem Dead 💀 TAT 14/08 🔥🔥🔥🔥🦍🔥🦍🔥🦍🔥🦍 #twiceastall #TAT
Retweeted by Thee BadassTWICE AS TALL 14/08 Cc @burnaboy 🦍 🦍
Retweeted by Thee BadassRead your Bible......Know your God.
Retweeted by Thee BadassNobody does "promise and fail" like a Yoruba man you didn't ask for anything.
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