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And now the #Bears have released an updated injury report. OLB Khalil Mack (back) did not participate today.
Retweeted by Aaron LemingBoth non-tenders make complete sense. Rodon just never panned out. Nagy says Mitchell Trubisky will start again Sunday vs. the Lions.
Retweeted by Aaron Leming#Bears Wednesday Injury Report
Retweeted by Aaron Leming @AlexHough94 @amazon I wish that was the case. They didn’t take a picture but claim they have GPS info to show it w… Fry, White Sox settle at $862,500
Retweeted by Aaron LemingIfedi says he doesn't know if the switch to OT is permanent. (I'm guessing it is). #Bears
Retweeted by Aaron LemingThe #Lions placed CB Desmond Trufant and DT Danny Shelton on Injured Reserve, potentially ending their season given…
Retweeted by Aaron LemingEh, they ranked 20th in offensive DVOA in 2018. Still in the bottom half of the league & that was helped by a few r… how both offensive prodigies that have recently come from Andy Reid seem to be struggling. At least P… @MaxWildstein Welcome to Matt Musto, my friend. Check out his old band Polaroid back when he was doing pop punk stuff in the mid-2000’s.
@jacobsan26 It was their delivery service. @brianmather That’s kinda what I’m hoping for... I guess we’ll see. I know it was driver error. Just impossible to prove it to them. @MattJ_Sports Most shelters don’t do a home check. Usually an application & that’s it. Should be done within a few… @tonym26 Have never had an issue until today. It’s crazy to me. @brianmather Naturally no. Have one for the new house next month lol. @realwusadtsamad @amazon I've hoped this was the case & that it would magically appear. Two days later & still no luck... @g_eckholm @thanny10 @amazon You basically have to talk to one team & then they relay that info to another team in… @Johnathan_Wood1 @amazon Great question. They don't have the picture but are still claiming they have geo coordinat… really looking to go the public shame route (as if it would ever work against a company like this) but seriousl… @amazon is claiming they delivered a package on Sunday (while we were home) that they never did. They have… @RoodDruid @amazon @AmazonHelp I've been doing the chat stuff. I thought I had it handled. Then got an email basica… else had issues with @amazon @AmazonHelp with things not being delivered & them refusing to issue replacemen… @BigDadGetzBandz You would know quite a bit about dumbass takes, huh?
2021 Mock Draft QBs selected in the 1st round (According to @ryanwilsonCBS) 1. Trevor Lawrence (Jets) 2. Justin Fi…
Retweeted by Aaron LemingThere were very few bright spots for the #Bears in their loss to Green Bay. @AaronLemingNFL breaks down his winners…
Retweeted by Aaron LemingMatt Nagy, who has won SEVEN games in which his offense scored fewer than 20 points, ripping into his defense is really something.
Retweeted by Aaron LemingThe head coach calling out a Top 10 defense that has supported a bottom 10 offense for 3 straight years now... Holy… love you, @Rigojio88. 💙 #RigoStrong
Retweeted by Aaron Leming @Stewie309 @bearsbullscats @BearsFanatico94 It's a two way street. #Bears chose not to pay him. Can't just blame th… @P_Shels @BearsFanatico94 That's an understatement. So much fun being a Bears fan, huh? @bearsbullscats @BearsFanatico94 I don't think Robinson leaving is the right answer either. I get it, his team is b… @BearsFanatico94 Thing is, being objective & critical isn't being "afraid". What difference does it make if he's sh… a normal one
Retweeted by Aaron LemingThat first down will end it. Another bad loss & 5 in a row on top of that. Ugly play with zero answers. #Bears drop… this. Trubisky is more fun to watch over the final 5+ games but neither one of these guys should/will be… to Robinson for the 1-yard TD. #Bears down 27-10 with 19 seconds left in the first half.Btw- My thoughts on firing Pace and/or Nagy. If one goes, they both should go. There’s zero chance Pace should stay… is the most juice I’ve seen David Montgomery have in a long time. Dude looks quick tonight. #BearsThrow out overall season records. An argument can be made that the #Bears are in the top 3 worst teams in the leagu… backups, 2 guys playing out of position & the one guy (Leno) starting in his normal spot is the one who draws the… a quick reminder- The #Bears aren’t an organization to fire anyone in season. Have had multiple questions abou… defensive drive of the game, 3rd one in the red zone & a 3rd TD. Just a reminder this team was once 5-1... #BearsPackers have owned TOP so far & while some of that is on the offense, the defense owns a much larger share of the b… defense finally makes a stop on 3rd down but fails on 4th. Packers 3rd drive is still rolling & once again inside the red zone.This is one TD away from being a “will Ryan Pace & Matt Nagy be fired tomorrow” kinda games... #BearsWell shit... the risk of jinxing this... Trubisky looks sharp so far. Decisive. #BearsRodgers to Marcedes Lewis for another easy TD. #Bears now down 13-3.#Bears down 6-3 at the end of the 1st quarter. Likely to be more after this drive. To put it lightly, this defense… defense now 0/4 on 3rd downs tonight. Not ideal. @leilarahimi There’s about 3 QBs in the league who get the benefit of that call consistently. Hate that one of them plays in Green Bay...“Roughing the passer”... come on, man.#Bears defense getting zero pressure & Packers receivers streaking open over the middle the field. Seems like an ungood way to win a game.6-3 after the two “should have been” missed catches. Need to remember Crosby missed the XP, apparently. Either wa…’s not a catch but Cole Kmet needs to have that... #BearsHuge 57 yard run for David Montgomery right up the gut. #Bears new interior did something nice there.I’m actually somewhat amazed at how much of a drop off it’s been from Fangio to Pagano. A lot of it is simply schem…*6-0 due to the missed XP. Either way, #Bears down a TD with the offense set to take the field.#Bears get virtually zero pressure on Rodgers on a 3rd & 10. Rodgers sits back & waits for Adams to get open for th… just outside the 10 with a 7 minute drive & counting. #Bears need to tighten up here.#Bears defense getting gashed up the middle so far against the run. Jones ripping off 8+ each time he touches it.It’s time. Let’s see if the #Bears figured out anything over the bye week.
Moving Ifedi to RT makes little sense, IMO. If you don’t trust Spriggs to be your swing tackle, why have him on the… Hicks tonight... Appears Leno Jr is good though. #Bears body language from the top of Lambeau Field in the press box, I'd guess #Bears DL Akiem Hicks will give it…
Retweeted by Aaron LemingSaints are fined $500,000 and have a 7th-round draft pick taken away for post-game maskless celebrations after win…
Retweeted by Aaron LemingWith that being said, I still can’t believe the NFL is forcing the Broncos to play tomorrow. They’ve moved mounta… the Broncos tweet wrong. My fault.We have elevated QB Tyler Bray from the practice squad to the active roster. @Hyundai | #DaBears
Retweeted by Aaron LemingNot the first time Vic Fangio has coached for an NFL team with no quarterback answers on the roster.
Retweeted by Aaron LemingPer team source: Looking more and more like former Wake QB and current Broncos PS WRKendall Hinton will be Broncos…
Retweeted by Aaron Leming
I just don’t understand this... NFL really botching things as of late. @Nate_Flint Only with playing time incentives that include getting the the NFC Championship game lolThe Ravens currently have 20 players on the Reserve/COVID list and an additional 10 on injured reserve for a total…
Retweeted by Aaron LemingFor as much shit as I talk about the Lions, I do think that them firing this regime is a good thing for them. Yet… time coming.
#Packers WR Davante Adams (ankle), who didn't practice Thursday, returned on a limited basis today and is off the i…
Retweeted by Aaron LemingTexans part with veteran WR Kenny Stills.
Retweeted by Aaron Leming#Bears Friday Injury Report
Retweeted by Aaron LemingCoach Nagy has confirmed that Mitch Trubisky will be our starter this Sunday vs. Green Bay.
Retweeted by Aaron Leming#Bears have activated FS Eddie Jackson from the reserve/COVID-19 list so he's good to practice later today and star…
Retweeted by Aaron LemingThankful for this team of writers that bust their butts! Make sure to follow our team! #Bears @AaronLemingNFL
Retweeted by Aaron LemingCould open the door for the #Bears to make the playoffs as an 8th seed if a string of meaningful postponements happ… @IanKenyonNFL @Marcus_Mosher Agreed, which I actually didn’t feel going into the year. You as a GB fan probably fel… @IanKenyonNFL @Marcus_Mosher Was about to say the same thing. They were a below .500 team with Dak. Without him, they are bottom 5.Sources: #Ravens star QB Lamar Jackson tested positive for COVID-19.
Retweeted by Aaron Leming
Matt Nagy says Nick Foles is still day-to-day, Mitchell Trubisky took full reps during today's practice. Coach says…
Retweeted by Aaron LemingCould have just taken out the secondary part & hit send. would talk shit but let’s be honest here, the #Bears aren’t much better right now. Thanksgiving! #Bears Thursday Injury Report
Retweeted by Aaron LemingFor the second straight day, Bears’ QB Nick Foles did not practice due to his hip injury while Mitchell Trubisky wa…
Retweeted by Aaron LemingThe #Packers have claimed and been awarded off waivers DT Anthony Rush from the #Bears. The 6-4, 350-pound Rush is…
Retweeted by Aaron Leming
This is horrible. Crushing for his family & the entire Cowboys organization. list 21 players on the injury report today.
Retweeted by Aaron LemingMatt Nagy didn't officially name a starting QB for Sunday's game. But I'd be shocked if it wasn't Mitch Trubisky at this point. #Bears
Retweeted by Aaron LemingA lot of translating is required from today's Zoom call with #Bears coach Matt Nagy. But it's clear that Nick Fol…
Retweeted by Aaron LemingNo practice for Nick Foles & a full for Trubisky. Still early but I think we know who will be starting Sunday.…'s time for the #Bears to switch back to Mitch Trubisky -- whether Nick Foles is healthy or not. Column.
Retweeted by Aaron LemingThe #Ravens-#Steelers game previously set for Thursday night is being postponed to Sunday afternoon. The first in several weeks.
Retweeted by Aaron Leming