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well done humans 👏 Dungeon II is coming in 2021! It’s time to face the failures of the past. Lash your gear to the stagecoac…
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Hey, WA state voters (and I guess voters in general) -- if you've voted already, check your ballot status online an… hate us so much just out here casually securing the narrative designer vote for all of time
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@maryknews Aaaaaaah congrats Mary!!ferris bueller inception
Retweeted by Aaron Linde @Brinny @Brinny She loved it!Bonus wedding photos: when @tdcpresents and @kabojnk met in glorious battle to catch my bouquet. 🥀
Retweeted by Aaron LindeAchievement unlocked: made my mom watch Hausu 👍
@littlenovera @undeadlabs YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAHSo let me get this right. The closing argument from the Trump campaign is Joe Biden is a Mr. Rogers who will listen…
Retweeted by Aaron Linde @littlenovera Thank you Novera! ♥️ @alisontheperson Haha I was just today talking about "man if working in offices just plain ends at some point we co… @alisontheperson I miss that school so much. It's so beautiful in the fall.When you see people shop lifting, you mind your business alright?
Retweeted by Aaron LindeSince I never posted one of The Day, here's the day
@grrlaction Hahah we've been absolutely *wiped* today, which is odd, because the wedding was so lightweight and easyFirst day as a married couple and we celebrated with a FOUR 👏 HOUR 👏 NAP
Married. ✅
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here we gooooooooo @Brinny @indigoboock Love you tooooooo ♥️♥️♥️😭 @StillNotSam HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIEND we love youuuuu @StillNotSam @spacefeather We WILLOur ring bearer in spirit, as she is not allowed inside the courthouse married AND voting a fascist pig out of office on the same day feels good, would recommend @this_sminks @Brinny And in the midst of a spiralling eviction crisis it seems like a Small Problem @this_sminks @Brinny Or it's just making fun of someone who is pissy because they can't go to Disneyland literally every weekendYoshi sounds really different when you slow his voice down...
Retweeted by Aaron LindeCan't wait to marry this lady. @GrimBrotherOne @indigoboock Thanks so much bud ♥️♥️♥️ @ConnorEFallon Thanks pal :)I am beginning to believe that anybody who identifies as an undecided voter right now has munchausen syndrome
@Brinny hahahah this is the dumbest shit @KeitaTakahash Please keep us posted on further utilizations of crotch @JimForonda @maryknews Oh no way, man. Greatest joy of my career was recording that game. @RosstinMurphy @chrisfurniss y u pYes there’s a lot going on, but here’s the president saying he successfully ordered a murder executed by US Marshal…
Retweeted by Aaron Linde @JillScharr Feinstein sucks so god damned muchdemocrats workin hard for us @ThatSamWinkler @maryknews I will be forever grateful for your stepping in, sir <3 @tdcpresents My creative director wrote some of the text lore unlocks, but yeah, if it was VO, it was me. 25 playab… @six6jiang @maryknews It probably shaved a year or two off my life for sure, haha @maryknews (not including the DLC which was whipped up by the excellent @ThatSamWinkler of course) @maryknews I was the sole writer on Battleborn and holy shit I *do not* recommend it @devongiehl b a b i e z @olandgren What hurts the most is how uncommon a story it really is in game development.This is an extremely frustrating but vital read a cool mentor #HadesGame #Hades
Retweeted by Aaron Linde @Mike_Eagle @nytimesarts Can't waitI've been a frog in a boiling pot for so long it's been awhile since I've taken a step back and appreciated the tot… @annlemay That's wonderful! Congrats to you both! @MitchyD @crypticjordan @StillNotSam @Rhodes_Writes Yeah that's my bad, I ain't into that numbers shit @duckvalentine Wow fuck that guy to the moon @qorquiq @bravemule *If* they're being paid, I absolutely agree that there's a place for this kind of thing. But at…
@ProfessorDAW but that *is* a bad habit and I will delete that tweet @ProfessorDAW @StillNotSam @MitchyD @Rhodes_Writes PSH <3 @jythri @SupergiantGames It's so good! @DickMcVengeance @Topherocious hell yes @AlexQRyan yusssss @StillNotSam @MitchyD @Rhodes_Writes Like the kind of thing you'd make a gig poster for, ONE NIGHT, FIVE LOSERS, CO… @StillNotSam @MitchyD @Rhodes_Writes I really like the idea of a future in which these aren't like, monolithic thin… @AlexQRyan Oh, like, would I volunteer my time and effort for such a thing? Fuck yes I would @AlexQRyan And that definitely was the point, that the audience which would most benefit from GDC talks are the lea… @AlexQRyan Oh, hahah, sorry, thought you were making a joke. I mean, is there a need to? When shit like that could just happen on Twitch? @KelOfKells @VernaVenisa No ideaThat's called "speaking at GDC", where you do a bunch of shit for free and get to pay for your own hotel room @DickMcVengeance @Topherocious Toph we're already friends but I upgraded you to BEST FRIENDS DMV, are we homies yet? I'm at 0908-3177-8398Yeah maybe GDC should just, y'know, end @BlondeNerd It's such a bummer. I love their entire body of work. @indigoboock @kungfusquirrel Oooh, lookin' good!GOTY @DavidEllis You can do it! @Gaohmee Shit. I'm so sorry to hear. @GilesPink Oh awesome! also ahahah that hoodieWe are presented with one reason after another as to why Barrett should NOT be confirmed, across multiple days, and…
Retweeted by Aaron Linde @soren42 @ProfessorDAW What's insane about that is that there is NOTHING difficult to it, it's just monotonous. You… new English word that I learned today is crotch.
Retweeted by Aaron LindeIn case you're counting, the following sci/med journals have taken editorial stances against reelection of…
Retweeted by Aaron LindeAnother one, why not.
Retweeted by Aaron Linde @kungfusquirrel YepAnd a couple billionaires wanna quadruple the number of satellites in low earth orbit. You trust them? Because if t… @eplerjc he has a lil house 😭 @eplerjc They've still got this one in stock, and they ship to the US! must own this rrrrghgghggg we missed the Mr Saturn and Master Belch plushes that Hobonichi just made available shiiiit
@tomabernathy I'm goin' big! @tomabernathy I just bought another real Fender, haha. Next goal is to get the attachments I need to use a modern e… @metaly They really wereholy shit @arnemeyer I did the same thing coming back from Dallas. I wish the plastic instrument empire hadn't burned to the ground :(Good god that's disgusting. @bryancoffee @Polygon ahahah yup