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Love dogs. Hate bigotry. Wine, don't whine. Real-life Wonder Woman. Essentially, an eater of worlds: comics, books, films and other pop-culture planets.

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On some days, you want to disappear. Today's one such day.
@imlnk 😁😁🤗🤗 @nuts2406 💟💟💟 @chakrabartyavas Sending love @Ishcomic How's Maa doing! @chakrabartyavas KowloonSince it's Bijoya and I am a bangali who loves her meeshti. Even if it's just looking at them on Pinterest. have data of used condoms found in JNU but no clue about the creator of Aarogya Setu App. Strange!!
Retweeted by Devlina Ganguly @cowbai Give Autumn kisses on my behalf please @nuts2406 @kaalicharan I was meant to find him 💟💟I thought Biden summed up Covid very evocatively. He said something like, there are missing places at dining tables at home.
Retweeted by Devlina Ganguly @nuts2406 @kaalicharan Rockyyyyyyyyy💕💕My love. My life. My Kowloon 💟💟 @citizen_nair Certainly not at the helm of affairs RNA good, smart leader is one who listens. One who is willing to learn. Not a know-it-all who actually knows nothing. @jamiamillia_ 100 years of excellence. Wish you many moreSo transparent that no one has any information about it to give to the court
Retweeted by Devlina Ganguly @ranjona What madness is this!! @Finelychopped 😁😁 @Finelychopped Baby Loaf is like me 😁 @cowbai MoiMany workplaces treat their employees no better than slaves. All talk of well-being is just that. TALK. @PoonamKumpatla @QueerNaari Hehehe... Love you in every way @_NairFYI back up no? @PoonamKumpatla @QueerNaari Was going to say g***d se 😁😂 @imlnk @gauravpramanik @priyashmita Eeeeee. Sorry 😁May you be cured of all viruses -- be it Corona or communalism 🙏🏻 aise hota hai... Pyaar aise hota hai. Love you @iamsrk . Always have. Always will. Thank you for bringing th… @gauravpramanik @priyashmita You deserve all of this and more. You make my life a beautiful place 💟💜💚💕Sharing it without your permission @nuts2406 169 votes already. And it's clear what people think @promzzz Eeeeee😒😒 @priyashmita @gauravpramanik I can see the champagne flowing 😁💗My mother wants me to message the doc with my health updates. This is the second day she said, "Twitter kore janao.… many men have been inappropriately touched by a woman while using public transport? Please be honest. We promi…
Retweeted by Devlina GangulyGolmaal hain bhai sab golmal hain. Feku government, feku app @CommonManOfPune @gauravpramanik The crispy buff isThats nothing, In neighbouring Ladakh, you can just walk in and occupy.
Retweeted by Devlina GangulyIn 15 years, Nitish govt has achieved so much that BJP-JDU still seek votes by scaring people of 'jungle raj' if RJD comes to power.
Retweeted by Devlina GangulyAnd of course, birthday boy @gauravpramanik made my day with the loveliest note and these fabulous pickles 💟💟💟, gandagi bahar karne ka time hai. #BiharElections @exteetotaller @RahulMukherji5 @ConradkBarwa @priyashmita @QueerNaari @gauravpramanik @PoonamKumpatla @chirpysheffy @shivani_1970 Lovely @imlnk He didn't get hers 😂
.@gauravpramanik Happy happy birthday to the sweetest, kindest, nicest and hottest boy. May good health and happine… Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear Vickey. Happy birthday to you 💗… a Hindu commits a crime, the onus doesn't lie on us to cry ourselves hoarse saying "Not all Hindus." But every… @AshwinGour4 I wouldn't be surprised 😂 @sahas1301 HugsThis actually happened?!? : What is the past tense of "We are doomed?" Stud : Narendra Modi got elected
Retweeted by Devlina GangulyZero 2.0. Not featuring Shah Rukh Khan, but India's economy @mahuadey20 Always so generous with compliments. @mahuadey20 Baah baah @Grumpy_Bong Amazing shot!Prawn Hub 🔥 More than half polished off before pic was clicked. The mother has decided to force feed me by getting… @Sydusm Potty looks better 🤣 @QueerNaari Naaah. He looked hot @sayk_art Khub sundor @TheSlowFireChef @ProsaicView @priyashmita @Ishcomic @sandeeproy1 @Tinni_Aphrodite @moonsez @ranjona @bunsenbernerbmd He protecc. He attacc. And his big birthday is bacc 💟💟💟 Happy happy, Pav 💗 @anurag_b1 @nuts2406 So beautiful @nuts2406 Thank you 😊🤗 @imlnk So beautiful and brightCheck Sasha out
Retweeted by Devlina Ganguly @chirpysheffy So glad someone got it 😂😂Shom Shom Shamo Jai-Shah 🤷🏻‍♀️ @StealthButterf1 Baah @Asifseikh70 Ki bolbo jaani naa. I feel ashamed @ravirajanpawar Amazing @Asifseikh70 Yes. I know. Can't expect anything different sadlyShot by me. Carry on the thread. Let's spread some beauty on toxic Twitter @nuts2406 @D5habib @raziasworld @Ilovehyderabad @smileysnaps @KalyaniMuktevi Gorgeous @chirpysheffy @nuts2406 @TwitterIndia @Twitter 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ Twitter being a jackass @StealthButterf1 Both @chirpysheffy @PoonamKumpatla @RahulMukherji5 🤗🤗 @PoonamKumpatla @chirpysheffy @RahulMukherji5 @chirpysheffy @PoonamKumpatla @RahulMukherji5 He is @Asifseikh70 ???Soumitra Chatterjee as the villainous Mayurbahan. Uttam Kumar in a double role. Classics are called so for a reason… @amitmehra @TheSlowFireChef Looks delish @promzzz Found manyIt's out in the open now. @gauravpramanik I don't want you to talk about it. Please @gauravpramanik Can you stop! @Mittermaniac @iamsrk 💗💗🤗🤗What more will I see?? 🙄😑 was serious about One Nation One Price, apparently! #OnionPrice
Retweeted by Devlina Ganguly @ShubhroMukherji Ta toh ashbei... Rang de mujhe gerua gaicheAnkhi pakhi hoye ure gelo!?! 🕊️🕊️Hindu men don't kill/rape Hindu women? In your bigoted world, you are blind to reality. Hate crimes against women a… @RohanDasgupta Thank you, Rohan @samikm_2003 Thanks @samikm_2003 Digital upskilling.Any sites that have good digital courses which one can do free of cost? Apart from Coursera that is. Leads will be appreciated. @nainamadan Mine tooআমায় ডুবাইলিরে আমায় ভাসাইলিরে অকুল দরীয়ায় বুঝি কুল নাইরে… @gauravpramanik Amen 💗Ramdas Athwale: Go Corona Go! Corona:
Retweeted by Devlina Ganguly @_gandharv_ First, don't use yaar when talking to me. Second, she deserves it. Third, my Twitter handle, I get to… to see so much talk of France in a land where people have been lynched by 'devout' cow vigilantes on mere '…
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